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Realm Dynamics: The Relationship Between Consciousness and Experience


How consciousness attracts experience

An ancient hermetic axiom states that everything is mind, everything vibrates. Since each living thing is uniquely conscious, each living thing carries a unique vibratory signature. The soul broadcasts a rich spectrum of vibrations, which through the principle of resonance attracts a corresponding spectrum of experiences. Souls of a common frequency share common realms of experience and tend to cross paths in life.

This is the study of realm dynamics, how vibrations influence experience, and how experience influences vibration. The simplicity of correspondence between soul vibration and personal experience betrays the astounding nature of its implications. For instance, realm dynamics explains:

* How our daily experiences are the end effects of hyperdimensional processes.

* Why people with victim or predator mentalities attract each other.

* How dissonance between individuals attracts synchronistic triggers for confrontation.

* How learning a lesson ahead of time prevents it from manifesting as experience.

* Why a pure heart protects one from danger.

* How personal parting of ways and the upcoming Shift are different degrees of precisely the same phenomenon.


When we speak of vibration, we are really talking about waves with amplitude, frequency, and phase. Amplitude is the strength, frequency the rapidity of fluctuation, and phase the alignment or timing of a wave. For a wave to exist and propagate there must be a source and medium, that which generates vibration and that which carries it outward. A guitar string initiates vibrations that travel through air in the form of alternating peaks and troughs in air pressure.

Soul vibrations are no less tangible than sound waves, though their nature and medium of propagation are more exotic. They employ the same medium through which light and radio waves travel but are made of longitudinal waves rather than electromagnetic waves. This means the soul vibratory field (also known as the aura) consists of fields and waves far subtler than electric or magnetic fields, which is why conventional instruments cannot detect the aura. Nevertheless this subtle energy field is rife with patterned energy and information — the very stuff of thought and emotion.

Realm dynamics is about how quantum principles allow consciousness to interface with physical reality. Quantum physics calculates probable futures, consciousness selects which one to experience. But whereas conventional science says quantum effects are limited to the subatomic scale, here we acknowledge that perhaps quantum phenomena are just as active in the macroscopic everyday world and actually drive the progression of our experiences.

Because quantum processes determine not only what we perceive but also through what we perceive, we are largely unaware of their influence. The situation is similar to swimmers floating down a river at equal speed, each swimmer relatively stationary to the other; by looking only at each other they may conclude they are in still water, that motion of the water is only evident if they look down and observe the tiny eddies swirling about. Conventional science only looks downward and fails to realize that a massive quantum current is what moves us through time. But how exactly does consciousness manifest experience?

The Fractal Hologram

At each moment in time our universe is but one slice of a complex web of infinite possibilities that is unchanging and eternal. Technically this multiverse may be termed the “state vector” or “wave function” of reality. It is a fractal hologram that zooms forever into the future. The fractal itself does not change, it is only our mind that moves through and thereby generates for itself the illusion of space and time. To understand this process, one must understand how holograms work.

Holograms encode information by recording the interference pattern between two waves of common frequency, one wave being uniform in consistency and the other having its phase altered by the information to be encoded. In the traditional way of making a hologram, a laser beam is split in two, one half shining onto photographic film and the other bouncing off an object before shining onto the same film. What is recorded on the film is an interference pattern between these two beams, encoding the topography of the object. After the film is developed, the same laser illuminating it will be modulated in phase and intensity by the pattern and will reproduce the encoded information, projecting from it a visual replica of the object. The nature of the image projected forth from a hologram depends on the angle, intensity, and frequency (color) of the laser.

Frequency determines what information may be accessed. If the hologram is recorded with a red laser, a green laser will not elicit the holographic image. Multiple images can be encoded into a hologram, each called forth by a corresponding laser color.

The angle and region of illumination decides what particular information from the range available is selected for projection. In the case of holographic film, the projected image rotates with a rotation in the laser’s angle of incidence, or changes to a different image if the laser shines upon a part of the film upon which was recorded a different object. Angle and position are both types of phases, so it is phase that selects from a given range what image to bring forth.

Lastly, intensity of illumination (amplitude of the wave) determines the degree of fidelity in the projected image. The greater the amplitude, the more accurate and complete the decoded information.

The holographic process has metaphysical parallels. The mind of the Creator corresponds to the laser source, archetypes correspond to the objects recorded, and the matrix of existence corresponds to the photographic film. It follows that we as individual units of consciousness are the illuminating laser that shines through the holographic matrix. The laser’s color is the frequency of our emotions, its phase our thought patterns, and its amplitude our level of intent.

Just as laser color determines the layer of accessible holographic information, so does our emotional nature determine the archetypal range of accessible experience. Of this range, our thoughts determine the particular phase angle from which this archetype is experienced. And the strength of our intent determines how accurately and vividly it manifests.

This is no metaphor; the universe is indeed holographic. But it is also fractal. A fractal is infinitely complex and allows inward or outward zooming without limit. Each zoom level inward is a subset of all previous zooms. In our current state, we are zooming into the fractal and perceiving this motion as progress into the future. And naturally the future is a subset of all previous probable futures, though in truth time is illusory because all levels of the fractal exist simultaneously. Once again, this fractal is holographic; we illuminate portions of it in accordance with our emotional nature, thoughts, and intent.


But our emotional nature is complex and the frequencies comprising it are numerous. Therefore our consciousness vibrates with a spectrum of frequencies and consequently accesses from the hologram a spectrum of experiential archetypes. Each person has a unique vibratory spectrum, though different individuals may share certain frequencies. This spectrum identifies not only soul composition but also one’s unique learning path in life. Our temperament reflects our soul nature and determines the realm of our experiences.

Realms are the personal worlds we inhabit, our sphere of influence, range of perception, and region of activity. They are specific areas of the hologram we illuminate in accordance with our vibratory spectrum, our being, our essence.

Every individual projects and occupies a unique but not necessarily independent realm; some frequencies are more or less shared and account for consensual realities and mutual experiences. Realms can therefore intersect, supercede, or be subsets of other realms.

Realms as Themes of Experience

The inhabitants of two intersecting realms inevitably cross paths and exchange lessons. These lessons are of an archetypal nature determined by what part of the hologram both realms commonly access.

When one realm is the subset of another, those occupying the greater realm will fully understand and perceive those of the more limited realm but not vice versa. The difference may be small between teacher and student or adult and child, or great between man and animal or hyperdimensional being and man. Small differences account for differences in level of understanding while large differences between realms give rise to differences of perception. This simply means one has a vibratory spectrum that includes and surpasses another.

Sometimes two realms are independent, sharing few but the most fundamental of frequencies. For instance, two people may share the lowest frequencies placing them on the same physical plane but their difference in life path will make each an insignificant character in the life of the other. They may cross paths but only in a superficial manner. And if they are forced to interact or communicate, there is bound to be mutual misunderstanding and lack of interest at best and aversion or confrontation at worst. But when the difference between realms is extreme, beings of each realm may not even physically perceive each other.

Realms are somewhat like movie scripts, each person being the star of his script but all scripts including others as major, minor, or background characters. The greater the congruence between two realms, the more important the role played by each character in the other’s script. The importance of a character is not determined by how frequently we interact with them, but how meaningfully we do so. We may cross paths with a background character every day, perhaps a neighbor or coworker and they leave no more than a fading impression on our souls. Others we may meet only once in life during an experience so meaningful that it marks us for life.



4 thoughts on “Realm Dynamics: The Relationship Between Consciousness and Experience

  1. What is a soul ?
    I have come to not believe that souls exist – it was a gimmick on the part of organized religion – sorry.
    What if aura is just the radiance of how well your meds are working at any given moment … e.g.,a nice dose of happy pills & calmatives make you feel so good & give off a light, white aura.
    pepup pills & speedy type pills give off a more golden orange aura.
    Therefore aura would be the glow & colour of the energy shot you took.
    I think that aura is energy glow at any given moment –
    When a psychic type person reads your aura it is the weed you smoked, the 2 glasses of red wine & the valium you injested prior to the consultation & not who you really are – I think so.
    Everyone’s gone off & bought a crystal ball to light the way into fairytale land.
    Realms & Themes of Experience
    Imagine that you look into your mirror & you see Kathrine Hepburn, what is more you feel her persona & you experience an episode of her personal life in your mind.
    Imagine that as you look into your mirror you see a face & you feel who that person is, the face changes & so does the MO feeling of that person.
    Imagine that you see & feel a person & a room from the past.
    Imagine that you see an American Indian in the forest looking back at you & smiling.
    Is this Realms & Themes Experience .. it used to be called scrying.
    Imagine that every time you see your GP he looks different – his appearence & body size are diffferent every time you see him – he is riddled with shape shifters isn’t he ?
    Imagine that you are in a building – you know that building – one night there is an extra room that was not there before, a real room that you step into & out of.
    Imagine that it is actually day time but it manifests as night …. are you in the presence of unspeakable evil or what ?
    These stories are all over th einternet – peoples personal experiences – I couls waffle of into psychic fairyland – only that I want to know what is really happening & how.
    For example – where did the extra room come from ?
    Was I looking into the past, seeing part of the house as it used to be – but I stepped into & out of that room – it was a dream NO IT WAS NOT – so it was a time space event YES.
    For as long as we waffle on about shapeshifters & sould we will never find out how it really all works – is it possible that HAARP has somehow interuppted the energy fields – the information delivery system of the universe – NO IT IS MEDIEVIL SOULS DEMONS & SHAPE SHIFTERS.

  2. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, vibrations.”
    Nikola Tesla
    “The scientists of today think deeply instead of clearily. One must be sane to think clearily, but one can think deeply & be quite insane.”
    Nikola Tesla
    “The day science begin to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade that all the previous centuries it has existed.”
    Nikola Tesla

  3. the GP & his shape shifters – maybe the demonic beings – is actually are a pictorial account of the different aspects of the GP’s personality – like photo shots ?

  4. Haven’t we gone off into Fairyland with Witchypoo in a big way – instead of suspecting quantum physics as the culprit, the trickster.

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