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  1. Hi,
    I believe you 100% – 15.000 army / defense force personnel in 2015 alone, so when did they start coming in & hoew many are thete all up.
    Who has hired them, who is paying their salary.
    Money that is deposited into the banks of Europe, for these guys to access, which means bank accounts have been set up in their names.
    The banks of Europe know something, here.
    Have they been sent in to riot, or to cause a COUP – they have definately been sent in to destabilize the governments of the European countries. and maybe even overthrow the government totally – one at a time / one after the other / or all at once. Therefore they have the support of politicians within the country already – like in the Ukraine. Neo-Nazis were flown in to help the locals & flown out immediately after.

  2. Hi,
    I bring you the latest news
    HENRIETTA REKER – was stabbed in the neck by a man against refugee’s in Europe.
    I found FRENCH VIDEO NEWS FOOTAGE ON youtube that shows Henriettta Reker climbing onto the ambulance stretcher unassisted – sitting upright with no discomfort or pain – she is shaking her head, nodding & talking to the ambulance attendent freely & with out any restriction, pain, or discomfort – she is wearing a white blouse with an up turned collar – with a light blue scarf around her neck tied in a big bow at the front – undisturbed – NO BLOOD – NOT ONE DROP OF BLOOD TO BE SEEN ON HER PERSON and she has been stabbed in the neck & required surgery.
    Nasty old woman won the election

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