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Ritual Abuse, Mind Control & DID: How to Integrate


Numerous people asked me to publish the content of my USA conference.  So, here it is in YouTube form.  Not as dynamic as a live presentation, and it was recorded New Years Day (sleepy) – but done.


4 thoughts on “Ritual Abuse, Mind Control & DID: How to Integrate

  1. Dissociative Identity Disorder – Multiple Personality Disorder.
    * Is a condition wherein a persons identity is fragmented – into two or more distinct personality states.
    * DID is a sever condition in which two or more distinct identities , or personality states, are present in – & alternate in taking control of – an individual. Some people describe this as an experience of possession.
    # The person also experiences memory loss that is to extensive to explain by ordinary forgetfulness.

    Q: – Is the memory loss as a result of the minds fade out aspect / capacity / a life saving flight mechanism of escaping the abuse – where the mind shuts off / or takes one somewhere else.
    It is similar to an animals mechanism of playing dead in the face of eminent danger.

    That DID is also labeled A MENTAL ILLNESS is a display of the total ignorance of the professions that deal with mental & behavioral disorders.

    This is a lot of interesting listening here – it will take some time to hear & digest.

    1. Like all things – the brain learns to fade in & out & forgets that which it is not interested in &/or harmful etc,.
      Fading in & out becomes a LEARNED trait of ones personality – a behavior that is controlled by the brain & not a condition of the mind being BROKEN.

      The article by Helen Phillips – Mind Fiction – Why Your Brain Tells Tall Tales – New Scientist magazine – is most helpful here – it talks about the way our brain CHOOSES to / is FORCED to remember & forget.

        1. And are the multiple personalities actually – friends that you have found while you were in that lonely place of being alone – hiding from the scary stuff.
          If you were stranded on an island by yourself – you would draw faces on coconuts & pretend they were real people – friends – multiple persons.
          Otherwise you would become catatonic – lost forever.
          The brain will do everything it can to save you from that everything including magic.

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