February 25, 2024

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Why Prince Harry does not want you to see this Video

Source: Antichrist Watch

prince Harry has 108 names that equal or reference 666.
(Using 9 different forms of Gematria)

PDF…. http://j.mp/108Harry666
(Zoom-In features, Clickable-Links & Selection-of-Text available with PDF)

All calculations can be verified with the following spreadsheets…

Where applicable links to Google-Translate available within respective spreadsheets.

Credit shown to respective finder of calculation at bottom of Chart.

7 thoughts on “Why Prince Harry does not want you to see this Video

  1. Numerology:
    There are various systems of number & letter equivalents & you should try them all on the names of a few persons you know well in order to decide which system makes more sense to you.
    Modern numerology has the number 9 – the Hebrew system does no as there is no as there is no alphabetical equivalent the Hebrew 9 in English; others more mystically inclined have submitted that the ancient Hebrews recognize 9 as a particularly sacred & powerful number & hence decided to leave it out.
    In each system of numerology some of the the letter values are different.

    It is a hit & miss affair & as a party trick can be fun – do not pay any monies to anyone for any kind of reading or magic curses & spells – spend your money on real things – go buy a new pair of shoes instead.

    1. The humble witch doctor – dressed in face paint & chicken feathers – was a real entrepreneur – a snake oil salesman extraordinaire – hence organised religion – science – medicine & banking rose to the lucrative heights that they did.

      Corinthians 13:11 When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I understood as a child, thought as a child, but when I became an adult, I put childish things away.
      Why do we love the boogieman so well, that we can’t banish him.

  2. reg,.
    What are the Odds ?
    That Harry’s name = the magic numerical 666.
    Now – why would you do that to a kid man ?
    To bring him to the attentions of the Universal Powers of Divinity –

    Just imagine how much that witch doctor was paid by the family royal – to place Harry on the doorsteps of THE DIVINE POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

    1. A Day In The life Of The Fruit Cake Family:
      “Ah, to be the idle rich !”
      While in the real – we work for a living.

      1. The Fruit Cake Family
        while being related to
        are only second in comparison to
        The Emperor Who Had No Clothes.

  3. I have been watching William of Windsor GO BALD
    And thinking … why does he not avail himself to “hair restoration treatment” ?
    He is reluctant ?
    Embarrassed even.
    His masculinity is at stake.
    Was there no witch doctor to give Will the NOD ..
    “Go for it Will”
    “The Gods on High have smiled upon the notion”
    William let himself go bald for no good reason.
    Poignant Question Here: – where were the DIVINE FORCES OF THE UNIVERSE FOR Will in his time of need ?
    As a result Will’s head looks – almost like a bowling ball.

    The British Bad Boy of entertainment Robbie Williams had himself done – if he could do it – why didn’t anyone give Will a shove in that same direction.

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