February 24, 2024

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Russian TV channel sees Putin in the sky above New York


In Russia, Vladimir Putin’s face is a common sight on television, newspapers, T-shirts, book covers and patriotic graffiti. So it was no wonder that a Russian TV channel, Zvezda (“Star”), claimed that Putin’s face could be seen in the outlines of a swarm of birds flying above New York. Zvezda is known for its strictly patriotic views and is owned by the Russian Defense Ministry.

The TV channel pointed to a YouTube video posted by someone named Sheryl Gilbert. The video was uploaded Tuesday and generated lots of comments in Russian on Wednesday after the Russian channel picked it up. “It’s a warning to the U.S. that they shouldn’t start a war with Russia,” one user wrote. “Putin bribed American birds,” commented another in Ukrainian. Someone else suggested that the outlines did not resemble Putin’s face as much as that of Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk. But there wasn’t much support for that view.

Gregory West, who claims to be the husband of Sheryl Gilbert, posted a link to the video on Twitter on Tuesday. “Saw it several days ago during a trip and that’s amazing! Can you see the face? Who is it?”

Some suggested that it was Steve Jobs, Robin Williams or Jerry Mouse. But some think the video is a fake. Zvezda also warned that it cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video.



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