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Scotland’s new ‘hate speech’ law expresses the ruling elites’ contempt for ordinary people

Every attempt at speech laws is a means of criminalizing critics of government. There is no other reason to police speech. Our role in this system is to listen and to obey. To reply carries a risk of imprisonment.


The hatred of the common people by the ruling elite was once again demonstrated on All Fools’ Day. This was the day on which the Scottish Parliament’s Hate Crime and Public Order Act came into force, providing for the prosecution of anyone, anywhere, for saying anything online, ever. If you are in Scotland, it includes things said in your own home. Children will be able to report their parents.

It is vaguely defined and enjoys a borderless reach into the recorded conversations of ordinary people worldwide.

Curiously, it claims to abolish the criminal offence of blasphemy. In fact, it replaces blasphemy against God with that against the mad cult of the Liberals – whose leadership is the real protected group here. There is scant protection for the profession of Christianity. This should be no surprise.

The Scottish, known affectionately as “The Scotch” by AJP Taylor, have their own Parliament now. It is ruled by the SNP, a nominally nationalist party dedicated to the deranged cult of progress.

In this act the SNP seeks to scotch ugly rumors about itself. If you have posted something to which the commissars of correctness object, then wherever you are in the world, you too may be branded a “hate monster.”

This is the childish cartoon which Police Scotland used to promote their brand of caring censorship.


1 thought on “Scotland’s new ‘hate speech’ law expresses the ruling elites’ contempt for ordinary people

  1. Their mock “prime minister” is yet another foreign mongrel installed by the global parasites (aka the jews) to enforce total fascism on the native populations.

    The goal is a genocide of the white people of Europe. If Scots don’t get that they must be really stupid.

    My advice: violate this fucking law every single day, hate the globalists and their little whores even more and never forget to tell them in their face and online.

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