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Sydney copycat stabbing of Bishop now a “terror attack” claims Albanese


This show brought to you compliments of LibLab and Greens who imported to Australia several million Muslims, Jews and other ethnic groups over the past five decades.

Last nights ruckuss at Wakeley saw residents quickly assemble into a riotous mob which bashed police and damaged police vehicles. NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb has promised retribution for belting police.

This unintelligent woman has forgotten police fascism and brutality against the public during the Covid plandemic but it is now evident the public have not.

This is just the start Commissioner as LibLab’s support for the Middle Eastern war and dividing communities by settling thousands of widely differing ethnic immigrants in Sydney, what did LibLab ever expect?

Divide and rule tactics used by the political duopoly are coming home to roost. Labor and Greens cannot continue to ostracise ordinary people and Christianity by their woke, multi-sex, climate, Covid, surveillance and control policies and expect no public backlash.

The people have come to realise their inevitable fate after being intimidated by police and health departments into getting mRNA Covid jabs. They also know about the many politicians, police and public servants who were exempted from the deadly shot.

This woke Commissioner should have a close look at the ethnic people she says she will hunt down. Bad luck madam, there are many more of them than your mob. We wish you well and may justice prevail.

Until the duopoly is dissolved and replaced by uncompromised, independent representatives whose only responsibility is to represent the people and not the UNWEF, corporations or the moneypower, it will get worse. The political class and system now is broken and teetering on the edge of total collapse just following in the footsteps of the Biden clone and woke Democrats in America.

In Far North Queensland similar not-too-smart cops found a prepper’s hideout in a mountain range near Atherton. Shock and horror said the cops, the hideout allegedly contained a cross-bow and long-life food supplies for a smart citizen who knows what is coming. Queensland Labor and their police have lost all vestiges of reality not understanding their globalist policies have reached breaking point with voters.

Readers should themselves be preparing for a complete breakdown of the food and other necessities supply line similar to the US.


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