February 25, 2024

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1 thought on “Sickness Mix Deployed over Australia on 02/09/2020

  1. If Robert is correct then this is a concentrated version of the Chemtrails that have been poisoning all and sundry for a decade now.
    The question must be asked why is not the government making a noise about this attack on its people. The Government have all the necessary departments; the Military and highly paid experts in place that must be aware of this poisoning. We have all the weather monitoring technology available yet not a whisper. Forget the mainstream media as they appear to dramatise any attack on the people. CoVid plandemic is a classic example of pathetic coverage and fear mongering.
    As Robert suggested it could be an effort to increase sickness that would be allocated to CoVid19 as the forecasted death numbers are not meeting budget except in Victoria. Dictator Dan has got it right for a pat on the back by his Commo mentors but a kick in the butt coming up as we do still have Laws.
    Who would do this as it is Geoengineering to the max and has little to do to protect the people from the phobia of Climate Change.
    A chemical umbrella is not the answer but as our Government is so concerned for our welfare may have taken a leaf outa Dictator Dan’s book!

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