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Soros Agenda Clear in Europe


The network of organizations run by George Soros is working tirelessly to flood the European continent with migrants. Hungary’s “Stop Soros” laws aim to thwart his efforts.

By John Friend

The Open Society Foundations (OSF), the subversive globalist organization headed by infamous international plutocrat George Soros, aims to undermine the sovereignty of nation-states around the world. Recently, it was learned that the global group filed applications challenging laws passed in Hungary that target individuals and civic groups working with refugees and asylum seekers to undermine immigration reform measures enacted by the Hungarian government.

OSF supports and finances a number of groups and organizations operating in Hungary that have become targets of the laws, passed in the aftermath of the sweeping electoral victory of Prime Minister Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Party earlier this year for the third straight time, as reported on by this newspaper.

Orban, who is increasingly demonized in the Western press as a racist, xenophobic autocrat, is a long-time critic of the European Union, non-European immigration into Hungary, refugee resettlement, and the prevailing liberal order, which he views as an assault on the people, traditions, and culture of Hungary specifically and of Europe more generally. Orban has correctly described the activists that OSF supports as “being paid by Soros to ‘transform Hungary into an immigrant country,’ ” which the populist prime minister and his ruling party are seeking to prevent.

In late August, OSF filed legal challenges to the Hungarian laws at both the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, France and Hungary’s Constitutional Court.

“The government has undermined judicial independence, tamed the media, and now seeks to silence civil society groups, which are among the last critical public voices left in Hungary,” the organization said in a statement. Other globalist organizations and media outlets have also lambasted the commonsense measures enacted by Orban’s Hungary.

“The Hungarian government has fabricated a narrative of lies to blind people to the truth: that these laws were designed to intimidate independent civil society groups, in another step towards silencing all dissent,” OSF president Patrick Gaspard hysterically stated.

The “Stop Soros” legislation, a series of laws passed in June, threatens with up to a year of jail time “anyone who helps refugees who are not entitled to protection apply for asylum, or helps illegal migrants gain status to stay in Hungary.”

Refugee scams have become a major problem throughout the Western world, as desperate and opportunistic Third World immigrants—often with the active assistance of subversive civic groups and NGOs—lie and embellish their immigration documents to ensure they meet certain conditions for permanent or temporary political asylum.

In July the Hungarian Parliament also voted to levy a 25% special tax against non-governmental organizations “supporting or positively portraying migration” by providing financial or material support to groups promoting migration.

OSF attorney Daniela Ikawa said the measures breach EU conventions on freedom of speech and association, and expose “a broad range of legitimate activities to the risk of criminal prosecution.”

“The tax law is so broadly written that the Hungarian government could target virtually all funding for rights groups and civil society even if a small portion of the funding goes to migration,” James Goldston, the director of OSF’s legal team, told the international press following the announcement of the legal challenge.

The Hungarian government has defiantly stood by its prime minister and the laws that have been enacted to combat subversive and hostile organizations operating on Hungarian territory.

Popular British publication The Independent reports a Hungarian government spokesman stated: “The government stands by the Stop Soros package of laws . . . as the legislation serves the will of the Hungarian people and the security of Hungary and Europe. The Soros organization attacks the Stop Soros package with all possible means, as the legislation stands in the way of illegal immigration. The aim of George Soros and organizations supported by him is to flood Europe with migrants.”

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Source: http://therealistreport.com/soros-agenda-clear-in-europe/

1 thought on “Soros Agenda Clear in Europe

  1. In the name of George Soros.
    Will the true culprits please stand up.
    George Soros was created as an smoke screen for the real protagonists to hide behind.
    It is no good you telling us about the Soros Foundations activities
    George Soros is a nobody in the scheme of things.

    And here you are again exposing GEORGE SOROS & the dummy foundation that were created in his name so that the likes of the big bankers – Mutti Merkel – senile old Jean Claude Juncker & their greedy mob can walk away with no blood on their hands.

    In the end they will all blame Russia & their communist partners – wait & see.

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