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Stack & Pack: The bizarre ‘vertical village’ in Singapore


An ingenious ‘vertical village’ in Singapore has just been named the World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2015.

The network of horizontal apartment blocks, named the Interlace, has been praised as one of most ambitious residential developments in Singapore’s history.

Most housing in the city is built vertically to save on ground space, leading to an unsightly skyline full of tower blocks.

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2 thoughts on “Stack & Pack: The bizarre ‘vertical village’ in Singapore

  1. World building of the year alright –
    I read an article 2ish years ago about a tall tower appartment block in an Asian city – sorry I can’t be more spacific – I have forgotten exactly where.
    One of the tennants come in with a cold ot flu or bronchial infection or all of them – it circulated through the air delivery system several times – recontaminating tennants, as a result 50ish people were taken out in body bags.
    As a death camp senario – all one would have to do is connect the exhaust of a vehicle to the air delivery system & in the morinig the occupants of the whole building are dead.
    The recent fire at the Torch Tower Building in Dubai – it is said that a small electrical fire went through the air delivery system.

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