April 22, 2024

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Stop taking away Australian’s Right to Choose




Dear Prime Minister Abbott,

Your Policy of “No Jab, No Pay” is absolutely abhorrent to a Society built on Freedom and Choice.

It flies in the face of all the achievements and progress that came out of the atrocities of Second World and Nazism.

This policy is totally Un-Australian and is violation against Human Beings and our inherent God Given Rights and Freedoms.

Please note:

First, God

Second, Human Beings

Third, Government which is Under Human Beings not above Human Beings.  Government is the Servant of the People (Human Beings) not the reverse. 

Every Australian is a Sovereign Flesh and Blood Living Being Who Stands Under God’s Law. I have the Right and Authority to say what is put into my Body and what is done to my body as has every other Australian. 

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