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Video Source: The Real Deal

Part 1

Jim Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on the Real Deal with my special guest today, Greg Hallett who has attained acclaim for his muckraking journalism, for his revisionist history.  He’s an expert on WWII, and he has done a series of five (5) volumes study on the legacy of the Monarchy of the Kings and Queens of England.

He’s a remarkable guy and I am very pleased to have him back on the Real Deal in our new video format.

Greg, welcome to the show.

Greg Hallett: Thank you Jim, it’s great to be back.  The last show we did was January 2015, and a lot has happened since then.  

I have had a Claim for the status of ‘Prince Pretender to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, which is valid from the 1st of March 2015, 3 pm.  This is largely in agreement . . . and I have been looking for ways to get it recognised on paper.

I have had a great deal of stubborn non-action from the British Courts.  There has been a whole lot of shenanigans going on in the Courts to the extent that in June-July 2015, lawyers in England were protesting outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London, based on that :  ‘There is no longer any avenue for Law, or any avenue to argue a Case’.

It appears that when I lodged my case to be recognised as ‘Prince Pretender to the Throne and Crown of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland’, that actions were taken by the Courts to act in the following way:

‘If we like you, we will do this with the law’ ;  ‘If we don’t like you, we will do this with the law’ . . . and once you go down any of those paths from the First Decision, there is no way of getting back to the Start Position, unless you spend £250,000 British Pounds and take it to the Court of Appeal.

Greg Hallett has been the
Acting Prince Pretender
to the Throne and Crown
of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland.
Now, in doing this the Judges have been ignoring the Law.  The Judges have been ignoring the Civil Procedure Rules, and ignoring the Practice Management rules.  As such, they have been ‘acting with Bias’, and they have been acting also ‘without Subject-Matter Jurisdiction’ . . . which my case outlines quite clearly that the entity known as “Queen Elizabeth II” is “illegitimate”.  

There seems to be widely held recognition that the entity called “Queen Elizabeth II” is illegitimate, has never been properly Crowned, and is in fact a Commoner.

Prime Minister
John Mayor said in 1997
“Queen Elizabeth II
is now just a Commoner”.
Even a Prime Minister John Major said in 1997 that Queen Elizabeth the Second is now just a Commoner.  

Because the Judges have sworn an oath to Queen Elizabeth II, and she is illegitimate, there is a real problem getting Justice . . . and on top of that Prince Philip is a DVD Agent.

Prince Philip is ‘Deutsche Verteidigungs-Dienst’, which translates as “For them, the War never ended” [WWII].

Prince Philip is a German Nazi.  To be a Nazi − his three sisters married Nazis − to be a Nazi you had to be ‘Catholic’.  So the Catholic Prince Philip has married the Anglican Princess Elizabeth, who became Queen Elizabeth II.  She was not allowed to marry a Catholic.  This makes her marriage Null and Void !!

The Flat Lie Royal family
can’t contribute to England,
because they are compromised
through their illegitimacy.
So, what I did was deliver a letter to 10 Downing Street Claiming the Thrown, and it was a Superior Claim to the Throne. 

Prime Minister David Cameron passed this to Queen Elizabeth II who absolutely recognised that it was a Superior Claim to the Throne, and then went about instructing Prince William to select amongst his three girlfriends, then get engaged to one, and then Ladbrokes had betting on this from two months later, from early October 2010.  They then got engaged, then they got married, then they ‘had’ children.

Now, what the fake Royal family does, what the Flat Lie Royal family does, is ‘Births, Deaths and Marriages, and Engagements’.  That’s all they do!  They can’t contribute to England because they are compromised through their illegitimacy.

What has happened is the Judges are in a peculiar situation where the Courts of England have been taken over by the European Union who are working for the Nazis . . . and it is well known that ‘the European Union is Nazi’, and ‘the United Nations is Soviet Socialist’.

So what Queen Elizabeth II did, from 1973, is continually abdicate her position. This included signing the European Treaties − originally it was joining the European Common Market − but the names were changed and the rules were changed, and there were 10 Treaties ending in the Lisbon Treaty 2008.

What it effectively did was give the controlling elements of the United Kingdom to Europe.  This included the judiciary.

Now Queen Elizabeth II is well aware of the Predictions − ‘That there would be the Truer Monarchs who would Claim the Throne during the Shin years, which is the ‘21’ years, being 2010 to 2019.

So what Elizabeth II has gone about and done, through her husband Prince Philip, who is a Catholic Nazi and extorts Elizabeth on the basis that she is illegitimate − what they’ve done is ‘Bankrupt the United Kingdom’ and transfer all the assets, all the invisibles and the physical ownership, and the money to the EU, which is Nazi, and try to leave the United Kingdom by the end of her Reign, as ‘entity without any value’ whatsoever . . . which is a really Bitchy thing to do.

The Judges, her judges, are also doing whatever they can not to hear the ‘Case that the Entity called Queen Elizabeth II is illegitimate’ − that her Father is not her father, her Mother is not her mother, she was conceived by Artificial Insemination, she was born above a Pub, and the BBC was started in the same year that she was born [1926].

Now the “BBC” is known by the SAS as “Bullshit House”.  And now it is known by half the population as ‘Bullshit House’.  

So the BBC has been working since Princess Elizabeth was born [1926] to promote her as the Queen, knowing very well that she is an illegitimate Commoner.

The BBC was founded the same
year Princess Elizabeth was born,
to promote her as the Queen,
knowing full well that
she is an illegitimate Commoner.
The Monarch of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is ‘Acclaimed’.  They are not crowned − they are Acclaimed.  That is what makes them a Monarch − they Acclaimed the Monarch.

So all you need to do to take over the Monarchy is to ‘control the press’.  

So in order to acclaim Princess Elizabeth as Queen Elizabeth II, the BBC was started as soon as she was born, and went about presenting her as a legitimate entity . . . when she wasn’t.

The military controls the media . . . so the military can have as many Wars emanating from England − from the square mile in London − as many wars as it likes, because the military controls the Media, and it is the BBC and PATHE which did the old movies, that show, that reveal, that show that Elizabeth is Queen − when they know damn well she is not !

They prevented all other Claimants from being heard, and therefore being Acclaimed.

The military
controls the media.
One of the things I have been working on is a CHART which shows Queen Elizabeth II has been illegitimate for many generations.  I have been counting up the times from Queen Victoria, to the present, that there has been an illegitimacy, and it is 22 illegitimacies in the main trunk including some siblings of the British Royal Family from 1818 to the present.

So they have been creating a purposefully illegitimate Royal Family for the 200 years from 1812 to 2012, which is the time of “the Shin” or ‘Forbidden Secret’.  The Shin was started in 1812 by Mayer Amschel Rothschild, on his death.

It was through the Battle of Waterloo, and the Commodity Bourse and the Royal Family losing their money betting on the wrong side, that the Rothschilds bankrupted the British Royal family and took over the Breeding Rights of the Royal family.

The Rothschilds bankrupted
the British Royal Family,
then took over the
breeding rights of the
British Royal Family.
But they were only allowed to do that in “the Shin”, or ‘Forbidden Secret’ for 200 years, which is from the 19th of September 1812 to the 19th of September 2012 . . . then this whole thing is supposed to be resolved before the end of 2019.

So Queen Victoria was the first Royal person born in the Shin . . . and she was half-Rothschild.  Her father was Baron Jacob Mayer de Rothschild of Paris.

Princess Victoria found out this secret and had a secret firstborn son, Prince Marcos Manoel . . . She married the second-in-line to the throne, Blind Prince George of Cumberland, and had a child with him.

Prince Marcos Manoel was born in Carlisle Castle and then taken to Kensington Palace in London, and he was raised in the tower there for about three months . . . then he was shipped to Portugal.

When Prince Marcos Manoel turned 16 in 1850, Queen Victoria sent a chest full of Royal Marks to show that he was the King of England.

You only need three (3) Royal Marks to show that you are the King of England, and he/we had a chest full.  

In these five (5) volumes, ‘The Hidden King of England’, we have presented never before seen photos of forty (40) Royal Marks . . . and only three (3) Royal Marks are required to become the Monarch.

It’s an extraordinary story, and during this time some extraordinary things happened.  Some of those things that happened are quite contrary to what you would consider to be rational.

Some of the irrational things that have happened has been the change to the ‘Laws of Succession’, and the change to the Laws regarding ‘denouncing the British Royal family’.

First of all I delivered the letter to 10 Downing Street in 2010, and then ‘Queen’ Elizabeth II re-wrote the ‘Laws of Succession’ and strangely used New Zealand lawyers to do it, and I’m from New Zealand.

Queen Elizabeth II then backdated the ‘Laws of Succession’ to the 25th of April 2013, which is the 179th anniversary of the birth of Prince Marcos Manoel, who became King John II of England in 1869, secretly, and he was Queen Victoria’s firstborn son.

Prince Marcos Manoel actually became the Legitimate King of England from 1869 to 1910 . . . and he died because his 7½ year younger, illegitimate, bigamously-born, half-brother Bertie, Prince of Wales, King Edward VII, killed him − ‘Regicide’.

King Edward VII murdered his elder legitimate half-brother and then very dubiously reigned for 5 weeks only, not for 10 years, but for 5 weeks from the 1st of April to the 6th of May 1910.

It looks like King Edward VII was Regicided himself for Regiciding (killing) his elder half-brother, King John II.

So we have a new King to be acknowledged in England, in the United Kingdom, and that is Prince Marcos Manoel, who was ‘King John II of England’.

We have a new King to be
acknowledged in England,
in the United Kingdom −
Prince Marcos Manoel −
King John II of England.
Now all of this is about ‘Purifying the name of “John”’.  

Kingship is closely related to the Bible and the Bible Codes, and the Tradition Received, and Mythology.  By a lot of accounts, King John I was a right bastard . . . So a lot of this is about Purifying the name “King John”.

There is a parallel to this, which is ‘Purifying the Sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’, and purifying the British counterpart, which is a Usurpation and Theft. called the ‘H.R.H. of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha’ [sometimes ‘Prince of’, sometimes ‘Duke of’, and each of these erroneous].

I spent probably about 7 years deciphering what happened to the English ‘Duke’ of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and the German Duke of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha . . . and I finally got it right and that’s called ‘Purifying the Sword’.

I gave the Title “Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha” to my co-author Francisco Manoel − and that is called ‘Purifying the Sword’.

In return he gave me the Sword of the ‘Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’ − strangely to sleep with.  He gave it to me on Leap Day 2012 and said: “Keep it in your hand all night, and hold it up to the castle in the morning”.

So I did.  I’m the only person to sleep with the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.  In the morning I held the Sword up to Moorish Castle, which is in front of Pena Castle, and then within ten (10) days I found the grave of King John II of England.  

A “King John” is a buried for four years, and then they moved to a more salubrious location.

Then I found Prince Marcos Manoel/King John II of England’s second grave in Mont Saint-Michel.  

Mont-Saint-Michel is where King John II of England’s mother, Princess/Queen Victoria, was married at the age of 14, when she was pregnant with King John II.  

Victoria married the second-in-line to the Throne, Blind Prince George of Cumberland, and then seven (7) weeks later in Carlisle Castle in the very north of England, gave birth to Prince Marcos Manoel, who became King John II of England.

Now when Queen Victoria elevated her firstborn and only legitimate son to King John II of England on St Bruno’s day the 6th of October 1869, she opened Blackfriars Bridge and the Holborn Viaduct on the same day.  So these were huge Marks.  

Then ‘Queen Victoria’ was relegated to ‘Victoria Regina, ‘Empress of India’.  So England had a “Shin-King” . . . which is a Forbidden-Secret King . . . which is an Esteemed Emperor . . . and that was purifying the name of ‘King John’.

When I was finishing the fifth volume, I moved to the center of the Algarve, to a place called ‘Carvoeiro’, and stayed in a seafront property with a rooftop view to the sea about 100 meters away . . .  all to myself.
I moved in on the 19th of December 2013 and between Christmas and New Year, a couple of Freemasons, old guys, probably 60 to 65, they approached my landlord in the Algarve and said: “How’s his book coming along?” and he said, “I think it is progressing quite well.  I think he is going to print off a copy, and it’s one volume . . . about now, actually”.

So they got through to their people, probably “UGLE” − United Grand Lodge of England − in London, and they enacted a Law change, which they advertised on the 31st of December 2013, saying that 309 Old Laws had been thrown in a bin to be removed out of the law books − to be revoked.

And both the Ministry of Justice and the Government accidentally threw away the Laws that say :  ‘If you denounce the Royal Family, or you slander the Royal Family, that you can be sent to the far ends of the earth for your remaining days, or killed’ . . . and that these Laws would be revoked before the 30th of April 2014.

. . . and the Laws were revoked!

The reason they revoked the Laws was that ‘THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND’ series contained such astounding proof that the current British Family are Flat Lie Royal − Fakes – illegitimates − Usurpers . . . that there was no way they wanted that case heard . . . so they had to get rid of the Laws.

The reason they revoked
the laws was, that
series contained such astounding proof
that the incumbent British Royal family
are Flat Lie Royal −
Fakes − illegitimates −
Usurpers . . .
there was no way
they wanted
this case heard –
so they got
rid of the laws.
Jim Fetzer:  It’s amazing Greg!  It’s just amazing.  I still can’t get over the idea of ‘Post-dating the Laws of Succession’.   I mean that seems to be to me a manifest absurdity !!  Surely the laws apply as long as they are in place, and can only be changed contemporaneously.   The idea of Backdating seems to be such ‘an Obviously Devious means for Denying the Right to Challenge the Legitimacy of the Crown’ . . . and that no one could possibly overlook it, once they have been made aware !!!

Greg Hallett:  I know.  I am quite aware of that, but there is more to this.  It is quite intricate.  We’ve got the Laws being changed, and the Laws have been changed before the 30th of April 2014, which is pretty much the exact date, within a month, due to some delays, that I finished the five (5) volumes − changing from one volume into five volumes . . . and the rest of the time from May to early June was about getting the books, the whole PDF, set up to the Printer’s Requirements.   

Because we have 1,200 pages and 700 high quality images, we needed a really high quality printer − pretty much the people who Print Money in Europe are the same people who printed our Books . . . and because there was a lot of Money Printing going on, we actually had to wait for a couple of months, and they came from a long way away, so the delivery was also another 3 weeks.  

So the whole thing happened contemporaneously, at the same time, as though they were announcing they were going to change the Laws, and did Change the Laws at exactly in time with finishing the Books, and then completing the Books ready for the Printer.

Jim Fetzer:  I imagine that was the Game Plan − that they were using your schedule as their own.

Greg Hallett:  Absolutely.  Absolutely . . . and there was a plan to make the Transition Easy . . . and there was only One Person obstructing.  That was a Plan − that actually was the Plan in 2012.  All of this was supposed to have been done so easily, that you noticed it afterwards and said :  “Well, how did that happen?”

Then we’d do a TV interview with bullshit house, the BBC, and all the Judges who have been sitting on the Benches supporting would say :  “Well, this is why we changed the Monarchy . . . and this is how we did it”.

But, there was something else going on in the background.  Part of that was the “Bible Predictions” . . . and part of this was the “Predictions in the Tradition Received” . . . and part of it was Detraction − “that which happens outside the Tradition Received”.

The Bible records things, but it has been translated so many times, that it kind of works, kind of doesn’t . . . a lot of influences . . . a lot of mistranslations.  Like from the original Bible to the King James Version there are 14,800 changes.

So the ‘Tradition Received’ became a more exact means of recording what was going to happen !!

And if you look at the . . . well, you can’t, but if you look at the ‘Desposyni Papers’ − there are only four (4) people in the World allowed to look at the Desposyni Papers − and my co-author is one of them − and they are a series of Predictions, and sometimes the Pope added four (4) lines, just before he died.  

One of the Popes in the 1920s predicting this, and said “Queen Elizabeth II will undo everything that Queen Elizabeth I achieved. She will destroy it.”  And that is exactly what has happened.

Queen Elizabeth I (R. 1558−1603) built up England in the 1500s . . . whereas Queen Elizabeth II has given England away to strange entities who no one seems to know, called the ‘European Union’ (EU) which appears to be a Catholic Nazi operation controlling Europe and manipulating currency.  

There are a lot of indications that Angela Merkel is the Artificial Insemination daughter of Adolf Hitler, and that is now coming out straight from the Russian archives . . .

Jim Fetzer:  You were saying that one of the Popes had predicted Elizabeth II would undo everything accomplished by Elizabeth I.

Greg Hallett:  The other thing the Pope said was: “The person who achieves this, who actually does this, and who claims this, there is to be no alteration on proportion.”

Which is very interesting, because you get a lie − a lie is like a spike . . . you get nothing, nothing, nothing, a lie, claim, false, nothing, nothing, nothing.  

But if you are actually chosen to do this, you’ve got back-stories all the way, and everything is supported by everything else.  It’s kind of even − it’s in proportion.  It could be in proportion like a Bell Curve.

That’s actually a scientific mark of the truth, isn’t it, if you can discover that the model has a bell curve to it.  

Jim Fetzer:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  So there has to be no alteration on proportion.

So the powers that be, which appears to be the top of the Secret Orders, which appears to be ‘Priory of Sion’, which means ‘Prior knowledge of the Sun’, and it appears to be above Naval Intelligence, in Paris . . .

What they got back to us was :  “You guys are it, and there’s no one else, there is just no one else even close, there’s just no one else in the field.”

So, I had purified the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, and received it, held it up to the Castle, found King John II’s grave, found where his body was moved to after four (4) years, and given the Sword back to Francisco Manoel making the ‘true Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha’ − which is Head of the legitimate German line.

He was quite happy with that . . . and he said to me:  “I don’t really want to go to England.  I don’t want to do it.”  

He was dragging his feet, and I ended up raising all the funding for the books, about £300,000 to research, and did all the travel, did 96% of the photographs, all but about six of them, I laid the whole book out, I solved most of the problems in the book, and solved most of the story, like who Marcos Manoel’s father was, et cetera.

The Tradition Received says that :  “The person who writes this story will be from Lemuria” . . . and ‘Lemuria’ is accepted to be Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands − and I am from New Zealand.

The Bible says that the person “will come from a Brother Nation”.

Portugal could be considered a Brother Nation to the UK, because of their oldest agreement [the Treaty of Windsor[ but England has sabotaged that oldest alliance with Portugal, and murdered the Portuguese Royal Family − several times, in the 1850s, 1860s and then end of the 1800s and again and again up to 1932.  So the Brother Nations of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, are Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

And Australia was a Penal Colony, so that leaves Canada and New Zealand.  But Canada is not Lemuria − so that left ‘New Zealand’.

So it was expected that the person who would write up the story would be from Lemuria . . . and that was from New Zealand.  

This fits in with that which is outside of the Tradition Received, which is basically :  ‘Prince Philip got hold of the Tradition Received and then attacked the areas that it indicated’.

The areas that it indicated were according to Queen Victoria’s Psychics − “The opposite side of the World North” − which was the opposite side of the world to where Marcos Manoel lived in Portugal, just west of Lisbon − and that was New Zealand, and it was always very close to where I lived.

I lived in places called “North” − like North Island, Lower Northland, North Shore, North Harbour, Northcote, Northgrove Ave, and Norton Road which means ‘North-Town Road’.  

So I really fitted the Bill.  So, there’s been a whole scenario, about . . .

So what Prince Philip did is, he got his agent Peter Williams QC in New Zealand − who was elevated to the President of the Law Society − to traffic heroin into all the places called “North”.

So Peter Williams QC − he was ‘Peter Aldridge Williams QC’ − known as “PA” in Mafia circles − he died on the 10th of June 2015, which is one of the best things ever to happen to New Zealand.

At his deathbed was his homosexual lover ‘Paul Henry’ − all the Mafia bosses are Gays and Bisexuals, Paedophiles and extortionists in cover marriages.

So the TV presenter Paul Henry was at Peter Williams’ bedside.  They were homosexual lovers on the way to protest the Mururoa Atoll Atomic Test.

The other person present at his bedside was ‘Winston Peters’ . . . which sounds very much like ‘Peter Williams’ − very similar names.  

Winston Peters was a Heron Trafficker with Peter Williams in Tauranga, which is a big harbour, which is where I grew up for about four (4) years.

Winston Peters rose to become the Deputy Prime Minister of New Zealand under Prime Minister Rob Muldoon (1975−84) who was also a heroin trafficker.

So the Prime Ministers and the Heads of the Judiciary in New Zealand were Heroin Traffickers . . . and they were Heroin Traffickers looking for me [GH], and they didn’t find me.  They found people very close to me, siblings, but they didn’t get me.

Now the High Orders, the Priory of Sion, they take care of the ‘Long Year’ and wait for the results.  

The ‘Single Year’ is one year . . . and the Long Year is about 2,160 years . . . and the Great Year is twelve of those, about 25,920 years.  

At the end of the ‘Long Year’, which is called “End Times”, and we are in ‘End Times’ now.  People look at the Bible and they go “Oh, we’re in Tribulations”, and we’ve got all these ‘Blood Moons’ et cetera.

The Rosicrucians also take care of the ‘Long Year’.

The titillation they get out of it is :  “How does it happen?”  “How does the switch happen?”  

“What is it that switches things over to a New Royal Bloodline, or gets rid of a Royal Family under the Protocols of that time at the end of the Long Year.”

And the protocols of this time are ‘Information Wars’, not ‘Physical Wars’.

We are in the realm of ‘Information Wars’.

The Biblical word “Apocalypse” actually means ‘Revelation’!

So what the internet has done is, it has allowed us to have a Revelation where we are not subject to the media control of the BBC, which was founded at the same time as Princess Elizabeth was born, to establish her as a ‘Queen by Acclamation’ . . .

When at that time from 1926 to 1953, no one had a say on anything, because the Media was completely Shut Down − it was basically just the BBC . . . it was BBC Radio, and then 1950s to 60s it became BBC TV as well.  It was Radio and Newspapers, and then TV was added.

So because of all the Editors who were constantly getting on the New Year’s Honour’s list and the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, there was no way that you could actually say :  “THE BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY ARE FAKE”, and have it heard !!

Now we have the Internet, and the ‘Internet is a Revelation’, and ‘an Apocalypse Revelation’, and it allows us to ‘Expose the Fake Royal family’ and ‘gracefully remove them to the end of their natural days’ − that’s the Rules . . .v. . . and in that respect ‘Queen Elizabeth II is my charge’, and she was given to me on the 7th of October 2011, and then promptly Abdicated 21 days later on the 28th of October 2011 at CHOGM Commonwealth Head of Government Meeting in Perth, in Australia . . . which is interesting that it was done in Lemuria.

When it came to Change of the Laws of Succession, there were a couple of things that happened that Queen Elizabeth II had to acknowledge.  One of the things she had to acknowledge was that I was now ‘above her’, and she had to acknowledge me in some way.

So Queen Elizabeth II was given to me on the 7th of October 2011, and then on the 25th of April 2013, I was Registered as a member of the Star Family, which is the Jesus & Mary lineage − in the Holy See.

Part of going through the ‘Eye of a Needle’ is achieving the impossible . . . and getting registered in the Holy See, which is the Inner Sanctum of the Catholic Church, as a Member of the Star Family, not being a Catholic . . . is achieving the impossible and ‘going through the Eye of the Needle’.

. . . because the British Royal family can’t be Catholic, and Queen Elizabeth II, so called ‘Queen’, has married a Catholic, and therefore has a null-and-void Reign . . . and the Coronation Stone that she sat on in June 1953 was a Fake,  because four Scottish students stole the Coronation Stone out of Westminster Abbey in London at 4 am on Christmas Day 1950.

The Coronation Stone
that  Elizabeth II sat on
in 1953 was a Fake.
Then they made a Fake Coronation Stone, and put it in Abroath Abbey in Scotland with the Scottish flag over it, and rang up the English and said :  “Come and pick it up”.

So the English picked up a Fake Coronation Stone which weighed 122 pounds less than the Real Stone.  So they got the Fake Coronation Stone and stuck it under the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey.

Jim Fetzer:  How could they be so taken like that?, Greg.  I mean it’s fascinating !! 

‘Why did the Scottish students steal it in the first place ?’ ;  and second,

‘Why didn’t the British authorities recognise it was not the authentic stone’?

Greg Hallett: Well, that’s interesting, because I have looked at the students.  It was three guys and one girl who stole the stone, and they were Lewishmen − they were the sons and daughters of Freemasons, which meant that they were protected pretty much from being charged.

The stonemason they gave it to was a Freemason who looked much like a Stuart . . . and they main thief was the student Ian Hamilton who then became a lawyer, who then became a Queen’s Council lawyer . . . and he published three books on ‘Stealing the Stone of Destiny’, on Stealing the Coronation Stone.

So if you stole the Coronation Stone, and made Queen Elizabeth II defunct, and then even tried to get into Law School, and then got a Degree, and then became a Queen’s Council − that’s all impossible.

What I’m suggesting is that they were working for the Freemasons and working for the Stuarts.

The Freemasons want to put a Stuart back on the Throne . . . and they were also working for Rothschilds . . . because the Rothschilds recognised that “The Shin” was due to end in 2012, and that right through the British Royal family’s history from 1818 to the present, they have been creating illegitimate Royals, but covering for them, so that when someone like myself discovered that they were illegitimate, and published it, there would actually be very certain facts that showed that ‘they were illegitimate all the way down’ . . . and that they were so illegitimate, it was in your face, and ‘unforgiveable when it was exposed’ − so that the True Royal Family could jump in.

I made my co-author Francisco Manoel the true Duke of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha (German), which automatically makes him the true H.R.H. of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha (British), so it is the German line and the British line. 

The H.R.H. of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is the second-tier Kingship of England . . . it’s the second-born son’s Title . . . and it appears that what he did to me was give me the Title ‘Prince Pretender to the Throne and Crown of the United Kingdom’, and the only way he could do that was by ‘Betrayal’.

Jim Fetzer:  Elaborate on that, Greg.  Betraying, precisely who?

Greg Hallett:  Betraying me.

Jim Fetzer:  That was my inference !!

Greg Hallett:  This is why things have slowed down so much, and there’s actually been quite a lot of attacks by Trolls.  And the British advertised that it had now a section of it’s Army working on the Internet, basically to Sabotage the Truth coming out.  And you know, I’ve been quite massively sabotaged in the last 15 months.  

We got the Books and received them early August 2014, just a few sets, four or five sets.

So Francisco Manoel gets his set and says, ‘thanks that’s great’ . . . and about 18 days later they all arrive in bulk on palettes, and we were supposed to have marketing meetings, and we had what was agreed to be €15,000 set up to do the Marketing.

I had been to see the Plane that flies along the beach with a big banner that was to read :  “THE HIDDEN KING OF ENGLAND − BOOK LAUNCH”.  That was between 200−600 Euros to have that done, depending on whether I wanted to fly all the way along the Algarve, or just part of the way along.  

Francisco Manoel cancelled all the Marketing Meetings, and the Marketing Money went missing . . . and I was left to live penniless in that Cave for four (4) months.

I had been the ‘Acting Prince Pretender of the United Kingdom’ before, with this Letter here, from Queen Victoria [Shows Letter].

This is Queen Victoria’s letter addressed to King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal on the 17th of March 1850, which is St Patrick’s Day.  The Letter reads : 

‘“Assemble Him Claimant” to the Throne’.

Now I was given this Letter in its Invisible Condition, when it had no writing on it.  Here is Queen Victoria’s monogram there, and there is the Hare cut out of the bottom − the Queen’s “Heir to the Throne”, and there is the “J Whatman Turkey Mill 1850” letterhead – which shows it is genuine . . . and there is Queen Victoria’s blood thumbprint.

Jim Fetzer:  Yes.

Greg Hallett:  So we have the DNA.

Jim Fetzer:  Wow.

Greg Hallett:  Yes.  This letter was sent on the 17th of March 1850 to King Dom Ferdinand II of Portugal who was a Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld-Koháry. He was first cousin of Queen Victoria . . . and he was the one who delivered baby Prince Marcos Manoel from Kensington Palace in London to Lisbon, Portugal.

I had this Letter in its invisible undeciphered condition when I was in England for the clear days from the 7 April to 7 August 2012.

Jim Fetzer:  I’m surprised an attempt wasn’t made to take it from you !?!

Greg Hallett:  Well, that’s because I’m Part of the Predictions and I’m actually above the Queen because of my status as ‘Registered Member of the Star Family’.  That’s why Queen Elizabeth backdated the Laws of Succession from 2014 to the “25th of April 2013”, which is the same day that I was a Registered as a member of the Star Family.  

All the British and European Royals Claim they have this descendancy to Jesus and Mary, but then what they teach the public is that Jesus died, you know, and didn’t have any children!

Greg Hallett is
above Queen Elizabeth II
in his status as
‘Registered Member
of the Star Family’.
Jim Fetzer:  Greg, have you listened to any legal opinion about the Backdating?  It seems to me to be an absurdity !

Greg Hallett:  Backdating is legal.  Backdating is absolutely legal.  All the Mafia boys use it.  All of Prince Philip’s Agents use it.  Let’s see if I can read this:  It says here − this is Volume III, p. 676 . . . and it says:

“When Greg Hallett presented this information and thus effectively presented me with the Duchy of the Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha for Christmas-New Year 2011, I checked amongst the Family Marks and again found the Sword of King Dom Fernando II and made a scholarly study of it. 

“In return, Greg Hallett’s acceptance into the Star Family on the Summer Solstice of 2010 was formalised by the sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha on 29 February and 1 March 2012.

“This was part of the purification of the Sovereign sword of the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha.

“It is the impossible story that has the Shin shining all the way through.  The Shin enacted is a sign of truth in the matter.  “It is implausible to deceive in light of such a magnificent work.”

So there is a footnote to that, it refers to my elevation to Lord Chancellor Arch-Treasurer of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in March 2012, “No. 6 ‘” . . . and then the footnote behind that,No. 7, is “Letter / Memorandum ‘Guardian Princes of the Royal Secret − House of Bruno’, sent to ‘Jesuit Father Ambrose Vedam’ S.J. Curia Vatican, 25 April 2013.”

So everything was registered.  

It’s a tough game man, it’s a really tough game.

So the only way they − because I fulfilled the predictions, and I’d done 7/8ths of the work − so the only way they could transfer the “Prince Pretender” Status to me . . . because they said to Francisco: “Who wrote the books?”, “Who did all the work?”, “Who deciphered all the codes?” − and I came up trumps, because it was all the work that I did, so they decided to, you know . . . he is quite happy with the Duke of Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha, so they are trying to make me the ‘Prince Pretender’ . . . and I have been the Acting Prince Pretender before from the 7th of April to the 7th of August 2012 while I was in London . . . with this Letter.

Prince William acknowledged this by going to New Zealand exactly two years later on the 7th of April 2014, and staying in New Zealand for exactly 21 days, which is “The Shin”.

Then Prince Harry acknowledged me by going to New Zealand, specifically to Stewart [Stuart] Islands.  There’s the North Island, the South Island, then little tiny Stewart [Stuart] Island at the bottom, which is where my relatives are from.

Prince Harry went there on the 10th of May this year, 2015.  He is the first British Royal to go there.  There’s only 370 people there, so there’s no reason for him to go there other than Mark things . . . and Harry was Marking me at the same time as :  it was no longer illegal to say that “the British Royal Family are illegitimate, and Fakes, and Flat Lie Royals, and Commoners”.

It was Prime Minister John Mayor in 1997 who said “Queen Elizabeth II is now just a Commoner” . . . and she is!

The whole British Judiciary is having a hell of a time getting its head round the fact that it is a headless chicken!  

It is just running around, unable, and without authority to make any judgments, and the British Judiciary now lacks ‘Subject-Matter Jurisdiction’ . . . and it lacks Subject-Matter Jurisdiction in my case because of the Privy Council Oath [Laws].

Jim Fetzer:   Greg, we’re approaching the point where we need to take a break.  Is it a good point for that?

Greg Hallett: I could just finish off with the Privy Council Oath.

Jim Fetzer:  Please. Please.

Greg Hallett:  Because that’s a pretty strong thing.  So the Privy Council Oath is taken by the Queen’s Council Judges, and it is taken by both sides of the Bench in Parliament, like the Conservatives and Labour, and it’s taken by the Lords in Parliament, and all of this means that they can not hear anything that is against the Monarch or the Royal Family . . . and it means that they cannot hear my case.

What they have done is used words which have an opposite meaning to the common person’s mind, and look like a spelling mistake, like the word “lett”.  

They have used the word “let”, which we would think to mean something like ‘allow’, but it means ‘complain of, protest or condemn’.  

So here is the Privy Council Oath, which applies to the Judges, and Lawyers, and Government . . . and it protects the Queen  . . .

“You do swear by Almighty God to be a true and faithful Servant unto the Queen’s Majesty, as one of Her Majesty’s Privy Council.  You will not know or understand of any manner of thing to be attempted, done, or spoken against Her Majesty’s Person, Honour, Crown, or Dignity Royal, but you will lett and withstand the same to the uttermost of your power, and either cause it to be revealed to Her Majesty Herself, or to such of Her Privy Council as shall advertise Her Majesty of the same.  You will, in all things to be moved, treated, and debated in Council, faithfully and truly declare your Mind and Opinion, according to your Heart and Conscience;  and will keep secret all Matters committed and revealed unto you, or that shall be treated of secretly in Council.  And if any of the said Treaties or Counsels shall touch any of the Counsellors, you will not reveal it unto him, but will keep the same until such time as, by the consent of Her Majesty or of the Council, Publication shall be made thereof.  [There is the whole paedophile cover-up there.]  You will to your uttermost bear Faith and Allegiance to the Queen’s Majesty;  and will assist and defend all civil and temporal Jurisdictions, Pre-eminences, and Authorities, granted to Her Majesty, and annexed to the Crown by Acts of Parliament, or otherwise, against all Foreign Princes, Persons, Prelates, States, or Potentates.  And generally in all things you will do as a faithful and true Servant ought to do to Her Majesty.  So help you God.“

Now, if the Mafia had an illegitimate Royal Family under their guise, and wanted to get everyone in Government and everyone in the Judiciary to swear to their Mafia, never to reveal their Mafia actions, their Heroin-Trafficking, Paedophilia, illegitimacy, Bank Robberies and Fake Wars . . . that is the Oath!

So the Privy Council Oath is the Mafia Oath . . . the Judges’ oath is a Mafia Oath . . . the Governments’ oath on both sides is a Mafia Oath . . . and the Lord’s oath is a Mafia Oath.

So there is no room to get a Hearing to say “Look, Elizabeth, she’s the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s Maid and Winston Churchill by Artificial Insemination, and she was born above a Pub, and the BBC was created at the same time she was born, in the same year, to present to the Public that she was a Royal!

No Judge can hear that!  

This became evident in the Judges’ decision, basically right at the beginning when I was trying to get the case heard.  The judge ‘said’ :  “We can’t hear the case!”

Jim Fetzer:  Greg, this is fascinating stuff.  It is going to come as quite a shock to many in our audience.  This is Jim Fetzer, your host on The Real Deal with my special guest, Greg Hallett.  We will be taking a break and we’ll return to continue our conversation.  Thanks!

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  1. Squirrel Faced Charley is shooting blanks.
    An infertile King cannot sit on the throne of England, it is considered to be a death nell to the nation, that’s why Queen Liz hung on for so long.
    William is not of royal blood & as Rothschild are bankrupt & they care for the vast wealth of William, it is safe to assume that Willy is also broke.
    London Bridge is falling down …

  2. It is said in some quarters
    Queen Victoria,s beloved Albert was happily married back home in The Old County
    Albert was forced to marry Victoria, so as to help manage the income derived there of & shunt it back home.
    He kept her dosed up on opium & pregnant constantly.

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