Study: Medical Errors Top Cause of Death Worldwide – 4 out of 10 Patients Harmed

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Medical Errors Kill Five People Per Minute, 2.6 Million People Every Year

by The Vaccine Reaction

A new report published by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 2.6 million people die annually in low-and middle-income countries from medical errors, and that most of those deaths are related to misdiagnosis and administration of pharmaceutical products. According to the WHO:

“Four out of every ten patients are harmed during primary and ambulatory health care. The most detrimental errors are related to diagnosis, prescription and the use of medicines.” [1, 2]

The WHO believes that the impact of the harm to victims of these mistakes made by doctors and other health care providers leads to financial losses of trillions of dollars.

“Medication errors alone cost an estimated US$42 billion annually. Unsafe surgical care procedures cause complications in up to 25% of patients resulting in 1 million deaths during or immediately after surgery annually,” notes the WHO. [1, 2]

“No one should be harmed while receiving health care. And yet globally, at least 5 patients die every minute because of unsafe care,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, MD.

“We need a patient safety culture that promotes partnership with patients, encourages reporting and learning from errors, and creates a blame-free environment where health workers are empowered and trained to reduce errors.” [1, 2]

The WHO report comes on the heels of an international study, which contained information on 337,025 patients (including in the United States) and was led by clinical psychologist Maria Panagioti, PhD of the University of Manchester, England.

Titled “Prevalence, severity, and nature of preventable patient harm across medical care settings: systematic review and meta-analysis” and published in The BMJ on July 17, 2019, that study found one in 10 patients suffered harm as a result of their medical care and 12 percent of those cases led to permanent disability or death. [3, 4]

“Our study finds that most harm relates to medication, and this is one core area that preventative strategies could focus on,” Dr. Panagioti said.

Nearly half of the incidents of harm involved drugs and other therapies. [3, 4]

Internist Albert Wu, MD of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health confirms that Dr. Panagioti’s study is among the largest studies ever done on the “frequency and severity of patient harm” and that it offers “evidence that these harms occur in all medical settings.” [3, 4]

A 2016 study published in The BMJ identified medical error as the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

The study, which was co-authored by Martin Makary, MD and research fellow Michael Daniel of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, determined that medical errors accounted for about 251,000 deaths every year in the U.S., which made medical error-related deaths the third leading cause of death surpassed only by heart disease (614,348) and cancer (591,699). [5]

“We are burying a population the size of Miami every year from medical errors that can be prevented,” said Leah Binder, CEO of the health care watchdog organization The Leapfrog Group.


5 thoughts on “Study: Medical Errors Top Cause of Death Worldwide – 4 out of 10 Patients Harmed

  1. 1. I fell backwards in the doorway of a shop in Sydney Rd, Coburg .. on th 26th July 2017.My heart had stopped .. just for a moment ambulance took me to St Vincent’s hospital Fitzroy ..I was examined & told that I needed a pacemaker .. upstairs on the 4th floor cardiac ward & attached to the hospital heart monitoring system .. that evening there was a rummer & 2 nurses ran in to see if I was okay .. the monitoring system was working perfectly .. then nurse Clare came to me in an annoyed state & said that it was a mistake & to disregard it .. I woke at 7.00 AM the next morning & sat at the end of the bed swinging my legs wondering if I should go get a cup of tea from the kitchen .. everything began to spin & the air became extra-bright white .. a nurse ran into the cubical next to me .. “excuse me” .. “I’ll be with you in a minute” my heart stopped beating & I was dead .. again .. the nurse walked right passed me .. a corps strewn across the width of the single bed .. the lady who sweeps the floors before breakfast saw me from the hallway & called for help .. 20 minutes later .. I awoke at about 7.50 AM .. to find 6-7 hospital staff hovering around me .. I was told that I had been CPR’d .. I was given a pacemaker that afternoon.
    Later I was told by Phillip that he di not see any life saving equipment & the floor cleaner lady that there were 50 people in attendance & 3 months later still I was told by Head Nurse Jane that no CPR was given & that I was declared dead & then promptly awoke for my death 10 minutes later.

    St Vincent’s hospital Cardiology staff deliberately turned of the monitoring equipment knowing that my hear was going to give way.

    2: The evasive surgery that I was told by the Eye & Ear hospital was the only way to save my eyesight was a blatant lie & I need not have lost the sight in my right eye either ..these bastards deliberately withheld treatment & lied so as to allow me to go blind.
    3. Now I have a private Ophthalmologist .. Dr Lance Liu .. who may also be a banana boat salesman .. ??

    How could this have happened to me .. ONLY
    No silly these bastards do it to at least 40% of the population ..
    DELIBERATELY & just for fun .. & all paid for by .. The Hard Earned Tax Payer Dollar.

    1. 4. A couple of months ago now . I called 000 & after being abused by the ambulance attendant’s I was eventually taken to Footscray hospital .. I have 2 wires attached to my pacemaker .. one of the wires has come away from / is sticking up in my left breast out of its housing socket/ there is only one wire attached to my pacemaker .. the other one is omitting current into my left shoulder & further .. they keep me in hospital & released me saying that everything was okay .. today the loose wire is even more prominent ..
      Please know that St Vincent’s hospital Emergency Unit .. refused to take me .. The Royal Melbourne hospital Emergency Unit .. also refused to take me
      Footscray hospital rang both hospitals for medical information about my heart condition & treatments .. so all 3 hospitals are in full knowledge that I have a detached pacemaker wire sticking up in my left breast.

      What to do ??
      What to do ??

      The World Health Organisation should b shut down citing .. WASTE OF MONEY
      As should the United Nations for the parasitic propagandists that they are.

      1. Rumor .. Gossip .. Innuendo & Social Media ..
        Head of Cardiology St Vinnies Fitzroy .. David Prior .. I is said that over the years this man has been severely beaten at least one dozen times & spent substantial time in hospital recovering from the injuries inflicted & still he is the same vicious dog.
        *I have come to know David … he was my cardio Dr.
        E&E .. Associate Prof. Anne Brooks has had several bones broken after being bashed stabbed on a couple of occasions & yet she still persists to harm & mouth off.
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        I could rattle off more …….

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