April 20, 2024

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Subliminal Messages in the TV: Mind Control for the Masses


The topic in the following article is one that has been covered before, just not recently as far as I can tell. My reasoning behind writing about the subject is two-fold. First, I want to inform people of what has been done to us in the past; and second, I would like to question if the same type of mind-control is still going on now?

The video linked below is not new, which is a bad thing in its own right because it means that the technology highlighted within has been around 50 years, at least. The subject of the video is subliminal messaging via, ironically, video. If you haven’t broached the topic in the past, the video below is a good primer. What you are about to see are the messages flashed before an unwitting public during the National Anthem that used to be played at the end of each broadcast day. For those under 35 or so, yes, there was a time when television went dark for a few hours each day.

As I watched the video again, I wonder just how much more sophisticated those who would perpetrate such an act have become in the 50+ years since this technology has been available. With High Definition, 80” televisions and 4K technology, our feeble minds are no match for their evil intentions. Are they still using this technology today? I would if I was trying to control an entire planet…wouldn’t you?



1 thought on “Subliminal Messages in the TV: Mind Control for the Masses

  1. I have not watched TV for well over 2 years – my adult daughter came to stay for 6 month 22Feb 2014 – she brought a BIG TV SCREEN with her – it was in the lounge room for a while – now it is in the back room – out of the way – she put it there with an old comfortable chair in front of it just in case / on the off chance that she wanted to watch something – the back room is storage space at the moment.
    The TV set was the best thing that ever happened to mankind along with movies, video games, & all the other bad things that THEY have done to us.
    I am sure that you are right about their motives – based on the dodgy Psychiatry of that opium smoking, alcohol guzzling, crackpot Sigmund Freud no doubt. By lunch time you had to pick him up off the floor to greet him.
    THE ESTABISHMENT GODS & their spin doctors are so sure they are in charge ….. poop and double poop man !
    A SONG:
    Helmut Lotti – Bohemian Rhapsody 2003
    Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (Official Video)
    2 brilliant renditions of a great song.
    This is bound to be more harmful.
    How beautifl is this performance & so well crafted using the little girl to effect.
    In the end we are constantly being wound up & unwound – and it causes us to think & feel – and this is good for us.

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