March 1, 2024

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 I did a “SWAPCAST” with the boys from Real News Australia and the General Knowledge Podcast to cover all the latest news and events. 

Real News Australia


Hi everyone. Please click on the image above to go to our podcast host page over at

The General Knowledge Podcast by Lee “General” Maddox and Andy Somes of RNA & Ethan Nash of TOTTnews is all about offering our unique take on current events, theorizing about conspiracies as well as straight up shedding light on known and little known conspiracies. We also highlight the connections that many things make to things like the global power structure and their technocratic agenda.

Instead of linking all of the podcasts here, it’s easier to just send you straight to our podcast hosting site that also has a built in player for each episode if you wish to listen straight from the webpage or you can download the audio file.

You can also Subscribe to our podcast at iTunes at this link here to get the podcast straight to your device.

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