March 1, 2024

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Swedish Government Grants $175,000 to Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children



The Swedish government will hand out the equivalent of $175,000 dollars from the inheritance money of dead Swedes without heirs to fund drag queen shows for children.

You just can’t stop progress!

The Public Inheritance Fund, a state body that manages the money, will give the cash to ‘Kulturföreningen Mums’ in Stockholm, which will use it to organize transvestite and transgender events where fairytales are read to children.

“The project will, together with children, young people and adults with disabilities, develop available normative creative fairy tales in the form of drag shows. Together with the target group and several organizations, the established business Among dragons and drag queens will create new fairy tales that reflect the target group,” writes the General Heritage Foundation.

The funds will be used to promote projects “based on the needs and wishes of the target group” which includes “drag show workshops” based around drag queens reading books to children in libraries.

Other large chunks of money from the inheritance pot are being handed out to left-wing groups, including one that promotes “a higher climate commitment” for young people.

Despite Sweden being a progressive utopia which punishes its own citizens who question pretty much anything like this, respondents on Twitter weren’t so enthusiastic.

One of them described the situation as “economic-necrophilia,” while another said, “Note to fucking self: Don’t let your children near these people.”


13 thoughts on “Swedish Government Grants $175,000 to Fund Drag Queen Shows For Children

  1. They are not going to make it .. not .. not.
    “It shall come to pass” are the most powerful words in the world.
    It is just going to blow up in your face once again dip shit.

  2. There used to be a nightclub for transvestites called The Paper Doll in Toorak – the “GIRLS” were not beautiful, they were magnificent, they put any beautiful woman to shame & my oh my havent they let themselves go in a big way.

  3. ATTENTION: Dr. Frankenstein … I am Mira Konestabo I have an appointment to see you Friday 2:30PM … just to let you know that something is seriously going on in my right eye … it is trying to see … is my guess … have you engendered a miracle of sorts ??
    XXX Mira

    1. I heard that:
      Watch it buster … you are treading on thin ice here.
      It could be a combination of 2 alien energy forces here … think on that one sir.

  4. REUTERS October 6, 2019 – Philip Pullella.

    VATICAN CITY – Pope Francis installed new cardinals on Saturday, putting the stamp on the future of the Roman Catholic Church with men who share his vision for social justice, the rights of immigrants & dialogue with Islam.

    “I think that the pope wants to make visible the churches that were almost invisible,” said Cardinal Cristobal Lopez Romero, of Rabat, the capital of Morocco, which is overwhelmingly Muslim.

    *There are 224 Cardinals at the Vatican.

    Roman Catholic Bolg USA … there are several orders of nuns.

    Bishop Robert Barron is also an inspiring man – the way he explains Jesus is magical.

    I need to write to all these persons to explain the debortuary that St Vincent’s hospital Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia is – recounting may person experience to paint that dreadful picture. Let’s see how much longer this arrogant butchery of human life is allowed to continue.

    *I am still listening to Michael Buble – he has recorded some beautiful songs – Softly as I Leave You – You & I – & he sings them with such grace & charm that it can even melt your heart.

    1. Interesting Video – Youtube – Why Remain Catholic? (With So Much Scandal)
      *Please note that the Roman Catholic Church is in attempt of saving itself.
      I shall look forward to the INVESTIGATION that is to follow … & even considering that the Catholic Institution that is St Vincent’s hospital is OVERRUN by the nondescript heathen factor.
      “She can’t do anything to us.” is the consensus of those overconfident’s who overrun the establishment today.
      I suggest that they are fools in a lucrative paradise soon to be lost to them.

  5. It has been made perfectly clear to me that …
    Many cardiac patients of St Vincent’s hospital who are recipients of a pacemaker
    CAN …

    And I was categorically & blatantly REFUSED this same SERVICE several times over
    I an almost totally blind woman in a wheelchair.

    Fond Regards to David Prior & Phil Crane who took such good care of me & made sure that I was thrown out into the street like an unwanted dog shortly after I had had a heart attack.

  6. Dear Dr. Frankenstein / miracle worker ??
    I cover my left eye
    Through my right eye
    I see a black background with a maze of lines, cracks that light is coming through
    *next phase:
    I was just looking in the mirror at myself … now I see my image against the black background
    *my eye is seeing what I looked at moments before / my brain is willing my eye to remember & see
    Now I see an orange light .. not seen before surgery
    *is it real or is it a memory that my brain is willing me to see
    & the whole time I can see my hand which I am moving in front of my right eye
    Can my brain fix / restore my eyesight ??
    Are the nerves in the back of my eye really damaged ??
    Or can the nerves be repaired but/& we refuse to accept this as a reality ??
    At every instance it is you Dr, Frankenstein that has allowed this to occur.
    As a consequence your good self will have to accept that I adore you from afar.
    There is more but this is the most important observation … & I will try covering my left eye & forcing the right eye to work to see if it changes / improves anything.

    1. 5:30AM – I am watching music videos on Youtube .. I cover my left eye & there .. on a black/grey background are the characters on the videos I have just watched &/but also detailed objects .. in ( please note fashion) such as earrings, hair length, close up of eyes etc.
      My brain is working on my eye to remind what its function/role is.

  7. This is The Queen of All Bullshit speaking to a member of the Crazz Files
    “Don’t be funny”
    “Don’t be funny”
    “One day I will come to NSW & I will seek you out from the crowed … guy”

    I like … The Queen of all Bullshit … it suited me so well – I O U.

    1. Regarding IOU:
      1. We can’t do IA for you yet .. you have not decided on a suitable name.
      2. 9:00AM .. as the clock ticks you will turn into a brilliant green frog .. a princess will kiss you .. as a result you will become an anointed prince .. received a treasure chest full of gold & silver .. & a feast will follow.

  8. We the people
    Need to have the Royal E&E hospital demolished –
    It is sitting on BILLION DOLLAR REAL ESTATE –
    Doing Diddly Squat at the expense to the hard working taxpayer
    To the tune of hundreds of million of dollars each & every year.
    Money Flushed Down The Toilet Mate.

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