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Who is Sam Mostyn? Meet Australia’s new far-left gender diversity hire Governor-General


On Wednesday April 3 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese appointed gender equality advocate Sam Mostyn to be Australia’s next Governor-General, sparking controversy due to her far-left views, with some commentators dubbing her the “Queen of Woke”.

But who is Sam Mostyn and what does she believe?

  • Born in 1965, married to barrister Simeon Beckett with one daughter
  • Graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Laws
  • Worked as an associate for homosexual former High Court Justice Michael Kirby
  • Was a ministerial advisor to Labor senator Bob Collins who later killed himself after being charged with raping young boys
  • Was appointed to the AFL Commission in 1995 because she was a woman (“I’m very happy to say I was a quota appointment” she said in 2017)
  • Was appointed chair of the Labor government’s Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce by Mr Albanese in 2022
  • Was appointed to the board of Reconciliation Australia by Mark Leibler in 2007
  • Former president of women’s leadership advocacy group Chief Executive Women
  • Former chair of The Climate Council (led by global warming alarmist Tim Flannery)
  • Has called Australia “Invasion Day”, used the ahistorical, anti-Australian Indigenous extremist slogan “always was, always will be”, and wants to change the date of Australia Day, refers to British settlers as “occupiers
  • Actively campaigned for Mr Albanese’s failed Voice to Parliament
  • Supports the extremist and anti-Australian Uluru Statement from the Heart
  • Has far-left views on “transgenderism”
  • Celebrated the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Believes in the racist concept of “White privilege
  • Wants Australia to become a republic
  • Said Australia should use Covid as an excuse to “collaboratively rebuild our uniquely Australian society and an economy that can deliver for all”
  • Dubbed the “Queen of Woke” after her appointment

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