March 2, 2024

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Sydney man has cardiac medical episode after police arrest him for not wearing a mask

Sydney police state thugs handcuffing and arresting a man with a heart condition for not masking and instead of calling for an ambulance straight away they called in the riot squad, this is modern Australia people…..

Real Rukshan

A Sydney man has been resuscitated with a defibrillator after having a heart related medical episode following an arrest by police for not wearing a mask.

In a video circulated online the man, and his family are heard pleading with police that there is a mask exemption.

As multiple police arrive on the scene, the family is pleading with the police to call an ambulance. The man remained handcuffed until people at the scene begged police to remove them.

The current condition of the man is unknown, but he was taken away in an ambulance for medical care. According to media reports the police want to fine him for not wearing a mask. This is disturbingly a normal scene in Australia.


3 thoughts on “Sydney man has cardiac medical episode after police arrest him for not wearing a mask

  1. Yep they stand with the Muslim community well isn’t this man just bloody wonderful. When whites have been attacked and had heart attacks or collapsed they say nothing. Screw you dude, none of you have tried to help us. Every time that there has been marches, it’s full of white Australians and if there are immigrants (which I’ve never seen one) it’s only a handful. Yep whites don’t matter but OMG if it’s an immigrant that’s hurt, all hell breaks loose or you have a big cry over it.

  2. Oh and I’m insulted that they call themselves Australians when it suits them. Isn’t it amazing how when an immigrant is taken down it makes mainstream news but when it’s a white person, we have to rely on the average person on the street to tape it. I don’t know what this half gook is on about, they reported exactly what happened.

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