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Synthesised Cannibalism: WIRED Magazine Now Promoting Cannibalism As Latest Left-Wing Trendy Idea

Have you ever read a headline that made you do a double-take just because it sounds so outrageous there’s no way it could be true?

I’m guessing you may have done just that with the headline to this story. I know I did a double take when the editor assigned it.

But yeah, the gist of it is absolutely true: Insane liberals now think it’s ‘trendy’ to eat other people.

As noted by The Federalist Papers, it isn’t a “click-baity” thing, either. It’s the real deal.

A piece in Wired magazine posits this question: “What’s wrong with eating people?” — then goes on to extort the ‘virtues’ of doing so.

Under the category of “Food” — again, not even making this up — writer Richard Wordsworth, in his Oct. 28 piece, actually suggests that we could all “soon be dining on lab-grown celebrity canapés and lightly-seasoned chunks” of our “loved ones.”

“But is the world ready for synthesized cannibalism?”

Does he really feel its necessary to ask that question and then explore it as a viable option? Yes, apparently so — and sadly, so did Wired magazine. (Related: Lab-grown meat will never feed the world or be commercially viable.)

And amazingly, he couches this ridiculous insanity on the premise that “a juicy human burger” would be “guaranteed cruelty-free” because, in the future, human ‘meat’ will be lab-grown. So you know, “no-one gets their leg sawn off for your signature slow-cooked tagine,” and “no-one even has to die these days.”

By “no one,” do you think he’s referring to animals raised for meat? Because if he is, normal people don’t refer to them in human terms. They’re not “no-one’s” because they don’t have human identities. Again, they’re animals raised specifically for consumption.

You may not agree with that premise and that’s just fine; you certainly are entitled to disagree and eat whatever you want, in whatever manner you wish (personally, around here, we like organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, antibiotic-free food, like many of you as well).

But to suggest that eating even lab-grown human meat over, say, lab-grown beef, pork, chicken, or fish as a better option is just flat-out crazy. Not “click-bait” crazy, the real deal. Insanity.

“In the West, this is a huge taboo,” Wordsworth quoted Dr. Bill Schutt, professor of biology and research associate in residence at the American Museum of Natural History.

As the author of “Eat Me: A Natural and Unnatural History of Cannibalism,” he noted further that our cultural values and morals simply do not align with the suggestion that humans are ‘food.’

“Especially the medicinal cannibalism that took place relatively recently in Europe. I think it was something that people probably weren’t particularly proud of, once they discovered that modern medicine had better solutions than eating body parts,” he added.

Nevertheless, Wordsworth (and others) are taking the concept of lab-grown human meat — including so-called “celebrity cubes,” which feature the DNA of, well, celebrities — as a serious alternative ‘down the road.’

Dr. Koert Van Mensvoort, director of the Next Nature Network and fellow at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands, believes that at some point, some peoplewon’t have any problems eating some people.

“In general, I think there will be huge reluctance against in vitro human meat,” he told Wordsworth. “It will be very, very niche. Maybe a very haute-cuisine restaurant will offer this once-in-a-lifetime, special experience for which you pay a lot of money.

“Or it could be a ritual: when you get married, you consume a piece of each other’s meat, just that once. I’m not promoting it, I just think it’s a fascinating conversation to have. The problems are much more social and cultural than technical or medical,” he added.

As crazy as all of this sounds, what’s even crazier is that these gents appear to believe that U.S. and Western lawmaking bodies wouldn’t find ethical problems with this and ban it before it even began.

We can hope. Meantime, I’ll take some self-raised, free-range, antibiotic-free chickenswith some GMO-and-pesticide-free veggies, please. Hold the humans.

J.D. Heyes is editor of The National Sentinel and a senior writer for Natural News and News Target.

Source: https://www.naturalnews.com/2017-12-14-wired-magazine-now-promoting-cannibalism-as-latest-left-wing-trendy-idea.html

8 thoughts on “Synthesised Cannibalism: WIRED Magazine Now Promoting Cannibalism As Latest Left-Wing Trendy Idea

  1. Cultured meat / clean meat / vitro meat, is meat grown in cell culture instead of animals.
    Cellular agriculture;

    I listened to radio program on ABC RN featuring cultured meat – it was sickening.

    Cannibalism is still practiced throughout the world today by connoisseurs / those who appreciate the finer things life has to offer.

    I have come to believe that we have made a big mistake in categorizing the family mankind as different nationalities, different cultural beliefs & different skin colors.
    It is more likely that mankind is made up of many DIFFERENT SPECIES.

  2. Dazzled by the little things that man was capable of, we veered away from seeing what was real & seeking the truth in reality & settled for being dazzled by the bullshit we could concoct.

  3. I am listening to ABC RN Saturday Extra with Geraldine Doogue Sat 16 Dec 2017.

    Very interesting listening:
    Without America: guest Hugh White
    – explains Our Malcolm Turnbulls over reaction AT China
    – we are not used to standing on our own
    – we wasted money instead of building a substantial defence force
    – relying first on Britain & the USA to watch out back
    – Always looking for the easier & cheaper way out we are now with a PM who’s mouth runs way too fast for his brain

    A Foreign Affair: guest Tim Costello – must listen to.

  4. Thursday 14 dec. 2017. in the pm.
    I had to give over my drivers licence to secure a wheel chair at St Vinnie’s Hospital.
    I am in the process of purchasing an electric .. light .. fold up .. wheel chair for substantial cash .. to enable me to go about my business .. there are so many places a mobility scooter cannot go.
    Such is the shortage at St Vinnie’s Hospital .. in each department .. pillows are hidden in cupboards so they remain in the department.

    1. St Vinnie’s wheelchair change over:
      From one department to the next you need to change over the the next departments wheelchair – such is the shortage.
      I would be interesting if there were wheelchairs available for visitors .. like shopping trolleys at Coles .. that can be left at any exit with in the hospital system .. with a power cut out mechanism so it cannot leave to property.

      1. Zipadeedoodah, Zipadeedoodah & Hooray.
        Ronald the disability’s equipment expert just emailed me .. the wheelchair is on it’s way .. that’s good because the money is burning a hole in my pocket .. now all I need is to decipher the public transport systems information literature on how to get around (which is written in secret code) on the their web site & get a MYKI card.

        1. The Burden That The Hordes Of The Aged Are Inflicting On Australia.

          We have had it shoved up us by the establishment & their main stream media ghoul’s that we the ‘baby boomer’ generation were nothing less than a crisis on the Australian economy.
          As an Aged pensioner I alone have done fantastic to lead Australian out of the financial mess of the 2007-2008 GFC in consumer led recovery & I imagine that most Aged Pensioners of my ilk have done equal to rise up our beloved nation, for the depths of despair that out political & banking sectors plunged us.
          Up the oldies.

  5. Cannibalism…… the connotation made up of two parts…… Canaan and Bal.
    Interesting, as the ancient tribe of Canaan or ‘Canaanites’ practiced child sacrifice as well as ‘cannibalism’.
    Today we have the Canaanites, Phoenicians, Venetians and Black nobility expressed as Jews……. all the same.
    The massively rich Canaanite families today control our Banks and Media so it is not that far removed from ancient customs that it could be promoted today by these followers of Satanic Law…… think and LIVE!…. Gus

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