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SYRINGICIDE! 2016 Year of the Deadly Syringe


2016: Year of the Deadly Syringe

December 30, 2015 — 6 to 8 PM Eastern

Dr Rima Truth Reports


Guests: General Bert and Adam Crabb of Australia
The Year that Was and the Year that Will Be

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Short — to the Point

.2016 Will Be, If We Fail
The Year of the Deadly Syringe

.You have heard of the Year of the Dragon, the Year of the Horse, the Year of the Ram. The Chinese Calendar is rich with symbolism and, some say, wisdom, in its cycle of years. The year coming up will be one of high risk and very dangerous one: literally a Year of Death, with the global elite aiming to destroy your health, your freedom and your life.

How? Why, Death by Syringe, of Course.

Imagine what happens if they prevail.

.As General Bert quite correctly says, “We have the strategy. The issue is one of resources, so the time is now ripe for strategic emplacement of our forces to defeat this vaccine madness before it overtakes and destroys us. Amassing the resources necessary to do that now will allow us to be prepared for the rapidly escalating assault.”

.THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN. It is urgent you join with us in this effort: make your most generous year-end gift here, now:

.Contribute at http://TinyURL.com/StopVaxMandates.
Join us as we lay the ground work for a higher level of opposition, strategic, educational and legal, than our side has ever seen before.  And with our generous 100% matching grant waiting for you, your dollars – and our capacity – are doubled!

.The globalists’ 2016 calendar is rife with world-wide menace: the forces of suppression and genocide are dedicated to making this next year the Year of the Deadly Syringe.

.Here’s what WHO’s Global Vaccine Action Plan, endorsed by 194 countries, vows: “to vaccinate every individual with all appropriate vaccines – irrespective of geographic location, age, gender, disability, educational level, socioeconomic level, ethnic group or work condition…. In countries, or areas of countries, where there is a deep-seated mistrust of government and outsiders, an all-out campaign to engage local resources has been undertaken to ensure every person, in every village, is vaccinated.

.Not OK with you? Then you need to take action right now.

.Donate at http://tinyurl.com/StopVaxMandates a to stop the mandates and end the vaccine menace.

.Yours in health and freedom,

.Dr. Rima




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