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Tell Marginal MPs: Vote NO to Digital ID

Are you with us? Sign the petition now!

Your privacy may be history within a week!

Our federal politicians are on the brink of launching a monstrous mechanism—the Digital ID Bill.

After ramming their Digital ID Bill through the Senate without debate, the Australian Government is wasting no time in getting their Digital Identity scheme through the House of Representatives.

Why should you care? Because if it’s passed by the House of Reps it becomes law. And that doesn’t just put your privacy at risk, it’s also a blow to your civil liberties!

Now is not the time to sit back. With the Digital ID Bill scheduled for debate in the House of Reps on Tuesday next week, there is a possibility we could see that bill go to a vote and be passed, leading to this intrusive technology becoming law and a permanent grip around our identities.

How do we fight back? We can urge marginal government politicians (who could lose their seats over bad policies like this) to raise their voices against the looming threat of a Digital ID system – a system that might endanger the privacy rights of Aussies like us!

Our reasons for this final petition to stop the Digital ID Bill are manifold.

The Australian Government’s decision to force a Digital Identity system on our nation opens up a Pandora’s box of privacy invasion, identity theft risks, and corrodes freedom.

Worse still, it paves the way for the ones on the top to watch and control while those on the lower echelons are monitored and controlled!

Let me break down the real agenda behind this Orwellian nightmare that is the Digital ID Bill:

    • Invasion of Privacy: This Digital ID system is a Trojan horse for government and big business to invade your privacy. They want to track you through biometrics—your face, your fingerprints. Once they have this data, who knows what they’ll do with it? This is about putting every one of us under the microscope.
    • Surveillance State: With this system, they can monitor everything—where you go, what you do. It’s the ultimate surveillance state, and it’s about to happen before your very eyes.
    • Tyrannical Overreach: This isn’t just about digital IDs; it’s about expanding government control over our lives. They’re eroding our freedoms, and if we don’t stand up now, what will be left?
    • Social Credit System: This is the first step towards a social credit system, folks. Today, it’s a digital ID; tomorrow, it’s controlling where you can go, what you can buy, and monitoring every move you make—just like in Communist China.
    • Corporate Snooping: Not only does the government get your data, but corporations do too. They’re in cahoots, trading your privacy for profit. This is big brother in the corporate suit, watching everything you do.
    • Loss of Control: Say goodbye to control over your own information. The government and corporations will manipulate how your data is used, without real accountability. Once they have your data, they won’t let go.
    • Hacker’s Paradise: By centralising all our sensitive data, the government is basically painting a giant bullseye on our personal information. This makes it a goldmine for hackers and cybercriminals. Your most personal details could be compromised in a heartbeat!
    • Compulsory Service Access: They say it’s not compulsory, but soon, you won’t be able to access essential services without this digital ID. It’s coercion, pure and simple.
    • Technological Discrimination: If you’re not tech-savvy, you’re out of luck. This system will marginalize anyone who can’t keep up with digital trends, creating a new class of digital outcasts. That isn’t just unfair; it’s un-Australian.
    • Nobody Asked for This: Did you ever wake up thinking, ‘I wish the government could track me more easily’? No, nobody wants this. It’s being forced on us, without real public demand or consultation.
  • Globalist Takeover: The World Economic Forum and the United Nations are behind this. They don’t care about national sovereignty. They want global control, and this digital ID is but one of their weapons.

These aren’t just concerns; they are red flags of an impending dystopia where our freedoms are traded for the illusion of security. We must resist this digital prison before it’s too late!

But here’s what we’ve got going for us. The government MPs we are reaching out to are from what they call “marginal” electorates. With support for the government waning, these politicians must stand up, speak out and work hard for their voters in order to get re-elected.

Taking a stand and speaking out against an unpopular Digital ID Bill will be an easy way for them to show that they’ve got their voters’ best interests at heart. These marginal government MPs are our best bet to thwart the Digital ID Bill or facilitate its delay at the very least.

Imagine, on one hand a society crushed under the weight of Orwellian control, while on the other a society that actually values the inviolable space of individual privacy. We hold the power to direct the scales towards the latter. It’s a fight we can’t afford to lose!

But the hourglass is fast running out of sand. It’s up to us to make some noise and make it loud!

Are you with us? Sign the petition now!

Urge marginal government politicians in the House of Representatives to stand up and speak out against this fast-approaching Digital ID scheme that threatens our privacy.

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