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Black African girls bash white girl at Victoria school


By Lyndesy Symonds

Albo picked the WRONG Official narrative to cover the ass of his Misinformation Bill, Digital ID Bill and ultimately the CBDC Bill which will complete this troika of oppression. But even as I write, the activities of the eSafetyKaren and the ongoing dysinfo codes and censorship of the CoVID Regime and Big Jew Media working together have matters in hand.

White school girl gets bashed by black
African girls, compliments Labor,
Albanese and Dan Andrews

We are building a Ministry of Truth here. Minions are to look to the MoT as ‘our sole source of truth’.

So what are the Big Ones they are keeping under wraps while we are distracted with the ‘violence against women’ Official Narrative and the trained / paid Marxist Commissars crap on about it, pose for the photo ops etc.

Let’s start with violence against girls [as if any political correctoids in the Gang of Four would so much as walk across the street to assist]. Let’s start with violence against girls in schools that are patrolled by Gender Counsellors, Diversity Management, Critical Race Theorists, Sorry Day Organisers and White Privilege Educators. Albo and the Gang of Four and Big Tech Platforms WORKING TOGETHER have shut down this massive story. Kind of like the courts, civil authorities, hospitals, clinics, police, social workers, schools all WORKED TOGETHER in the UK to shut down the story of the Paki Muslim rape and grooming gangs preying upon English school girls across the north of the UK. For decades they shut it down and arrested English, Scottish and British fathers who defied them.

The violence against WHITE Australian girls and Black girls in rival gangs in these suburban schools is part of the larger plague of African imported violence into Australia. And you just better betcha that Africans ”form gangs and do not assimilate’.

And as one might guess their crimes are censored and sanitized by Big Tech on all platforms. [Of course] This is Black Entitlement to Crime as supported by the United [Communist] Nations Takeover and its CoVID Regime.

In what was merely the latest incident last week a 13 year old girl was viciously bashed by a gang of 15 Sudanese African girls at a school in Melton NW of Melton. The paramedics were still treating her at the scene 3 hours later. That is some bashing while Diversity Management and Cultural Sensitivity Commissars pee their pants and school admin coughs up its furball.

Gagged parents state these bashings are WEEKLY occurrences. In the featured pix check out the whole ‘welcome to country’ palaver put up by the school grovelling to the Blacks. Pop math question of the week: How much climate change does little Abu have with the lowest common denominator of 2/15 and 1/25?

Does anyone think a Misinformation Bill and an eSafety Karen is going to sort this out? Shocking Videos Show Riots and Looting Across South Africa

The today Australian schoolgirl uniform

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