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Tell the Senate Inquiry: Reject the Digital ID Bill!

Reject the Invasive Digital ID Bill 2023 “Sign Here Now” 

Picture this: your most private information, used and abused, not just by the government, but by corporations too. Add to that the potential for your every move to be monitored and controlled. Scary, isn’t it?

The Albanese Labor Government has just lobbed a dystopian grenade in our laps – the Digital ID Bill 2023. And nobody asked for it.

This is not about meeting public demand; it’s about bowing to globalist pressures.

Since 2015, Canberra, at the behest of the United Nations (UN), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and other globalist elite institutions, has been crafting a digital identity system.

Now, the Senate — via its Standing Committee on Economics — is holding an inquiry into this Digital ID Bill, and they want to hear from YOU.

We must take this opportunity to tell the Senate to reject the bill!

But we’ve got the ticking clock here.

Submissions to the Senate inquiry on the Digital ID Bill have a deadline of 19 January 2024.

The powers that be may have planned it like this, thinking that the Christmas and New Year’s holiday season will swallow up all of our attention.

Whatever the case, the bottom line is: we need to act NOW!

Here are just 10 reasons why the bills need to be rejected:

  1. Hidden Compulsion: Despite government assurances, the detail of the bills show that state governments and private corporations could be authorised to make digital ID usage mandatory to access their services.
  2. Mandatory ID for Online Services: The bills allow making digital IDs mandatory for online services, where there is offline access to the same service, regardless of whether such offline access is difficult or not.
  3. Digital Security Risks: Centralising digital IDs raises concerns about massive data breaches and misuse of personal information by hackers and cyber-criminals.
  4. Biometric Data Misuse: The bills allow for the incorporation of facial recognition and biometrics into digital IDs, raising fears of privacy invasion and identity misuse.
  5. Tyranny Gateway: Digital IDs are a step towards increased government control and privacy violations.
  6. Social Credit Fears: The digital ID system paves the way for a social credit system, controlling access to services based on behavior.
  7. Sharing our private information: The bills give the ability for government to share our private data with third parties, such as big banks and multinational corporations.
  8. No Opt-Out Clause: The bills don’t give an out to digital ID. Once you’re in, you’re locked into this digital prison for life!
  9. Lack of Transparency: The bills lack opt-out options and are criticized for poor transparency and accountability in policing the system.
  10. It’s being pushed by the globalists, not us: In a democracy, laws should come as a result of the will of the people. These bills are coming at the behest of the UN, the WEF, and other globalist elite institutions.

We will make sure that every signature we collect through our petition is put before the Senate Standing Committees on Economics, which is conducting the inquiry into the Digital ID Bill and the other associated bill.

If we lose, hello Digital ID, goodbye privacy and freedom. But if we win, we keep our freedoms intact.

There is hope. But it hinges on our collective effort. We need a groundswell of signatures to turn the tide.

Your signature is powerful.

It can protect our privacy, protect our freedom.

Sign the petition to tell the Senate Standing Committee on Economics to reject the Digital ID Bill 2023.

Reject the Invasive Digital ID Bill 2023 “Sign Here Now” 


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