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The chickenpox vaccine mess



When I was a child, nearly everybody became ill with chickenpox.  Like nearly all kids, when I became ill with it, I stayed home from school about a week and fully recovered.

All that changed in 1995, when the FDA licensed and approved the live attenuated chickenpox (varicella) vaccine in persons aged >12 months.  After the vaccine began to be used by most children, the incidence of chickenpox rapidly declined.  However, due to continual outbreaks of chickenpox, a second dose of the chickenpox vaccine was added to the childhood immunization schedule in 2006.

Is the chickenpox vaccine effective at significantly lowering the incidence of chickenpox?  Yes.  Due to the vaccine, there is a significantly lowered incidence of chickenpox.

However, the most important question to ask is, “Has the chickenpox vaccine (along with the other 70 doses of vaccines given) improved the lives of our children and the rest of the population?  The answer to that question is easy:  No.

Yes, our children have less chickenpox due to the vaccine.  However, shingles, a painful reoccurrence of chickenpox, has become an epidemic illness affecting both children and adults.  The rapidly increased incidence of shingles is directly related to the use of the chickenpox vaccine.  You see, we need chickenpox circulating in the environment to tweak our immune systems in order to stay alert.  With the effectiveness of the chickenpox vaccine, our immune systems are no longer stimulated with the varicella virus (the virus that causes both chickenpox and shingles) which allows the reactivation of the chickenpox virus—shingles– to develop.  Studies have shown that we spend more money treating shingles than the savings due to the lowered rate of chickenpox.  And, shingles can develop into a chronic, debilitating disease and can cause death.

I keep hearing the mantra that vaccines are safe and effective.  That is simply not true.  Vaccines are associated with a host of adverse effects.  In the case of the chickenpox vaccine, a recent study looked at the adverse effects of this therapy.

The study concluded, “We identified no new or unexpected safety concerns for the second-dose varicella vaccine.” (1)

However, when the entire study is read, a different picture is formed.  The authors found 14,641 reports (from 2006-2014) to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) after the second dose of the chickenpox vaccine.  VAERS is a voluntary reporting system designed to collect information about adverse effects from vaccinations. It is estimated that only 1-10% of all vaccine-related adverse effects are reported to VAERS since it is a voluntary system. (2)   Since it is a voluntary system, there is no doubt that VAERS underestimates the adverse effects due to vaccines.   I would venture a guess that most doctors who administer vaccines are unaware of VAERS.  I know that is true from quizzing many doctors about whether they are aware of VAERS.

According to the study, 3% of the adverse reactions were classified as serious.  Serious adverse reactions included anaphylaxis (83), meningitis (5), encephalitis—inflammation of the brain (16), cellulitis (52), chickenpox (6), shingles (6), and death (7).

Keep in mind that only 1-10% of all adverse reactions to vaccines are thought to be reported to VAERS.  So, the numbers of adverse reactions may be multiplied by 10-100 to achieve the true numbers.  The CDC estimates that around 100 people died per year due to chickenpox infection before the vaccine.  However, the vast majority of those that died had other serious medical issues.  When you factor in the under-reporting to VAERS, the chickenpox vaccine does not look so good.  In fact, it is a perfect example of the metaphor, “Robbing Peter to pay Paul”.

There is no question that the chickenpox vaccine has lowered the incidence of chickenpox.  However, the vaccine is not 100% safe as the study’s data shows.  However, the real problem with the vaccine is that it does not provide life-long immunity.  Therefore, it is logical to assume that we have created a whole generation of young adults who have received the chickenpox vaccine who are not immune to chickenpox.  The benefit of getting natural chickenpox infection as a child is that the child is immune for life;  not so with the vaccine.  Furthermore, a real danger of chickenpox occurs in pregnant mothers and newborn children.  Chickenpox in the first trimester of pregnancy can cause congenital varicella syndrome characterized by birth defects.  A newborn baby is particularly vulnerable to serous effects from becoming ill with chickenpox.  A mother that had a natural infection with chickenpox would normally pass short-term immunity to prevent the infection to her newborn baby.  The protection of her baby against chickenpox does not occur in a woman immunized with chickenpox as this passive transfer of immunity does not occur with vaccination.

We would have been better off letting over 95% of our children become ill and  recovering from chickenpox.  These children would have life-long protection against chickenpox and there would be no worry about congenital varicella syndrome or their newborn children becoming ill with chickenpox.

Folks, we have a mess on our hands.  We have immunized our children against a disease that they did not need to be immunized against.  There are many studies showing that the immune system is healthier when exposed to and recovers from common childhood illnesses like chicken pox (and measles).  Now, because of the chickenpox vaccine, we have an epidemic of shingles and a young population that is not fully immune to chickenpox. And, as I showed your earlier, the vaccine is not 100% safe.

If I knew my children were going to get chickenpox next week, would I recommend the vaccination?  No way.  I would ensure that they were nutritionally sound, eating a healthy diet and fully hydrated.  Then, if they became ill, I would have them stay home from school to rest and I would take care of them until they recovered.  And, I would use  a lot of vitamin C.  After recovering from the illness, my daughters would not have to fear becoming sick with chickenpox when they are pregnant.

There is a risk/benefit ratio for every choice in health care.  In the case of the chickenpox vaccine, I think the long-term risk is too high with the chickenpox vaccine.  The chickenpox vaccine mess should never have occurred.

(1)    Pediatrics.  Vol.139, N.3. March 2017

(2)    Note:  Serious adverse reactions are required to be reported to VAERS by doctors, hospitals, and other vaccine providers.  However,  it is still thought that only 1-10% of all adverse reactions are reported to VAERS and that includes serious adverse reactions.

By Dr David Brownstein / Holistic Family Physician


Dr. David Brownstein is a Board-Certified family physician and is one of the foremost practitioners of holistic medicine. He is the Medical Director of the Center for Holistic Medicine in West Bloomfield, MI. Dr. Brownstein has lectured internationally to physicians and others about his success in using natural hormones and nutritional therapies in his practice. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Wayne State University School of Medicine. Dr. Brownstein is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American College for the Advancement in Medicine. He is the father of two beautiful girls, Hailey and Jessica, and is a retired soccer coach.

Dr. Brownstein has received two prestigious awards by his colleagues. The first was given by the American College for the Advancement in Medicine at the 2005 annual meeting. The award was the Norman E. Clarke Sr. Award for Science and Practice. The second award was given by the American Academy of Integrative Medicine at their 2005 annual meeting in Florida. This was titled, 2005 ARC Excellence Award for Distinguished Clinician for his “Advancement in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic D

Source: http://alternativenewsproject.org/article/human-rights/the-chickenpox-vaccine-mess

5 thoughts on “The chickenpox vaccine mess

  1. I contracted shingles when I was about 50 .. it presented under my left arm .. it began as a stinging redness across my skin .. became more painful & got redder .. I went to the GP “why didn’t you come for the vaccine?” .. it is too late once you have shingles, I thought .. & that is all I got from the brainless man.
    The pressure built & this increased the pain .. and little red lumps appeared.
    I thought about these little red lumps & the incredible pain .. it was the pressure under the skin that was causing the debilitating pain.

    So .. I took an acupuncture needle out of the pack & stuck it into one of the .. LITTLE RED LUMPS .. AND .. SQUEEZED .. to relieve the pressure (?) .. let’s see if it works ..
    Clear liquid came out .. I used a tissue with mentholated spirits to wipe it ..
    Did it feel different (?)
    Did it relieve the pressure (?)
    Did it help relieve the debilitating pain (?)

    YES ..
    So what was the result ?
    RELIEF .. pain relief .. Hooray for good old fashioned ingenuity of the common man & home remedies

    In reality the medico-scientific fraternity of today .. has DONE NO RESEARCH to discover EXACTLY what chickenpox & all these other illnesses really are .. it was all discovered last century & we know it all from then.
    IMAGINE .. with all the knowledge acquired over the last century & all the new technological GADGETRY we still only know nothing about these “diseases” except what was learned a century ago.
    Diseases that BigPharma has creatively mixed an assortment of dangerous cocktails to eradicate.
    But no new work has been done .. over the last century .. in learning more & maybe finding that .. in fact we don’t actually know anything about these “deadly dangerous & highly contagious diseases.”

    Then again the thinking could be .. “WHY KILL THE CASH COW”

    Again .. great article.

  2. MEANING..
    The body’s internal evacuation system .. is not able to expel the end product .. of the body’s immune system’s fight to kill off the infection .. usually waster is expelled as sweat / urine / burps & farts / nasal fluid / pus / etc .. it is natural & it has to come out somewhere.

    PUS is a protein rich fluid called liquor puris, usually white-yellow, yellow, or yellow brown in color.
    PUS consists of a buildup of .. DEAD LEUKOCYTES .. (WHITE BLOOD CELLS) .. from the body’s immune system’s in response to infection.
    This FLUID is what is in / the cause of the Chiclenpox blisters / Smallpox blisters / maybe Measles & Scarlet fever RASH.
    WASTE that is manufactures too quickly for the body to expel it &/or the body has not yet learned how to expel it.

  3. I have never been vaccinated for CHICKENPOX
    I have never had CHICKENPOX

    Ben was 3 & his mummy was in hospital & that is why I was staying over at Ben’s house.
    James .. his best friend .. & the Nanny Lea .. would come over to play.
    Lea had come into contact with a child who had contracted CHICKENPOX .
    Lea immediately went to the doctor to be vaccinated against CHICKENPOX.
    I know because she told me.
    Mummy came home from Hospital & I stayed another week to look after both of them.
    It was about 3 weeks after I had had those to play session encounters with Lea, James’ nanny.
    That the SHINGLES began to manifest.

    What’s the bet that I did not contract SHINGLES FROM THE HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS NANNY LEA.
    Whom I had contact with the very next day & 2 days later for a 3 hours each play session = a total of 6 hours contact .. immediately after she was vaccinated with the CHICKENPOX VACCINE.

  4. Ben could have stayed at home on his own some, while mummy was in hospital, only that mummy & I had both watched the movie Home Alone, & realized that it was not a good idea.

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