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The COVID Scam Continues: Victorians Threatened With $200 Fines For Not Wearing Face Masks

By Adam 

Dan the facemask man is now stepping up the COVID-19 PSYOP in the state of Victoria by threatening people who don’t wear face masks or facial coverings with fines.

Premier Daniel Andrews told reporters on Sunday masks would be mandatory for people living in metro Melbourne and Mitchell Shire from 11.59pm (local time) on Wednesday.

It seems that Dan The Facemask Man wants to turn parts of victoria into an extremest Islamic state where people are dehumanized and threatened by the state for disobeying orders.

Andrews is playing god and his ego driven behavior has caused nothing but misery and suffering to many people living in the state of victoria.

Instead of scaring and threatening people into wearing masks because of a “fake virus” i think it’s high time that this disgusting creep steps down as premier of Victoria.

I personally would like to see this bastard arrested and put into a supermax but if you think he should step down immediately then you can sign and share the petition.


The freedom-destroying “Declared Pandemic” has led to unscientific and potentially unsafe sanitary masking rules which also infringe on your Right of Informed Consent.

Many studies are now clearly showing that mask wearing increases infection rates while increasing carbon dioxide levels, reducing available oxygen and thus present a significant hazard for those with respiratory, immune, cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological issues.

Telling people to stay inside limits the amount of vitamin D through sunshine and also increases depression rates, obesity and EMF exposure through devices and heating.

Dan the facemask man wants you to submit to his orders or cop heavy fines based on propaganda and media fear-mongering but where is the science to back any of it up?

In the state of Victoria there are currently, 5.696 confirmed cases, 2.819 recovered and 38 deaths with the total population of Victoria being around 6.359 million.

As we can see by these stats more than half of the total number of cases have recovered just fine because they actually have no symptoms and are, asymptomatic.

Mr Andrews said three Victorians died from the virus in the past 24 hours. They were two men in their 90s and a woman also in her 90s.

Are frail, elderly patients in Australian hospitals and nursing homes being knocked off to chalk up the COVID numbers in order to justify more Draconian measures against all Australians?

It’s clear that our sick health departments, through our traitorous Government are connecting the deaths of elderly people to COVID-19 to suit their evil agenda.

The deaths are coming mostly from already sick people with serious underlying health conditions and elderly folks who have been locked up in nursing homes while being deprived of sunshine, proper nutrition, contact with loved ones and scared to death.

The criminal and corrupt, World Health Organisation let out a statement recently, saying that COVID-19 transmission rate from asymptomatic patients is “rare”. However, soon after, they retracted the statement, adding that the statement was misinterpreted and much data remains unknown.

Let me get this straight, the WHO put out a statement that transmission rates from asymptomatic patients is “rare”. but then backtracked stating that much data is unknown? we can clearly see the game of “smoke and mirrors” being played here but we are all being played, right?

It’s the TV that Dan the facemask man wants you to sit in front of because it’s through the TV where all the rules are set using clever manipulation, fear and propaganda techniques.

We can cure COVID-19 by simply shutting of the TV news and putting down the newspapers and if we want to see infection rates rise again then all we need to do is turn it all back on.

WHY? because the mainstream media are the virus and by shutting them out of your life you will quickly realize that COVID-19 is an absolute hoax.







3 thoughts on “The COVID Scam Continues: Victorians Threatened With $200 Fines For Not Wearing Face Masks

  1. What pisses me off is that the stupid medicos in Victoria are going along with this BS ruling. I live near a mega-clinic which is affiliated with Melbourne Uni and the clinic has taped floors for social distancing, plexiglass at reception, seeing your gp in their office is now measured by social distancing and all the staff their are agreeing with the chief medical officer of Victoria,. saying COVID19 is real and dangerous. Pure & utter quackery.

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