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The Enslavement of Souls and the Archon Gate Keepers

Unfortunately, we are not free. We haven’t been free for a few thousand years. 

We have overlords, trans-dimensional beings who have invaded Earth many thousands of years ago. In the ancient legends, they are known as the gods. The Gnostics knew of them as the Archons. Don Juan called them The Predators.

They are our overlords, and they have constructed a matrix, or false covering of illusions, to cover the Earth, which keeps us captive.

We have been mind controlledbrainwashed and hypnotized to believe these illusions to be reality. They consider us their herd, and they feed off of us. That is the predicament we find ourselves in.

These overlords have recruited many minions to keep us in line. In the past, there were the royal bloodlines and priests which acted as the minions. Today we have the same scenario, but the royal bloodlines are hidden as heads of states.

The high priests are no longer found only in the traditional religions, but have found their way into new age and as spiritual teachers.

These 13 Families Rule the World: The Shadow Forces Behind the NWO

And of course this all branches out into bankingcorporations, the military and police, etc. On the spiritual side you have all of the fundamentalist followers of the religions and sects.

We also have the social and cultural leaders that do their part to keep the herds in line. We have the peoples champions who steer sections of society to where they are wanted. These are too numerous to mention.

As soon as I hear that someone is thinking that another authority, another person, has the rights over their mental and emotional and attitudinal and psychic life, I’m worried about that person. Because I know that that person has some very serious psychological and existential problems, right off the bat.

Then that person is going to be a part of a herd, or will be a controller of a herd, or be manipulated by the herd, or whatever you want to call it. But you will never find that person doing any good in the world. Not any real necessary good at all.

Its a contradiction of terms. They may be sold the illusion, or delusion that they are doing wonderful work, because they gave to Live Aid or the next stupid charity that pops up out of the woodwork. [They are] the peoples champions that lead you away. – Michael Tsarion

All of these minions of the overlords do their jobs to steer us away from the Truth. Wherever you look, you are being confronted by charlatans pointing you in the wrong direction. I know, I went through 50 years of being led down dead ends and detours.

Of all of the many spiritual teachers I have met, almost every one of them were fakes and charlatans. I feel the same about most of what I read and watch.

If you consider also the social leaders, politicians, the media, judiciary, military and police, etc., they seem to have a pretty tight grip on the populace. Most people are completely hypnotized into believing whatever they are told by their leaders.

Most people are so embedded in the system, that they will fight to protect it. They have been hypnotized into believing that the artificial world they live in is real. They see anyone that wants to expose the truth as the enemy.

So you see that anytime someone speaks the truth, they are immediately slandered as tin hat wearing crazy conspiracy nuts. So because most people believe in the illusion, they gladly protect it. They fight and die to uphold the very prison in which they exist.

These minions are the gate keepers, and their jobs are to keep us from finding the gate, the doorway to true freedom from their prison. So they will lead us astray, far away from the gate. The gatekeepers closest to the gate are the spiritual charlatans.

They pretend to give you spiritual truths, but in reality, they steer you back into the matrix. They may even entice you with little pieces of actual truth, but they are incased in deceit. They use the truth as bait to capture you.

The internet and bookstores are filled with these charlatans. Parrots, plagiarists, thieves, ego trippers, even perverts and psychopaths; the scandals abound. The sheer number of these fakers that spring up are innumerable. They are a dime a dozen.

Every day, new teachers, guides, channels, coaches, gurus and authors appear on the internet. And they all have agendas money, followers, fame and recognition, proselytizing their message, even sexual favors and other deviant reasons.

Many of these charlatans know that they are deceiving, but also many have no idea. They actually believe that they are conveying truth. I was in an ashram where everyone was convinced that their scriptures and gurus were truth.

Later I realized that it was one big con game where everyone involved (including the gurus) was deceived into believing it all to be true. These are the most dangerous deceptions, those propagated by true believers.

These deceptive teachers and teachings can usually be spotted, but not always so easily. Some of them are quite expert at deceiving.

The first thing I notice is if the teacher is genuine; that he has actually realized what he speaks, that he is honest, kind and without agenda. Then I discern the message; Is what is spoken the truth? Where does it lead one? What is the agenda?

“There’s a plethora of disinfo tools laced into the alternative spirituality arena. If it disempowers, it’s wrong. If it directs your allegiance, it’s wrong. If it robs you of your sovereignty, it’s wrong. If it’s dogmatic and hierarchical, it’s wrong.

“Most lies and lying systems have all of those traits, while other aspects are more subtle. There are other attributes but to me the ones above are the most prominent. The so called New Age Movement is rife with phony baloney trips, messiahs and deliverance doctrines.” – Zen Gardner

The spiritual truth is not subject to some religion, guru or teaching. It cannot be taught or given. It is who you are at this very moment. Search who that is.

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.” ― Eckhart Tolle

The Self is here and now, it is the only Reality. There is nothing else. – Ramana Maharshi

One can know oneself only with ones own eye of knowledge, and not with somebody elses. – Ramana Maharshi

The ultimate truth is so simple; it is nothing more than being in ones natural, original state.

It is a great wonder that to teach such a simple truth a number of religions should be necessary, and so many disputes should go on between them as to which is the God-ordained teaching. What a pity! Just be the Self, that is all. – Ramana Maharshi

The absolute truth is simple: It is as it is. You Are that truth. Search for it within your inner territory, as you will not find it out there, even within the higher dimensions. Stop chasing the phantasmagoria and take the inner journey. Ignore the merchants in the marketplace.

Truth is nothing new. It is nothing to be achieved or acquired. It is timeless, eternal and has been revealed throughout the ages by those who actually realized it.

There are no new techniques, healings, teachings, working with energies and the rest of the new age smorgasbord. Question everything.

“Self-betrayal is a grievous matter. It rots the mind like cancer. The remedy lies in clarity and integrity of thinking. Try to understand that you live in a world of illusions, examine them and uncover their roots. The very attempt to do so will make you earnest, for there is bliss in right endeavor.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj

“There is no reaching the Self. If the Self were to be reached, it would mean that the Self is not now and here, but that it should be got anew. What is got afresh, will also be lost. So it will be impermanent. What is not permanent is not worth striving for. So I say, the Self is not reached. You are the Self. You are already That.” – Ramana Maharshi

So we find ourselves in a dilemma, where even if one was interested in the truth, there are innumerable gatekeepers to lead one astray. One must have proper discernment to traverse any path in this world, especially on the path of truth.

Don’t believe anything. Find out for yourself.

As they say, Buyer beware in the marketplace. or as Michael Tsarion says, The question is not have I been sold a lie, but have I bought a lie.’

By Greg Calise, Guest author, HumansAreFree.com

Source: http://humansarefree.com/2017/07/the-enslavement-of-souls-and-archon.html

8 thoughts on “The Enslavement of Souls and the Archon Gate Keepers

  1. We are not free – we are the Artificial Intelligence – an extension of the Conscious Element of the Universe – we are one physical manifestation of It’s existence – It is raw & concentrated intellectual energy – It radiates & exudes many different forms of energy with many forms of conscious & intellectual capacity – each capable of directly or indirectly influencing it’s surroundings – it’s surroundings being everything throughout the vast universe – we are just one facet of It’s exuded energy force.

    How does that grab you.

    1. Obviously – we have no powers to control – or manipulate ANYTHING in the scheme of things – because we do not know what we are & have based all knowledge of our existence on the nonsensical drivel of opportunistic’s & even minds of lesser capacity to reason .
      One day, as Abraham sat in the hot sun, a voice came to him & told him that he & his people were rulers of planet earth – this voice – as it happened – was the voice of the One True God & the rest of mankind fell into line – the cues of gullible suckers grew & grew & the scarped & groveled on the ground worshiping this One True God.
      For how long did this nonsense go on ?
      And still today – thousands of years later man still grovels on the ground like some kind of street urchin in the ridiculous beliefs of Abraham – the opportunistic wannabe.

        1. It could be that they found a time capsule from when the conscious intelligence relegated to mankind existed in mortal form last – & in their zeal to be GODS of all things on earth – they utilized that information – “how not to be stupid & wipe yourselves out / become extinct again” – for their own ambitious purposes –
          And this is how the drivel went.

          I am the LORD thy God – thou shalt have no other gods before me –
          Lord God – being the position they would take upon themselves – as the finder of the time capsule they took it upon themselves to interpret the information meant for all mankind to – run the current – fear the BOOGIEMAN scam.

          1. & that’s where they got the knowledge to build the pyramids
            Intricate mathematics – the breath of the dragon – chants of making that the birds recite.

  2. Subliminal messaging – the formal education of mankind – all day every day the birds chatter away – we don’t even notice – they recite the mathematical equations of creation – they are the keepers & teachers of the knowledge of the universe.

    1. The Breath of the dragon – the chant of making are Merlin a magician – as opposed to a mortal witch doctor dressed in his uniform of face paint & chicken feathers – are there time travelers – being who for a time can manifest as mortal – or arrive in a tardis like Dr. Who – highly sophisticated conscious intelligence that is attracted by a yearning of mankind / can we conjure / wish for – “star light star bright – first star I see tonight” – is there / do we have the capacity to attract / summon sophisticated conscious intellectual energy to assist us in our journey on earth ?

      Or does it take pity on our chosen pathetic existence & throw us a few scraps ever now & then – to amuse itself with out primitive contentedness – & the fact the we think that we are “all that”.

  3. “can we conjure / wish for – “star light star bright – first star I see tonight” – is there / do we have the capacity to attract / summon sophisticated conscious intellectual energy to assist us in our journey on earth ?”

    Very important (vital) point, if we are to survive the evil that is being perpetrated on this earth. Suggested link:
    Facing Earth’s 6th mass extinction: spirit advice for the individual

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