April 22, 2024

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The Fake Shooter of the Charleston S.C. Mass Shooting Hoax



Make no mistake about it the person who supposedly shot a number of blacks dead, leaving virtually no one wounded, just accurately killed nearly them all, is a terminal fraud. By no means is this shooter, known as Dylann Storm Roof, an actual gunman.

It’s all an arch-Zionist plot leveraged through the terminally corrupt DHS, along with that key collaborator, the Zionist-controlled media. The world has been here before with a litany of other fake shooters, including the arch-phonies of Columbine, Dylan Kleibold and Eric Harris, the false identity of the Sandy Hook shooter, non-existent Adam Lanza, and that phony shooter of V-Tech fame, Korean national Seung-Hui Cho. It was all orchestrated as if real by the powerful arch-Zionist forces which control the mass media.

This Charleston S.C. so-called mass shooting is also mere Zionist-created Hollywood-style propaganda.

Consider the following image. No one can look at it and regard it as real. What is seen here? It is a purely a staged image; anyone can realize that. Anyone can see that this individual is in no way a mass murderer. The flag is a prop, a highly inane attempt by the Zionists to create the basis for racial tension.

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