February 29, 2024

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The Migrant Crisis The Engineered Cultural War and the Destruction of Europe

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUI3hvl2X6g

Why The Migrant Invasion of Europe?

Truth Unveils Treason by European Leaders to Genocide White People

Greetings to the readers who desire to know why Europe is under duress of invasion by the foreign peoples that seek to sack, ravish, pillage and plunder the cities, towns and villages.

To discover the truth of why and how, look up the name of the late elitist political organizer and Europhobic philosopher Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi. He authored the obscure manifesto book Practical Idealism(original title is “Praktischer Idealismus“), which details his desired plan to destroy Europe by engineered and induced dissolution of the European White race. This serves as the pathway to fulfill the Oded Yinon (Greater Israel) Plan. This man is the founding father of a precursor to the European Union, the International Pan-European Movement.


He is the namesake of the Coundenhove-Kalergi European prize awarded every two years, reserved for the elite group of leaders and influence peddlers instrumental in the support of and for the European Union as the unilateral and potentially extralegal supreme authority overseeing Europe with the member states that willingly extinguished their sovereignties for myriad reasons, including monetary, economic and political leadership.

merkel__angela-europa_prize_6-21-12One of the recipients of the Coundenhove-Kalergi European prize is Angela Merkel (née Kapner). By the virtue of this award reception, Chancellor Merkel implicitly or explicitly endorses the secretive and obfuscated genocidal plan—as outlined in the anti-White Europa subversive’s book Practical Idealism—to decimate the white peoples of Europe through mongrelization, displacement by force, violence and disenfranchisement, relegating them to serfdom.

This new serfdom will be overseen by the designated “lords” serving the powerful rulers as the democratic powers are usurped to form the tyranny by the minority rule, which must rely on the enormous mass of the inferior and hatefully vengeful subpar I.Q. colored peoples. They are often overtaken by the viral fever of religious fanaticism of Islam as the counter-Crusade after some failed conquests of Europe centuries ago (such as the humiliating defeat at the Battle of Vienna in 1683 that stymied Moslem invasion for centuries until now)—recollecting the warlike barbarians of the Mongrels and the Huns—as the battering ram of the White people to uproot their homes and livelihoods, confiscate the children for sanctioned rape and abuse by indoctrination towards self-hatred, rape and sexually exploit White women and children by forced intermixing and enslavement, and batter and murder White male for lark and resistance—even demolish the slight remnant of the ethnic-cultural pride.

maxresdefault-1Of course, Merkel is a traitor of the highest order to the Federal Republic of Germany, which disgraces Western Europe with the violent, demanding and unassimilable subhuman abomination enabled by Comrade Merkel. But Merkel is one of the innumerable treasonous politicians, financiers, economists, organizers, government officers and other moneyed circle of elites, and all of them are in deference—whether cowardly acquiescent or totally servile—to the real reason for the engineered ruination of Europe and eventually North America and the candid world. The true, veritable, and geopolitically and internationally extant reason is Jewish Supremacy.

The purpose of the permissible illegal migrant invasion of Europe is to genocide and democide the native European peoples and their phenotype (genetic code for various ethnicities that form light skin pigmentation, blue eyes, blonde hair, attractive features, etc) with enforced miscegenation by rape and pressure, sanctioned massacre and violence and modes of oppression to control the indigenous white peoples by the rule of terror and totalitarianism to eventually abolish the entire White European race (or at least Western portion).

This is in accordance with Babylonian Talmud Zionist Jew and Illuminati plan, fomented by the trillionaire (with a T) central banking cartel, overseen by the all-seeing top of the pyramid—the banker, financier and global affairs political mover the Rothschild dynasty.

This dynasty’s secret control of the developing and civilized world is buttressed by the network of the various powerful and wealthy persons and groups, such as the United Nations (originated as Comintern [Communist Internationalism] to absorb and replace the League of Nations), George Soro’s Open Society Foundations, The Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission (David Rockefeller), Club of Rome, The Committee of 300, Institute for Jewish Policy Research, Washington Institute for Near East Policy, Chatham House (Royal Institute for International Affairs), Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the now-defunct Jerusalem-based Institute for Advanced Strategic and Political Studies (author of the 1996 Israeli foreign policy manifesto “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm” that preceded 9/11 with invasions that led to displacement and massive outmigration as the direct result of U.S.-Israel foreign policy), and now-defunct Project for the New American Century (one of the main instigators of the September 11 inside job coordinated and executed by the Mossad with the enabling traitors within the shadow government; the organization is now re-established as grisrael“Foreign Policy Initiative” with the same criminal cabal members that only serve Israel and Jewish interests in disguise). They all seek to fulfill the agenda of the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan by enforcing the deliberate and violent genocide of White Europa, which facilitates the creation of Greater Israel (Oded Yinon Plan), with all Jews of the world called to migrate to the expanded Jewish homeland following the persecution by angry host populaces of the collapsing once-wealthy and once-stable nations now overwhelmed by the undesirable non-White races.

This is why the Judean tribe, with a significant percentage possibly of Ashkenazi Khazar descent and not really Israelite by blood, is called the nation-wrecker. They are carrying out the agenda to destroy the diversity of the world in order to mongrelize the races to rule over from Greater Israel, their seat of unilateral totalitarian hegemony, with the abolishment of the White race as one of the major goals.

The Jews continue to practice activities such as subversion and treason, usury and fraud, ritual murder, blasphemy, sexual immoralities and treachery to honor their “God”, who many would identify as being “Satanic”. Jews, along with their shabbot goy and sayanim traitors, serve as designated agents to carry out the plan of Hell on Earth, featuring wholesale genocides and destruction.

GreaterIsraelOdenYinonMeme1At the center of the plan is the conquest of Europe, which also serves to give birth to the expansion of Greater Israel’s boundaries. It has been in progress since Germany was “destroyed” with the death of Hitler and violence against the Germans (see the book and the documentary film “Hellstorm“) to follow with the artificial creation of the State of Israel in 1948.

Jews tried to accelerate the goals of the Oded Yinon plan with the attacks in the incident called Lavon Affair, 60’s border wars and USS Liberty attack, etc. Their plans have not been entirely successful. 9/11 served as the catalyst for this plan as the second stage (1st stage was establishing Israel state as the exclusively ethnocentric Jewish nation) of their mission.

The New World Order is the final stage of the mission, shared by the traitors that work for the Jew, to enact global Communism. Communism springs from Judaism through Marxism and similar ideological precedents such as the French Revolution (Communist-egalitarian Jacobin faction that celebrated the slaughter of the French white colonial people by the revolting Negro slave in St. Domingo, now known as Haiti).

Europe, America and majority white nations, now transitioning to the minority status by deliberate design with regressive laws drafted and advocated by Jews, will either fight back or perish.

Obviously, Jews and their useful idiots (i.e. communists, misandric feminists and anti-fascist/anarchist agitator factions) want white countries to flounder and collapse as some sort of atavistic hatred and revenge in envisaging the divide-and-conquer strategy to balkanize the communities, regions, states and nations for exploitation and control by political empowerment of Europhobic and anti-nationalist/patriotic antagonists.

The fate is left up to the white peoples, who may already be brainwashed to subservience status by Cultural Marxism, which is another insidious force developed by the elite group of intellectual German Jew subversives (Frankfurt School and then Columbia University), weakening the secretly despised populace of White bloodline, whose progeny and posterity are subjugated to relentless and vicious ethnomasochistic propaganda, with conflict, disharmony, irreligiosity, apathy, degeneracy, guilt and complacency leading to race suicide.

The express and explicit purpose of Cultural Marxist agenda, designed and implemented through social engineering (called predictive programming), is to corrode the spiritual, just, moral, unified and homogeneous racial and ethnic cohesion towards the partial or complete collapse of the Western Civilization to benefit the conspiring hegemonic rulers served by the equally depraved traitors. They mandate that White race (self-) destruction be achieved through the outcome of the induced advent of enforced political correctness, rigid censorship of truth and free thought, oppositional feminism, crass materialism, irrational egalitarianism, debased and nihilistic libertinism and forced integration of non-white Third World immigration.

This mandate of modified behaviors through self-loathing and propaganda culminate in the fractured same-race relations amid social, political, spiritual and economic discordance that inevitably lead to the below-level population replacement through the collapsing birthrate of the untainted race towards the program of wholesale race annihilation masterminded by Jewish Supremacists and their like-minded traitorous allies.

europe awakeThe conspirators have a selfish and evil agreement to meddle in European, American and global affairs through the treasonous think tanks and covertly controlled (shadow) governments, hiding behind the facade of republicanism and democracy to inflict the sadistic pain of oppression and violence on the confounded and deceived white populace. They impose retrogressive, nefarious and obscene policies as the irrevocable law designed to demoralize, divide, degrade, disfranchise, disempower and destroy the targeted race, caring for nothing but the consolidation of power, wealth, prestige and self-preservation at the expense of the dying and balkanized nations of White Europeans.

The final solution for the awakened white peoples of the stricken host nations is to expel almost ALL Jews from Europe as the first step to stopping the insane plan of Coudenhove-Kalergi, complimenting the Oded Yinon plan towards the globalists’ plan to establish New World Order, which serves no one but the obscenely wealthier and power-mad oligarchy with their evil ‘God’ as the principal guide.

Source: http://www.renegadetribune.com/why-the-migrant-invasion-of-europe/

3 thoughts on “The Migrant Crisis The Engineered Cultural War and the Destruction of Europe

  1. “as an act of their faith” is the wrong explanation for women performing genital mutilation on other females of their community.
    They do not do it as an act of faith, but as a malicious act of brutality on their sisters.
    Barbarians can be of both gender.

  2. In Australia RAPE is taken as a serious criminal act.
    You say that in Europe – RAPE is being committed …. AND ?
    You see, from my limited reading I have the impression that …. though Europeans espouse to law & order & protest rape crimes …. the also harbor deep sympathy for the rapists …. the justice system, the political system, I haven’t see the clergy & their congregations in the streets demanding action & this misguided sympathy flows all the way up to the top.
    RAPE exists because there is not the will to stop it.

  3. Why do the Jews infiltrate all governments and lobby for ‘open Migration?’….. Germany/Sweden/Britain/Australia just a few.
    Try migrating to Israel if you’re not a Jew and dark.
    As the Jews originated from the darker races this does pose some questions.
    The stench of ‘Double Think’ must permeate the snozzer unless you’re struggling with a below sixty IQ.
    Two sets of moral standards for our Jews?…… more like Three or Six!

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