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The Ministry of “Truth”: BBC & The Extreme Censorship Of The Dangers Of COVID Vaccination


The Ministry of “Truth”: How the BBC-led Trusted News Initiative caused 2 Million Excess Deaths across the ‘Five Eyes’ & Europe due to Extreme Censorship of the Dangers of COVID Vaccination.

In 2019 the Government of the United Kingdom established a Ministry of Truth, led by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), in response to what they claimed was the overwhelming amount of misinformation and fake news circulating online.

They called this Ministry of Truth, The Trusted News Initiative (TNI).

The BBC’s Trusted News Initiative is a powerful partnership that includes organizations such as AP, AFP, First Draft, Google/YouTube, Twitter, Reuters, Financial Times, Meta (Facebook) European Broadcasting Union, CBC/Radio-Canada, The Hindu, Microsoft, and The Washington Post.

It is the only “forum” in the world of its kind designed to take on information not approved by The Ministry of Truth in real time.

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