April 20, 2024

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The Money-Monsters use ‘social engineering’ to degrade civilized societies



By AL Whitney © copyround 2016

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The degradation of our culture has been ongoing for many years. Has everyone noticed the changes in our TV shows and our movies? A good example is the smarmy little sitcom called Two and a Half Men as compared to morally based programs like The Andy Griffith Show or The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The advancement of pornography and sexually titillating programs into our theaters – and homes – was not intended to enhance marriage by liberating our society from sexual inhibitions, but was intentionally implanted to distract us from the ongoing destruction of our freedom and economic security. Sex, like any obsession or addiction, can be used as a band-aid to help people cope with the ever growing loss of income, free will and self expression as a small group of ruthless men seek to steal and control all resources on our planet . . . including “human resources”. It is their goal to control all activity to insure their own interests and supremacy by stealth. And, they admitted their diabolical plans – including secrecy, slavery and genocide – in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (Air Force Technical Manual 1979). This manual is indeed a who, what, where, when and how description of the take down of America. It even sites Rothschild (called the King of the Jews by many) as its inspiration. If you haven’t yet read it, do it now. It is invaluable information for everyone.

Dr. Jones has been researching the degradation of society and the weakening of natural law for decades. He shared his findings brilliantly in this interview:

Dr Michael Jones – The Intentional Degradation of our Culture

Strategies for restoring a civilized society:

  • Don’t watch any TV program that denigrates men, women or children
  • Avoid pornography
  • Don’t engage in sexual activity that harms or disrespects anyone
  • Don’t pay good money to go into a theater to watch sex, murder and mayhem
  • Clean up your language. Speak to everyone in a G-rated fashion
  • Refresh your mind. Read: Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Victor Hugo, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, or Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Protect children from sexual exploitation and premature sexual exposure in every way you can

Lets do our best to make sure everyone understands that if the Money-Monsters succeed in destroying our civilized society, everyone else loses.

Source: https://anticorruptionsociety.com/2016/05/01/the-money-monsters-use-social-engineering-to-degrade-civilized-societies/

5 thoughts on “The Money-Monsters use ‘social engineering’ to degrade civilized societies

  1. Excellent and highly informative discussion. We are all victims raised by victims. The extent of social engineering is now so inhumane it can be considered nothing other than Satanic when viewed in a religious context, and the original instigators of this global system were inbred exceptionalist fundamentalist Zionists so a religious contextualization is suitable. Exceptionalism is antihuman, therefore Satanic, Zionism is exceptionalist…

    Real humanity is having full spectrum warfare waged against us by exceptionalist scum: the food, the media, the airwaves, the vaccines, the chemtrails, the economy, the promotion of violence, racism and sexism, the suppression of clean and free energy, the subversion of culture, the distortion of male and female role models, the sexualization of children, the nuclear contamination of the natural elements, biological and chemical war (Depleted uranium and white phosphorous are both used by Israeli/NATO forces and have extreme biochemical toxicity)… How close are we to the hundredth monkey getting it??

    Incidently, there are many Jews in the world who reject and resist the exceptionalism of politicized Zionism, indeed, Judaism itself battled to reject its exceptionalist tendencies in favour of assimilation for nearly two thousand years, until the inbred Rothschild lineage engineered the Dreyfus affair and European anti-semitism in order to galvanize popular sympathies and political support for the establishment of their new Israel. However, it is the Jewish people themselves who must take ultimate responsibility and unseat the people who have hijacked and assumed leadership of the religion and culture, but and because they’ve been even more screwed over than the rest of us. Should any other political or ethnoreligious group attempt it for them then the curse of exceptionalist Zionism will be reinforced and forever threaten the rest of us. Its about time the Jews stood up to be counted – they are either with us, or with the exceptionalists!!

  2. The Intential Degradation of Our Culture.

    The Mary Tyler Moor Show … when we were all innocent …so we are basing the reality of these times “THE GOOD OLD DAYS” the reality in the streets & in the homes as being equal to The Mary Tyler Moore Show ?
    There was no domestic violence – no child abuse – no child prostitution –
    I site Shirley Temple as KIDDY PORN out in the open – Watch her sing – youtube – On The Good Ship Lollypop …she is in a small airplane, with a group of wholesome, red blooded all American men, watch carefully & listen to the lyrics.
    The old epic’s The Bible Stories – were a deliberate excuse for nudity on screen & they were allowed.

  3. We never needed the suffragettes –
    Rape never happened – it was all lies from loose women who wanted adverse attention.
    We had Zelda D’Aprano, this gutsy lady chained herself to the doors of the Commonwealth Building to get noticed.

  4. “most people don’t understand this” … Dr. E. Michael Jones
    Because we are a bunch of dummies … right.
    ade sto thiavolos vre malaka.

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