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The Passenger With Anthony Peake


Anthony Peake is a writer who deals with borderline areas of human consciousness.  His first book, Is There Life After Death? was published in 2006 and since then he has gone on to develop his own ideas together with exploring the latest areas of research in his field.

His fourth book, Making Sense of Near-Death Experiences, is a collaborative effort with some of the world’s leading authorities on the near death phenomenon. He was very honoured to be asked to be one of the editors as well as contributing a chapter.

His seventh book, A Life of Philip K Dick The Man Who Remembered the Future, is a departure from his previous works in that it is a mixture of biography, literary criticism and psychological/neurological analysis.

His eighth book, The Immortal Mind: Science and the Continuity of Consciousness Beyond the Brain, is a joint project with Professor Ervin Laszlo. This was published in Autumn 2014.  Click the relevant button for a summary of each of Anthony’s books.

For details of interviews and events that Anthony will be participating in please see the Forthcoming Events page.

Links to historic interviews and to Anthony’s Facebook pages together with press releases and contact information can be found on the News page.

2 thoughts on “The Passenger With Anthony Peake

  1. Gents – I really enjoyed Anthony’s podcast – he has a wonderful mind.
    I am actually organising the Afterlife Explorers Conference here in Melbourne and raising funds to bring him down-under. Can I therefore kindly ask if I can feature this link and podcast on my website. Please also review our other speakers as you maybe interested in interviewing PMH Atwater pre conference, Barry Eaton or Robert Bruce for example. Thanks for your kind consideration with seeking this permission
    Warm Regards Mick Turner

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