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The Project Bans Freedom of Speech on Vaccine Safety While Pushing Hate & Propaganda

Please Read: Friends of Science’s John Cunningham peddles false and misleading information 

On Monday, November 20th, Channel 10’s The Project aired a biased segment attacking those who dare question the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

They applauded the censorship of a sold-out Vaccine Information Night in Sydney featuring Australia’s leading vaccine expert Dr. Judy Wilyman Ph.D. and Jamie McIntyre.

The Project interviewed the leader of the hate group Stop the Australian Vaccination Network (SAVN), Dr John Cunningham. Dr Cunningham is an orthopedic surgeon. He has no credentials or expertise in vaccine science. Dr Cunningam refuses to participate in an open debate with our Dr on live radio & has repeatedly turned down our vaccination debate challenge. Groups in Australia such as SAVN have an agenda and are industry lobby groups. Dr Cunningham is connected with hate blog, Reasonable Hank which is a pro-vaccination blog run by thug trolls who intimidate, bully & harass anyone who goes against their mandatory vaccination agenda.

The Project also featured NSW Shadow Labor Health minister Walt Secord who has said parents have no rights to choose for their children in regard to vaccination. Walt holds an Arts degree and was a former journalist.  He is Australia’s very own Richard Pan. Richard Pan is an American senator who pushes compulsory vaccination with no medical exemptions. He receives funding from the vaccine industry.

California State Sen. Richard Pan caught on video LYING about aborted human fetal cell tissue used in vaccines

Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore said we shouldn’t have been allowed to advertise on the free City of Sydney website. The council stated they only support evidence-based policies and said only violent or pornographic material was censored.

Journalist graduate Carrie Bickmore (Below) ended the segment saying, “There is no vaccination debate.” That’s right, Carrie there is no vaccination debate because you have nothing to offer but lies, propaganda, fear mongering & insults against those who only want to protect their children from medical assault. 

Please share urgently and intelligently with The Project what you think about this segment by emailing them. Please prove to them that without a doubt our views most definitely ARE all evidence-based.

Furthermore, our views are not in any way paid for. However, everyone on The Project segment, including the panel, would most likely lose their careers if they said anything about the other side of the vaccine issue.

Please ask The Project to be responsible and stop stirring up hatred in the community against parents who choose to be as educated as possible regarding vaccines.

Vaccination is a medical procedure that has all of a sudden become just about mandatory. Also, like all medical products, vaccines require informed consent and lots of information. This debate needs to start being controlled by the public, not the pharmaceutical industry.

This is an issue that urgently needs scrutiny! The vaccine industry is worth around $50 billion dollars today. Only 15 years ago it was only worth $ 5 billion dollars. Massive future growth is predicted by the pharmaceutical industry.  This is because pharmaceutical drugs don’t have the same future profit potential as vaccines.  Pharmaceutical drugs are required to have much more safety testing than vaccines. Also, people can sue for damages. Vaccines are the opposite to this.

Vaccines are classified as a biologic. In the US, where basically all the vaccines we use in Australia are licensed, the government has made it law that vaccine manufacturers can’t be sued for damages. This happened in 1986. Vaccines also are also not required to go through double-blind inert placebo-controlled trials – the gold standard of safety testing. Further, vaccines aren’t required to be long-term safety tested.

To top it all off, in its approximately 70-year history of vaccine use, Australia has only had a PASSIVE adverse events surveillance system in place. Which amounts to really not having one. The only safe system for collecting proper data on vaccine adverse reactions and damage is an ACTIVE adverse events system.

Is all this good enough for our children?


So come on everyone…show them your science!! Share your stories too.

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