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The Real Agenda Behind the Safe Schools Coalition


It is routine practice for the radical social engineers who want to remake society in their own image to cover up their real intentions, and rely on obfuscation, deception and a host of euphemisms. If their goals were plainly stated there would be an uproar and their schemes would be fiercely resisted and thus much harder to implement.

Consider as a classic case of this the so-called Safe Schools Coalition. It claims to have 490 member schools in Australia, 13,515 trained staff, 329,874 students in member schools, and 86 supporter organisations. Impressive. So just what is it and what does it do?

We are being told over and over again that this $8m federal government program is nothing other than an anti-bullying program. Hey, terrific – sounds great to me. No one likes bullying and any program to deal with it must be a good thing, right? Wrong. One simply has to go to their own website and they spill the beans straight away:

Safe Schools Coalition Australia is a national coalition of organisations and schools working together to create safe and inclusive school environments for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse students, staff and families. It is funded by the Australian Government and, in Victoria, by the Victorian Government. The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) is the national convenor of Safe Schools Coalition Australia and has partnered with experienced organisations in every state and territory to directly support schools.

homo 79Indeed, in one of its images it has these words: “Proud to create change in schools”. Yep, exactly. It is only later that the word ‘bullying’ actually appears, and then it is used in a very restricted sense, referring to anyone who has a different take on homosexuality. According to this group, anyone who has a problem with the homosexual lifestyle is ipso facto a bully.

Such people are guilty of the horrific crimes of “heterosexism” and “heteronormativity” as the SSC documents keep informing us. In today’s PC world of sexual revolution, anyone who affirms that there are a mere two genders, and they happen to be different and complementary, are evil “homophobes” who must now be re-educated by the State.

Hey wait a minute, I thought the SSC was simply about bullying! That is what the politicians, mainstream media and our social elites keep telling us. I wish it were. I was bullied as a child at school, as were millions of other kids. We were bullied and picked on because we were too fat or too skinny. Too short or too tall. Too ugly or too good looking. Too rich or too poor. Too cool or too uncool. Too smart or too stupid.

There are a zillion reasons why folks get bullied. So does the SSC deal with all these matters in detail in their programs and resources? Um no. There is only one topic that gets all the attention: homosexuality. But don’t take my word for it; simply read their documents for yourself. Consider the SSC “Resources” page. It is a real eye opener:

Please go to this page and have a close look. There are no less than 34 different resources you can download. Yep, 34 of them. And how many of them have anything to do with bullying in general? Not one. Yes, you read that right – not one. Every single one of these 34 resources is all about pro-homosexual indoctrination and propaganda.

Consider some of the titles and descriptions of these resources:

Growing up Queer
An Australian pilot study that explores how homophobia, transphobia and heteronormativity impact on…

OMG I’m Queer
Created by young people, OMG I’m Queer talks sexuality and gender identity.

Guide to Supporting a Student to Affirm or Transition Gender Identity at School
A step by step guide for schools supporting transgender and gender diverse students.

Guide to Hosting Inclusive School Formals
Use this resource to make sure that your school formal, deb, dance or any event is inclusive for…

All Of Us – coming soon
Our ground-breaking educational resource that supports gender diversity, sexual diversity &…

Stand Out Against Homophobia in Schools
Stand Out is the work of Australian students who are making a change in their schools, with their…

What are Pronouns?
Why are pronouns important? Our friends at Minus18 have a video that helps explain why!

Starting to get the picture? And there are 27 more of these, all fully downloadable. And check out just one of these, the “pronoun” one. It is a mindblower. It is all about “gender neutral pronouns”. Plenty of Orwellian terms are tossed around in this short video: “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” and “misgendering”.

We are presented with these gems in the video:
-“genitals don’t equal gender”
-“genitals and body don’t actually reflect anything about a person’s gender at all”
-“what’s more important: someone’s anatomy or who they really are and their happiness?”

Wow, talk about a Brave New World of gender-bending, political correctness, the destruction of language, and a war on reality. And the teens at “Minus18” who made this video make it clear that we must be sure to get our pronouns right. It is not at all hard to imagine the consequences if we don’t.

Pretty soon we will find the thought police coming after us if we get this wrong. BTW, we are told about some of the “acceptable” pronouns which must be used: “they,” “ze,” and “ey”. But don’t worry, “there are a whole array of gender neutral pronouns”.

As is so often the case, social engineering is preceded by verbal engineering. Change the language and you can change the culture. Indeed, just make up words as you go along. Since there are no biological realities, we can just wing it as we go redefine things. Hmm, why am I reminded of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland?

Humpty Dumpty: When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.
Alice: The question is, whether you can make words mean so many different things.
Humpty Dumpty: The question is: which is to be master – that’s all.

But of course none of this is all that new. The radical verbal and social engineers have been working away at this for a number of decades now. Consider just a few examples of this from years ago:

In January of 1995 the Australian Education Union (AEU) called for mandatory AIDS and sex education for all students, beginning in primary school. The course should include “positive information about gays and lesbians,” the AEU said. The AEU argued that not only should these classes be mandatory for even primary school children, but parents who ban their children from attending such courses for religious and cultural reasons should be prosecuted by the law.

At an October 1995 conference on Schooling and Sexualities at Deakin University yet more such proposals were made. Speakers told the delegates that homosexuality should be taught as acceptable to primary and secondary students, and gay relationships should be recognised through school projects.

And pro-homosexual indoctrination is not limited to sex education classes. In 1995 the Victorian Association for the Teachers of English said that AIDS and homosexuality studies should be incorporated into mainstream English studies. It said that the study of English must embrace “the burgeoning field of lesbian and gay studies,” and that teachers need to “promote awareness of homosexual issues”.

And the AEU called for pro-homosexual education to be integrated into all parts of the curriculum. It spoke of the “rights of all teachers to influence curricula in ways that will enhance understanding and acceptance of lesbians, bisexuals and gay men”.

Also consider the “Australian Education Union Policy on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex People” as adopted at the 2006 Annual Federal Conference. It said in part:

The Australian Education Union is committed to protecting the industrial and professional and civil rights of its members and the rights of all Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (GLBTI) people throughout the world. Discriminatory practices such as homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and monosexism are infringements of members’ rights and as such are to be challenged and eliminated.
As a matter of urgency we call on the Federal and State Governments to ensure their discrimination laws cover all aspects of law relating to GLBTI people. These must include laws on marriage, IVF, adoption, and age of consent.

Oh, I see. So this radical agenda has been pushed for decades now by the homosexual lobby and its allies in education, politics, the media, and elsewhere. Well, that pretty much explains the SSC then doesn’t it? This is all part of a long campaign by the coercive utopians to cram all things homosexual down the throats of society, and especially down the throats of our young, vulnerable school children.

Hmm, it is all starting to make sense now. Start the indoctrination process when children are quite young, and you will get the desired outcome. Clever. Forget about the three R’s and concentrate on social and sexual revolution instead. As education expert Dr Kevin Donnelly said about the Victorian SSC:

The fact that the coalition’s sexuality and gender program is endorsed by the Victorian education department and that an additional $1.04 million was allocated in last year’s budget also shows that more and more schools will be expected to implement the program.
While presented as objective and impartial, on reading the Safe Schools Coalition’s material it is obvious students, under the guise of anti-bullying, are being subjected to a concerted and well resourced campaign enforcing an LGBTI sexuality and gender agenda.
It is also the case that the Andrews government and the Australian Education Union’s support of the Safe Schools Coalition represents a glaring case of hypocrisy.
On one hand the teacher union argues that government schools must be secular and that there is no place for the type of morality and values associated with religion and the Andrews government has removed religious instruction classes from the formal school day.
Parents and schools are also told that Christian festivities should not be celebrated or promoted in government schools and the Australian bishops are condemned for circulating to Catholic schools the Don’t Mess With Marriage pastoral letter that argues marriage must involve a man and a woman.
On the other hand the official government and education department policy is to ask schools to fully support the Safe Schools Coalition and its cultural-left agenda; one that is still controversial and far from settled in terms of the broader community.

The Safe Schools Coalition has nothing to do with bullying as is commonly understood. Instead it has everything to do with a massive social engineering campaign to force-feed homosexuality into every Australian school and onto every Australian child.

Concerned parents everywhere must be informed about this propaganda operation and strenuously resist it. It is not at all safe for our children. As Senator Cory Bernardi puts it:

At a time when too many of our schools are failing to maintain teaching standards, when the literacy and numeracy rates of students are falling, when demands for school funds climb ever higher, why would any government even contemplate supporting such a desperate political agenda targeting our school children?
The homosexual lobby demand tolerance and truth but their actions, including by virtue of this school program, demonstrate the polar opposite.
Not satisfied with pursuing religious figures through the legal system over their support for traditional marriage, activists are now seeking to co-opt innocent children into their agenda of intolerance.
Of course, like every other Australian, homosexual activists are free to pursue their cause among the adult community in whatever manner they like, within the bounds of the law. But they should have the decency to leave our children and our education system out of it.

Please sign his petition about this as well:


Take Action Against This Sick Agenda Here:

Identity Madness, Education, and the PC Police

Jul 20, 2016

OK, let’s cut to the quick: the revolutionaries of the left have declared war on everything. They are so intent on destroying Western civilisation and its Judeo-Christian underpinnings that they are quite happy to wreak havoc everywhere and on everyone.

A major way in which the radicals are achieving this today is by means of the politics of identity in which reality is given the flick as people are told that they can identify as whatever they want. So whatever mood you happen to be in, you can run with that.

transgender 6Hey, I can play that game too:

-I identify as the President of the United States – let me in the White House now!
-I identify as Kim Kardashian – where are all the TV cameras?
-I identify as Hillary Clinton – what time do I speak at next week’s convention?
-I identify as Lebron James – who took my NBA Finals MVP Award?
-I identify as Bill Gates – I want to withdraw $10 billion from my bank account thanks.
-I identify as my dog Daisy – so when is someone going to take me for a walk?
-I identify as my library – so dust me off already.
-I identify as a Big Mac – I demand that you eat me.
-I identify as a loony lefty – that means I can say and do anything I want, and no one is allowed to criticise me.

The madness of self-identification gets worse every single day. It is a war on reality and a war on reason and a war on common sense. And it is primarily being fueled by the homosexual and transgender activists. Consider this moronic case of gender bender idiocy: students at a NSW girls’ school can no longer be called girls. Yes you read that right.

The story goes like this:

Teachers at an all-girls school in northwest Sydney have been asked to stop referring to their students as “girls”, “ladies” and “women” and to instead use “gender-neutral” language. The request to teachers at Cheltenham Girls High School came in a staff meeting last term to discuss implementation of the controversial Safe Schools anti-bullying program for lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBTI) students.
Also at the meeting, a copy of the NSW anti-discrimination act was displayed, according to an insider, and staff were informed by the teacher chairing the meeting that if they did not support decisions of LGBTI students they would be breaking the law, would be considered homophobic and were not welcome by the school. Education Minister Adrian Piccoli has asked his department to investigate the allegations.
Some concerned parents have started a petition and complained to teachers and to their local Liberal MP Damien Tudehope, saying their children feel marginalised and excluded if they don’t participate in LGBTI activities at the elite, ethnically diverse public high school.
Teachers have helped a group of students at the school form an LGBTI “Queer-straight alliance” club to promote LGBTI issues, such as Wear it Purple Day. Other events included the temporary removal of an Aboriginal flag from a flagpole inside school grounds last month, which was replaced with a rainbow flag at half-mast for a week to commemorate a US terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.
“(Some of) the parents are saying that at (LGBTI) events like Rainbow Day and Purple Day that if their daughter doesn’t comply with what they perceive as the school directions their daughter is ostracised,” Mr Tudehope said. He said parents from another school in his electorate had also approached him with similar concerns. One mother who met principal Susan Bridge to express her concerns about the Safe Schools program was dissatisfied with the meeting, which resulted in the principal sending her a copy of the NSW Department of Education’s policy on homophobia….
Dr Kevin Donnelly, senior research fellow at the Australian Catholic University and co-author of the Review of the Australian Curriculum, said the use of gender-neutral language such as “students” in place of “girls” and “boys” was part of the Safe Schools agenda to erase gender differences.
“They say it’s hetero-normative to talk about men and women, boys and girls, because it’s reinforcing a binary stereotype,” he said. “I disagree with all of that, but I can understand why the school would be doing it. Gender ideology is undermining any traditional sense of what it is to be a man or a woman.”

Good grief. What sort of moonbeams are running this school? Is this a place where genuine education takes place, or is it just a PC indoctrination centre where every student will be forced to comply with the latest in pink fascism? The gender bending Big Brother is obviously alive and well at this school.

And you can see for yourself just what kind of radical propaganda the students are being forced-fed there. Consider this video posted by the school on June 5, 2014:

It features this intro: “As a part of the first ever Cheltenham Girls High School Diversity week the 2014 prefects interviewed staff and students of the topic of sexual and gender diversity. We felt that it was an issue that too often gets swept under the rug, and it’s about time we started talking about it.”

“Diversity Week”? You mean “War on Reality Week”. This is utter madness and it is a direct PC assault on every student at this school. I am not sure why any parent would want to send their child to this radical training ground after watching that 13-minute video. It is creepy as all get out!

But don’t take my word for it. I have been in touch with a concerned parent who has students at this school. One brave mother has told me what is happening there and it is frightening in the extreme. Obviously she must remain nameless, but here is part of what she told me about this:

My daughters’ public school was on the Today show this morning. Teachers there have been told to stop referring to their students as “girls” etc., but use “gender-neutral” language instead. My girls have been through it all at this school.
One day the girls turned up on rainbow day in full school uniform and were bullied for it. My daughters did not agree with the homosexual rainbow day and they and a few other girls who wore school uniforms were laughed at when they entered the school gate and they were called intolerant, etc.
One of my daughters believes she was overlooked for Prefect as she did not toe the socialist pro LGBQT line despite being an extremely high achiever involved in everything. The staff of course made it about votes. There are stickers and posters through the school promoting gay and homosexual events and constant pressure is applied to be part of it all. One daughter had to leave a group of friends who’d joined the Straight Queer Alliance and were calling her names.
This is all in line with the Safe Schools stuff. No parents were asked or even informed that the school joined up to the Safe Schools Coalition, it was done in a sneaky way and the first I heard of it was about a year after they’d joined.
All things homosexual are not the only politically correct things going on there all the time. It is also constantly pushing refugee events. And it’s not voluntary: if you don’t join in you are disciplined. This refugee thing was called the Concord Project and on a Facebook page up at the time it clearly stated all students MUST participate. Here is a quote from it: “2. Conduct the Action Plan: Each student in your school must be given a cardboard cutout of a person. On this, they write ‘One Voice’, their first name, age, school and a personalised message about children in detention. The cardboard cutouts need to be displayed in your school for an hour or two.”
Here is the Cheltenham Girls High School 17-minute video about all this:
I tried to share my concerns about this – I said that it was a brainwashing exercise – but my comments were deleted repeatedly. Never mind that the school says this: “All opinions on this issue are welcomed in the comments section, we believe that everyone has the right to share their perspective on this.” The school has a culture of dismissing complaints related to values.
And the school has even made their school uniform Muslim friendly, as can be seen in the videos. At orientation days they parade kids wearing uniforms to show parents what is the standard and they always include a Muslim girl with her special uniform.

When I asked her why she did not pull her girls out of the PC hell hole she replied:

It’s our local school – the schools here are so crowded and sought after that it’s hard to get into an out of area school. It’s a Government school and you get allocated to that depending on where you live. And a local boys’ school I know of had two or three students arrested for terror attacks. Kids were preaching jihad in the playground. I have police choppers over my house almost twice a week. Refugee housing allowed those kids into the school. Here are some articles on this:

Wow, talk about a toxic environment for children, if these guys are not cramming the homosexual and transgender agendas down the throats of these kids, they are pushing the failed multi culti agenda and all things Islamic. This is all moving in the direction of child abuse in my books. Poor kids.

And you gotta feel sorry for the parents who may feel that they have no other options in this regard. No wonder so many are resorting to home-schooling. When schools become little more than propaganda palaces for all things PC and homosexual, then education is indeed dead in Australia.

Of course the revolutionaries have always stated that getting access to education is the best way of targeting children and taking over a culture. As Vladimir Lenin once put it: “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” And again, “Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.”

Thomas Sowell was certainly correct to say this: “Education is not merely neglected in many of our schools today, but is replaced to a great extent by ideological indoctrination.” And he was even more correct to state: “Too much of what is called ‘education’ is little more than an expensive isolation from reality.”

Yep, reality is the last thing getting a good run in so many of our schools today. Just ask the Cheltenham Girls High School, I mean the Cheltenham Whatever High School.

Oh, BTW, I now plan to enrol at Cheltenham Girls High School. I am sure they won’t mind.



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