February 24, 2024

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The scene is being set for compulsory coronavirus vaccination

The scene is being set for compulsory coronavirus vaccination…

In Australia, we are now operating under a ‘human biosecurity emergency’ and this relates to ‘human coronavirus with pandemic potential’. This emergency declaration has been extended to 17 September 2020.[1]

The Australian Biosecurity Act 2015 outlines steps that can be taken during this emergency, and it seems that the Director of Human Biosecurity, who is also the Chief Medical Officer, is calling the shots now. This person can direct an individual to comply with a human biosecurity control order, i.e. managing contacts, decontamination, examination, body samples, and vaccination or treatment.[2]

If an individual doesn’t comply with a human biosecurity control order, e.g. vaccination, they are at risk of penalty of five years imprisonment and/or a $63,000 fine.

So if a coronavirus vaccination was available right now, people could be coerced to have it by the Director of Human Biosecurity/Chief Medical Officer. Also keep in mind vaccine manufacturers are likely to have freedom from liability for these vaccine products. So if another ‘human biosecurity emergency’ is declared in future for the coronavirus situation, when and if a vaccine becomes available, individuals could be coerced to have this vaccine product, and the manufacturer would be free from liability if a side effect occurs.

Just let that sink in… I’ve raised this in previous comments, but I’m wondering if readers are taking in the significance of this? Remember, this could also happen in other countries.

Right now in Australia, we are under the power of the Director of Human Biosecurity/Chief Medical Officer – not someone who is an elected individual. There are many unelected individuals in this country who are making decisions affecting all of us in regards to the coronavirus situation, e.g. Chief Health Officers in all the states, and also academics in various disciplines.

I also wonder who initiated the Australian Biosecurity Act 2015, and how this was allowed by politicians, because our rights to bodily autonomy and ‘informed consent’ before a medical intervention have been trashed by this Act.

The situation in Australia is extremely serious, and most people here have no idea…they’re nearly all beguiled by the virus…

Elizabeth Hart
Independent citizen investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy.


1. Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) Declaration 2020 made under section 475 of the Biosecurity Act 2015.

2. See the Biosecurity Act 2015, Part 3, Division 2, Subdivision C – When an individual is required to comply with a biosecurity measure.

3 thoughts on “The scene is being set for compulsory coronavirus vaccination

  1. History repeating.
    The State gathers around itself these intellectuals who are prepared to sell their souls for a comfortable lifestyle from the public taxation trough.
    We witness this time and again but, if you are patient and wait, the results of all these highly paid intellectuals is a big fat zero.
    The present CoVid pandemic is chockers full of these highly paid opinions yet most differ so which opinion is correct…. any?
    Science has not as yet isolated the CoVid19 virus so does it exist or is it a wet dream of these pathetic intellectuals striving to make these wet dreams a reality to please their paymaster?
    We, in Australia, are struggling under this weight of noxious intellectuals and we need to apply some logic and put this mob into the waste basket with all their paper credentials.
    Most of them could not grow a productive vege patch to survive; absolutely useless eaters if you took away the Government pay cheque yet have a massive input into how we should survive. It’s all upside down.

  2. Fear is the essence of Government control.
    The Bio-security Act encompasses fear but within its borders are certain protections for individual rights that are rarely expressed by the promoters of this act.
    Maintaining fear is important to maintaining control so these highly paid intellectuals, whom I consider are merely overeducated dills, push this fear that guarantees their predatory pay cheques.
    Throughout this entire CoVid19 we have never witnessed a Government expert telling us the truth about this Virus; it is all about lockdowns, fear and death. We receive the truth via
    Alternative experts who are labelled ‘Conspiracy Theorists” and suffer character assassination to protect the bullshit showered upon us by Government experts.
    More people were infected and died of the Flu in 2019 than the invented “shadow of death” CoVid19 in 2020 and were lockdowns and restrictions applied in 2019?
    You see, these pathetic controlled experts do not bother to compare as that would destroy their fear tactic. They show us graphs that have their input but relate to fuck-all reality.
    Why wasn’t Australia locked down in 2019?

  3. It seems to me that at the very least we need a defensive strategy of legal non-consent to stem the tide until there are enough awoke (i.e. not “woke” but awakened) people to create a counter narrative to force the weak and compromised politicians and unelected advisors to allow people to make free will, informed decisions. Adam already has links to an American supplier of the “Advance medical Directive Cards” and while he is currently selling some via Crazzfiles he was not restocking once sold out. The link to one US supplier is https://www.nsfmarketplace.com/product-category/vaccine-exemption/ Another Australian option is through https://www.solutionsempowerment.com/ This site guides you through a process of formally advising Government Depts with templated letters informing them of your non-consent etc. What I would like to know is do these strategies work, are they actually recognised and does anyone have any data, anecdotal or hard evidence of these non-consent methods actually working? Both cost a bit of money and effort, but that is a small consideration if they work. We can’t get unvaccinated, so I feel there is some urgency to hold our ground and defend our personal sovereignty (if we in fact have any) while the collective of freedom lovers plans a counter-offensive. If some biosecurity emergency tramples over our “rights” we may not be able to exercise them due to public hysteria and propaganda.

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