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The Truth About Our Origins

IN 1872, the first translation of the Babylonian version of the Flood found in Nineveh appeared in print. Ever since then Assyriologists have been waiting to find and translate the original texts on the Garden of Eden and the Original Sin. Although it was believed that these documents had to exist on clay tablets, they proved impossible to find—until today.

Between 1885 and 1900, archaeologists from the University of Pennsylvania excavated extensively at the site of Nippur (Niffer), in the heartland of ancient Mesopotamia. A great many Sumerian texts were found, including a dozen tablets containing the sources of the Book of Genesis and the origins of humanity. Yet no one seems to have taken much notice!


HAVING TAKEN OVER the unsatisfying translations of his predecessors, Anton Parks worked intensively for thousands of hours on this material, finally restoring the original quintessence of these invaluable documents, in order to reveal it to the world in this fascinating book.

edenEden: The Truth About Our Origins

DISCOVER HOW the first chapters of the Book of Genesis present only a greatly edited version of what was inscribed on these ancient tablets. The Garden of Eden, the Serpent, and the Fall of Man are presented here in a completely new light, proving that these episodes were altered to the point of incomprehensibility in the course of later rewritings.

Our civilization today is about to penetrate the Secret that has been kept out of the hands of ‘the profane’ at the cost of great sacrifice. Among the treasures to be found in this world, there is only one that contains all of the great mysteries: the true story of Creation and of the origins of God and Evil.

In our age of revelations, it seems of the essence to reconsider the facts that led to the founding of the three great religions of the Book: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The truths revealed in EDEN are not only earth-shattering, they take us to the very roots of Western civilization!

“Now let me tell you about the creatures of the darkness and he who is their master.
They are horrible and hideous creatures, accursed and misshapen. They live
apart from the creatures of light, far from the universe, in a wretched state.”
—from The Book of Adam

“By translating several tablets decorated with cuneiform signs missed by most specialists, dug up more than a century ago on the site of Nippur (Iraq), Parks was able not only to retrace the story of our origins, but also to demonstrate that the Book of Genesis was only an unfortunate and distorted copy of such an event.”Magazine Science et Inexpliqué No. 34, July-August 2013

dark-starsThe Secret of the Dark Stars

THIS IS A RARE BOOK, a strange, extraordinary, timeless, fascinating work. We find within these pages the richness of a novel, a historical and above all spiritual coherence that can make sense of the world surrounding us; it is a challenge. A small miracle!

If the presentation of the book reminds us of an epic Star Wars narrative of science-fiction—and certainly, it quickly immerses the reader in a sweeping cosmic drama—The Secret of the Dark Stars examines the reality of our most distant past, the original progenitor civilization that gave birth to today’s society, and helps us to make sense of our present. You think the wars and wanton destruction of Middle Eastern countries has something to do with oil? Think again…


THE WORK of Anton Parks remains totally original, immersing the reader in a ceaseless ballet of questions and answers, playing with the roots of our most fundamental myths, the decoding of ancient and modern languages as part of an epic saga. Fiction or reality? It is up to the reader to decide.


“The work of Parks remains unclassifiable and raises essential questions: what was happening on Earth before the coming of Man? What preceded and caused the advent of human civilizations? The author of the Secret of the Stars Dark fascinates thousands of readers around the world with his epic stories about the origin of human civilization.”Nexus France, No. 43-44, Spring-Summer 2006

anton-parksANTON PARKS, born in 1967, started his professional life in 1985 as a graphic designer, specializing in marketing and communication. In 2000 he turned his attention to researching the cultures of the ancient East and devised a revolutionary approach to the decoding of the proto-Sumerian language. This resulted in his Chronicles of Gìrkù book series, which traces the origins of humankind through the eyes of the mythological gods of the distant past.

Parks has also published The Virgin’s Testament, in which he reveals the Egyptian sources of the New Testament and proposes a new theory on the hydroelectric and electromagnetic operation of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

In late 2005, he was approached by Marcello G. team Martorelli and Steve Currey to be part of theexpedition to the North Pole as a linguist specializing in the Gina’abul proto-Sumerian language, but the expedition was aborted because of the untimely death of Steve Currey. | More

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Source: http://www.exohuman.com/wordpress/2016/07/eden-the-truth-about-our-origins/

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  1. Nippour. Iraq: & they found clay slabs that tell us about the great flood & the garden of eden & the original sin.
    Do you know what I saw on TV when I was a kid.
    How they create a GOLD site.
    They put some tiny bits of GOLD in a shot gun
    Then they pull the trigger & the blast splatters the GOLD all over the place.
    Then some sucker is brought along to discover the GOLD.
    And they believe that they of all people have discoverd GOLD
    That they will be filthy rich if only they hand over money enough to make the GOLD mine work.
    The moral of this story is “there is a sucker born every minute”
    God is only the little old may up in the sky somewhere because we have painted Him with the brush ofour ignoraance…… not me though.

    Q: how could someone find out how many Australian voters did not vote on Saturday because of the cold weather & the extra long cue’s … why were there such long cue’s … because the polling booths were not sufficient to service the number of voters.
    Main stream media are pretending that it did not happen deliberately….Go figure.

    1. I love your ironic spelling of “ignoraance”! Of all the words you could have chosen to misspell! By the way, the word is “queue”, not “cue”, and there’s no apostrophe in it. Two errors in one four-letter word. Spectacular!

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