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The U.K. Government Pedophiles Who Got Away With Spiritual Murder




We’ve heard much recently about the Muslim-run child sex-trafficking rings that have plagued Britain and that, for most of the last 15 years, had been covered up by the nation’s authorities. But it appears U.K. officials are old hands at protecting pedophiles, as a shocking story about powerful child molesters embedded deep within the British government reveals.

The story dates back to the 1980s and involves politicians, judges, intelligence officers, staff at royal palaces, and figures from private schools, big business, and the Church of England — and more than 100 government files on the pedophile network that have mysteriously gone missing.

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1 thought on “The U.K. Government Pedophiles Who Got Away With Spiritual Murder

  1. Crimes against children can only be contained when the men of the families become men.
    This may seem a little melodramatic but if we want to survive as a human race then we must protect our children……. Gus

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