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The War On Health With Dr Rima Laibow

imgresGMail, Yahoo Kill NSF Access for Nearly 40K Health Freedom Supporters!


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What do you call it when email service providers prune your list by removing tens of thousands of emails even though they were completely opted-in addresses?  Censorship, when the list belongs to an organization disseminating highly inconvenient (and high accurate) information.

Natural Solutions Foundation, a leading voice in the Informed Consent and Health Freedom Movement, has once again been attacked by the Powers That [Think They] Be. This time, internet giants (and willing government surveillance partners) Yahoo and GMAIL unexpectedly removed nearly 40,000 subscribers to the Natural Solutions Foundation’s newsletter, Health Freedom Action eAlerts (sign up here:

Natural Solutions Foundation has also been the object of the US Government’s attack on the Constitutional rights of truth tellers, Operation Choke Point, in which financial resources such as bank accounts, are frozen and emptied without any due process or redress.  This program, designed to literally choke dissenting voices into silence, was also associated with the seizure of revenue from the sale of the perfectly legal immune supporting nutrients which the Foundation makes available in support of the right to choose one’s own health course.

Nano Silver 10 PPM, a legal nutrient, has been shown in repeated tests to support immune function so that ebola, malaria and other, more common, infections like the flu can not become established.  Posing a direct threat to the pharmaceutical industry, the income generated by the sale of nutrient Nano Silver 10 PPM during the Ebola crisis was also seized.  Despite that, the Foundation delivered every bottle ordered at

DDEES-vaccine-2This kind of constant attack, on websites, email lists, resources, etc., is confirmation, according to Foundation Trustee and Medical Director Rima E. Laibow, MD, “that we are doing good work targeting the globalists’ most vulnerable deceptions – and giving people the tools that they can use to protect themselves from unwanted vaccines and other dangers.  Clearly, they don’t like that very much!”  She adds while that is good news confirming the effectiveness of the Foundation’s Health Freedom strategies, it means that financial and information dissemination support from health freedom advocates is essential.  She urges everyone to subscribe to the Foundation’s Newsletter at to support their own Health Freedom, the absolute control of our own bodies.

Maintaining that our first and most basic right is that control, Foundation President, Maj. Gen. Albert N. Stubblebine III (US Army, Ret.) makes the point that no corporation or government has the right to curtail our access to, and our knowledge about, clean food, air, water, natural health options, radiation or other factors which impact our health, longevity and, in fact, our very DNA unless we give active and clear consent.  He states “Informed Consent is the defining issue of the 21st Century” and steers the Foundation in the direction of Informed Consent protection creating, for example, the legally protected mechanism to exercise Informed Consent rights against the vaccine surge currently being pushed by governments and drug companies alike.

Dr. Rima, as she is known around the world, is referring to the Advance Vaccine Directive, a type of legally supported Living Will which allows anyone, anywhere in any of the 126 Geneva Convention nations, to exercise their right of Informed Consent to refuse any vaccination, regardless of local or national laws.  More information on this powerful strategy is available here: and the cards can be obtained here:]

The Foundation asks for widespread support through donations, sharing and liking of their information at, Facebook:/NaturalSolutionsFoundation, Twitter @DrRimaLaibow and @HealthFreedomUS.

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