April 14, 2024

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This Is Barnaby Joyce’s Idea Of A Healthy & Well Functioning Live Export System

3 thoughts on “This Is Barnaby Joyce’s Idea Of A Healthy & Well Functioning Live Export System

  1. The video of the young ox being stabbed …. deliberately acted out for the camera … a deliberate performance … who contracted this film be made …. where did the film footage come from … who was involved in this savgery ?
    I would be the a half wit if I believd it was secretly filmed.
    I was under the impression that Australia sends it’s livestock overseas to be slaughtered & the meat then imported to Australia to be sold in our supermarkets – is this true ?
    Australian children grew up with a lamb chop in their hand, today they get their protein from Freddo Frogs.

  2. According to Meat & Livestock Australia 2.44 million sheep were exported to markets in Asia & the Middle East in 2012 – reduced from 4.2 million in 2008.
    The total number of live cattle exported in 2012 was 617.301, down 11% from the previous year.

    Just look at how many Australian jobs the Australian Political parties collectively, have given over to Asia & the Middle East.
    The bastards have decimated the Australian Work Place.
    The there was that self loving lunatic Paul Keating, who gave away Australias Manufacturing Industries.
    And only a litle while ago, Our Tough Boy Tony Abbott told Holden Auto Makers to piss off, The auto makers are ONLY THE CORPORATE HOT SHOTS OF PLANET EARTH, imagine what a buzz he go – hey !
    While in the same breath, Tony Abbott & Joseph benedict Hockey handed over – A$ – that is NINE BILLION DOLLAR to the Australian Banking Sector, as a thank you to them for bringing on the 2008 GFC.

  3. If you wabnt to stop the export of live stock, you have to tackle the whole party / get rid of them all & not just Barnaby Joyce – because they are ALL Barnaby Joyce.

    have you noticed that interest rates ate low
    and that they have been low for along while now
    WHY … why have interest rates been so low for so long ?
    GLOBAL ECONOMIC FORCES ……………………………………… NO.
    Australia’s Rich & Super Rich have been running a property invstment scam, at the expense of Australia & it’s people.
    Bill Shorten has said that he will cut negative gearing & all hell has broken loose
    WHY ………. because the Australian banks & the Australian Property Investment Borrowers have borrowed so much & on over estimated property –
    But what has this to do with interest rates –
    The moment interest rates go up the Australian property market will explode like a volcano.
    So … & therefore … Australian Interest rates have deliberately been kept low.
    NEVER ………………………. Australian interest rates are governed by GLOBAL Economic Markets ………….. I also believed that lie once.. Silly Me – hey !
    In fact that fairy story is a big fat lie.

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