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Time To Do What’s Right


Dr. William Pierce shows us that it’s possible to stand up to Jewish power.

by Dr. William L. Pierce

WELL, WELL, WELL! Finally even someone in the Clinton gang said something about it: there are far too many Jews in Clinton’s government. An unnamed bureaucrat in the State Department, trying to implement the Clinton government’s policy of maximizing “diversity” in the bureaucracy, looked around and noticed that nearly all of the people in the key policy positions in the State Department are Jews, and he wrote a memorandum to other bureaucrats saying, “Hey, we have too many Jews. We need to hold off on appointing any more Jews to vacant positions around here and try to get some other ethnicities involved.” He pointed out in particular that everyone in the section of the State Department dealing with the Middle East is a Jew.

Of course, the number of Jews in the State Department has become much more noticeable since Clinton’s Jewish secretary of state Madeleine Albright was appointed and immediately surrounded herself with a swarm of Jewish assistants and advisors. But it is considered impolite to notice this, and when someone leaked the memo about there being too many Jews to a local newspaper, the Washington Times, things hit the fan. There were screams of outrage from all the usual quarters. Jewish Congressman Benjamin Gilman, a Republican from New York and chairman of the House Internal Affairs Committee, complained angrily about the memo to Mr. Clinton, wailing that any attempt to stop the State Department from becoming entirely Jewish is “religious discrimination.” And in Mr. Clinton Congressman Gilman found a sympathetic listener. Mr. Clinton has appointed more Jews to government positions than any other President in history — by far. In particular he has hardly appointed anyone except Jews to the positions of control over America’s foreign policy. His entire national security team is Jewish: the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the chief of the National Security Council and his deputy — they’re all Jews appointed by Clinton. And so the State Department bureaucrat who wrote that memo is now in very hot water. Predictions are that he will be crucified — which, come to think of it, is a punishment which has a historical precedent for a similar offense against the Jewish establishment.

The bureaucrat’s problem is that he just didn’t get it: He just never understood that what the government’s policy of “diversity” really means is, get rid of the straight, White males. One heterosexual White male in any department is one too many. But you do not ask whether or not there may be too many homosexuals or too many Blacks or too many Hispanic lesbians or too many Vietnamese immigrants in a particular government agency — and especially you never, never, never comment about there being too many Jews. There can’t be too many Jews in positions of power and influence. “Diversity” doesn’t apply to Jews.

The government bureaucracy isn’t the only place where it is Politically Incorrect to notice the huge overabundance of Jews; organized crime is another area. When the Los Angeles police announced that they had found out who had killed the son of Black television actor Bill Cosby, they told the world that their suspect is a “Russian” — and might be a hit man for a “Russian” organized crime gang, suggesting that Cosby may have been involved in some sort of drug deal which went bad. When this announcement hit the news last week, there was much talk on television about how the “Russians” are taking over organized crime in the United States, about how the most vicious and sophisticated organized crime gangs are made up of “Russian” immigrants, and so on. The word “Jew” was never mentioned in connection with any of this, and so the average television viewer would never realize that these crime gangs actually have no Russians in them at all. They consist entirely of Jews from Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union. They are Jewish organized crime gangs, but that fact is never mentioned by the controlled news media.

The reason America is now plagued by the Jewish organized crime gangs is that our government in Washington has for years treated Jews differently from all other persons in Eastern Europe seeking entry to the United States. If you’re a real Russian who wants to come to the United States to get away from the disastrous economic conditions in post-Communist Russia, our government won’t let you in. But if you’re a Jew who wants to come over here from Russia because your tribe already has picked that country’s bones clean, you are welcomed with open arms and given every advantage. You are classified as a “refugee from persecution.” Hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews have poured into the United States during the past 20 years, and many of them were hardened criminals. They ran the rackets in Russia, and now that they’ve bled Russia dry they’ve come over here to suck our blood. It is these Jewish so-called “refugees” who have set up the vicious organized crime gangs on the east and west coasts — especially in the New York and Los Angeles areas — and are doing far more damage than the Italian mafia ever did. But you would never know that from watching television. And don’t expect the Clinton government to change its policy toward those poor, persecuted Soviet Jews still pouring into America.

After the Los Angeles police had investigated their suspect, Mikhail Markhasev, for a day or two, they announced that they believed he was not acting on behalf of any organized crime group when he shot Cosby. He is only 18 years old and came to the United States with his family eight years ago as a “Russian refugee,” they said. Still no mention that he is a Jew, but the description of him as a “Russian refugee” is a dead giveaway, because, as I just mentioned, for all practical purposes it is only Jews who are given that status. And it turned out that this particular 18-year-old Jew has an extensive criminal record and is known as a hardened and vicious thug, and may have been undergoing initiation into a gang when he killed Cosby.

The two news items I’ve mentioned — the fuss about a bureaucrat’s memo on the growing Jewishness of our State Department and the murder of Bill Cosby’s son by a Jewish criminal from Russia — may sound like they’re completely unrelated, but they’re not. The common link they have is the Jewish control of America’s news and entertainment media.

The State Department is supposed to look out for America’s interests in our dealings with other countries. It’s supposed to exercise diplomacy on our behalf in a way which will solve our problems with other countries without our having to go to war. One of the key problem spots in the world, of course, is the Middle East. Our State Department spends more time dealing with problems in the Middle East than anywhere else in the world. The root of all the problems in the Middle East is the seizure of Arab land by Jews in a series of wars over the past 50 years. And how does our State Department look out for our interests in the Middle East? It staffs the Middle Eastern section entirely with Jews. That’s like trying to solve problems in the henhouse by putting a fox in charge.

No major politician in Washington, no sophisticated bureaucrat in Washington, believes that the State Department is looking out for American interests in the Middle East. Everyone understands that the real job of the State Department is to look out for Jewish interests. Everyone understands that except the general public. The general public hasn’t been let in on the secret, because the news media, which are supposed to keep the public informed, are covering for the Jews. Can you imagine the screams of outrage you would hear if any President or Secretary of State tried to staff the Middle Eastern section of the State Department with Arabs? The media would be screaming that the State Department was biased against Israel, that it wasn’t really looking out for America’s interests, that it was siding with the Arabs. They would make sure that the public heard about it — over and over and over. But when the State Department becomes essentially an arm of the government of Israel, the public doesn’t hear a peep.

It may be foreign affairs that our Jew-heavy State Department deals with, but foreign affairs have domestic consequences. They can cost American lives. They take money out of the pockets of American taxpayers. The American public may not have found out yet that our State Department doesn’t represent American interests, but the rest of the world has found out. That’s why the Marine barracks in Lebanon was blown up, killing 237 of our Marines in 1983; that’s why the World Trade Center in New York City was bombed a decade later; that’s why our military people were bombed in Saudi Arabia last year; that’s why there will be other terror bombings in the future which will take American lives. And it’s why the Jews in our State Department very well may lead our country into another war in the Middle East in the near future. They will do it because they know that the Jews who control the media will cover for them.

Or take the Cosby killing. The Soviet Jewish thug who did it was in this country only because our government automatically classifies any Jew in eastern Europe who wants to come to the United States as a “refugee from persecution.” It’s a racket, and it wouldn’t exist if our news media would expose it. But they don’t. So the organized Jewish groups put pressure on the politicians, the politicians give them the special laws and handouts for Israel and other things they demand, and the news media just keep quiet about it, so Joe and Jill Sixpack never have a clue as to what’s happening.

What we need are honest, responsible, and patriotic news media, which actually keep the public informed about what’s going on. As long as the Jews have their death grip on the media, the public will remain ignorant, and every sort of corrupt and destructive activity will be able to proceed without the public’s knowledge. Joe and Jill Sixpack will learn only what the Jews want them to learn.

But the public consists of more than Joe and Jill Sixpack. When I say Joe and Jill Sixpack, I’m talking about the great mass of Americans who never have an idea in their heads that they didn’t get from television, who turn first to the sports section when they open their newspapers, and who never analyze anything, who never think carefully about anything. Unfortunately, Joe and Jill vote — in fact, they make up the great mass of voters — and so it suffices for the Jews’ purpose to keep Joe and Jill in the dark. But there are people who do keep up with what’s going on in the world. There are lots of people who concern themselves with what’s really happening. They read the small print in their newspapers, and they read between the lines. They know how to add two and two and draw the correct conclusion. They have noted what our State Department has been doing during the past 50 years, and they have noted many of the names and faces of the people involved. And so when they spot a small news article reporting Congressman Gilman’s outrage over some minor personnel official in the State Department being concerned that there are too many Jews in the department, these people are not surprised or confused. They understand. And they have read and remembered the fine print about the immigration of Soviet Jews into this country, and so they understand what the newspapers really mean when they report about “Russian” gangs of organized criminals.

They understand, so why do they not speak out? Why do they remain silent while the Jews continue to deceive and plunder their fellow citizens? These people who understand more often than not are successful people, people who wield a certain amount of power, a certain amount of influence. They could make a difference. After all, the Jews constitute only 2-1/2 per cent of the population. The people who understand what the Jews are up to make up at least that large a portion of the population. So why do they remain silent?

I have spoken with many of these people, and I have asked them that very question. Some of them have answered me in a very reasonable way. They have told me that while they understand that many Jews are engaged in destructive activities, especially in connection with their control of the news and entertainment media and their influence on governmental policy and the political process, they don’t know everything that’s going on. They don’t want to speak out in ignorance. They don’t want to make fools of themselves and perhaps do an injustice to some Jews by making blanket statements when they don’t yet have all of the facts.

Well, let’s say we have a mutinous faction in a ship’s crew which is drilling holes in the bottom of the boat, the ship has taken on a lot of water and already is listing at 45 degrees, but the ship’s officers refuse to take any action because they don’t yet have all of the facts. What would you say about those ship’s officers? Are they just trying to be careful and fair? Or do they have some character flaw: perhaps a deficiency in courage or a defective sense of responsibility?

I understand as well as anyone that there is a cost involved in doing what is right instead of just going with the flow. I understand that the Jews always try to punish those who speak out against them. I understand there is some risk involved in being Politically Incorrect when one is living in a degenerate society under a corrupt government. But look at the cost of remaining silent: the loss of one’s self-respect, the loss of one’s sense of righteousness — unless one has a very flexible conscience. Is it worth it?

You know, someone once said, “What does it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world and yet lose his soul?” And I say, what degree of security, what amount of material wealth, is great enough to sacrifice one’s honor for it? What can the Jews threaten a man with that is more terrible than living with the knowledge that he has shirked his responsibility, that he has failed to do what he knows he should do and could do?

I am attacked continually by the Jews in their newspapers and their television. They shriek that I am a “hater,” and they try to frighten ordinary people into staying away from me. And they do more. They sic the government on me, and they try to bankrupt me with harassing lawsuits. I used to have a tax exemption because all of my work is educational, and I’m certainly not in it for the profit. But the B’nai B’rith, one of the powerful Jewish organizations to whose tune the politicians dance, complained to the Internal Revenue Service, and they obediently took away my tax exemption. Morris Dees and his Southern Poverty Law Center tried to bankrupt me with a spurious law suit in an effort to silence me. Morris Dees boasted to the newspapers when he sued me that he would “shut Pierce down.” And these things certainly are a nuisance. But the compensation is that I sleep well at night. I live and work constantly with the joy of knowing that I am doing the right thing, that I am doing what I should be doing, to the best of my ability. And despite all of the hatred and all of the attacks the Jews direct against me, the number of my friends and supporters continues to grow.

It is possible to stand up to the Jews. It is possible to do what you know is right without being destroyed. They have much power, but it is power which they are obliged to keep concealed. They understand that they are playing a very risky and tricky game. They know that there are more of us than of them. They know that they can only continue to suck the blood of our people if they can do it without provoking us sufficiently that we wake up and take action against them. And now they see more and more of us waking up. That must be a very unnerving experience for them.

You who are reading this are at least partially awake. You are a cut above Joe and Jill Sixpack. So I say to you: think about what you are doing with your life. Think about the responsibility you have to your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Think about the responsibility you have to all of those who came before you and whose sacrifices made your life possible. And think about your responsibility to yourself, your responsibility to be the best person, the most righteous person, that you can be. Think about all of these things, and then let me hear from you.

Source: Free Speech magazine, May 1997

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  1. Do we, Gentiles/Whites, have an answer to the Jew Question.
    If we do not soon arrive at an answer to combat the insurgence of the Jew then we, as a race, will cease to exist.
    For some two thousand years and beyond the Jew has envolved himself into a highly intelligent self concerned group who through the writings of their inspired Satanic intellectuals have concluded and promulgated that other races are inferior and must be subservient to them the Jews.
    The Jew PM of England, Disraeli, stated that \’All is Race\’ and as an arm of the Rothschild group he would have been informed of the Judaic agenda.
    There is no doubt that Disraeli was correct as strong, intelligent cooperative groups will survive. It is not about the survival of the fittest but the survival of racial cooperation.
    We, as whites lack that cooperation and it will eventually allow our destruction.
    You do not need to hug and kiss your ass\’ole neighbour but you need to open a conversation that, even him, will not survive the administration of Jewish power should he persevere with his snozzer up his alimentary canal.

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