To The Tyrants Destroying Australia, Judgement Awaits You!

Rod Culleton’s Great Australian Party

Human Rights safe guards, Domestic Law, International Law, UN Charters and Judicial Judgements have not managed to protect us from a corrupt, careless and morally bankrupt government, breaching our most basic Human Rights, treating those who dare to chose for themselves with contempt – as second class citizens.
In time to come, this COVID tyranny will have all proven to be one unforgivable disproportionate authoritarian moment in Australian history.
The numerous Human Rights breaches, the lives and businesses that have been ruined, families left homeless after losing their jobs, the fear campaign lead by the anti-facts media, the threats of forced vaccines and other medical procedures, the mad dog police let loose by state governments to violently assault their own people, the suppression of our right to peaceful assembly, the suppression of liberties, the forcing of face coverings, the children that are forcibly indoctrinated, vaccine passports – creating 2 classes of citizens, the allowance of big corporates Coles, Woolworths and Bunnings to monopolise the market while small business were forced shut and failed, and the great debt left for generations to come.
We must always remember the people who perpetrated this against us. Never forget their faces, never forget their names, never forget the political parties they represented, for they will be condemned in history as tyrants.
History will not be kind to them.
They must be made liable. It is simply not good enough they walk away from their jobs without being judged and held to account by the people they perpetrated their despotic will upon.
History’s dustbin of time is full of self serving tyrants. That is what awaits this lot of tyrants.

One thought on “To The Tyrants Destroying Australia, Judgement Awaits You!

  1. There is no doubt that history will judge these political blackguards for their treasonous activities against the Australian people.
    Unfortunately that is the future and the present demands these controlled blackguards to pay for their crimes now and with the protection of the UN and media that will not happen.
    How long can we suffer this assumed virus constantly promoted by the mainstream Media and Medical authorities.
    This assumed virus has now morphed into a Delta Virus from an indian virus that started with a Sars-Co 2 virus to the CoVid-19 assumed Virus. Never been isolated; get me the science but not from the Media only from scientific peer approved studies; where is it? Just like CoVid-19 it’s pie in the sky.
    Sky’s the limit and the magicians in the Media will, no doubt, pull a few more variants outa the hat to confuse and create fear.
    Wattle virus might help us endure this false reality or maybe, kangaroo, wombat or even didgeridoo. These fuckwits in media don’t have much imagination.

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