February 25, 2024

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Top MD/ Chief of Surgery’s Body Found in Spokane River in Washington State


 By Erin Elizabeth, Founder, Health Nut News
 It is with heavy heartthat I gently break the news of the death of another well known MD.  body was pulled from the Spokane river earlier today, Tuesday.

He was 49 years old.

Authorities say they are investigating the  death as  “suspicious.”

This is not the first death I’ve reported on (since I started reporting on last June (2015) on mysterious doctor deaths (mostly holistic)  The very first was the famous Jeffrey Bradstreet MD, who was also found dead in a river this past summer, on June 19th, 2015.

Like Dr Bradstreet, this doctor also publicly talked about thinking outside the box on his treatments (especially for cancer) which we discuss  further down in our piece.

From the article in mainstream on his death:




4 thoughts on “Top MD/ Chief of Surgery’s Body Found in Spokane River in Washington State

  1. After & as a result of the 2008 GFC the same thing happened to the banking sector – they flew off skyscrapers – they suffered & dies of unexpected heart attacks – they killed themselves with nail guns – they jumped in front of vans driven by soccer moms – one high profile banker & his whole family in Belgium, were slaughteed in their plush home.

  2. Just to say that it is not any kind of profit, derived from cancer research results, nor any kind of profit derived from cancer treatment, resulting in cure or death that is being protected.
    GAZILLIONS OF MONEIES ARE POURED INTO THE RESEARCH & TREATMENT OF CANCER … but where does the money go, we see no progress or results …/?
    And yet the new radiotherapy delivery robotics in GREAT BRITAIN – announced in Australian mainstream news last week – is some old & obsolete robot from some factory – a robot superseded by a newer model – and regurgitated for cancer treatment – so as not to take it to the tip – waste not want not.
    So, if there is nothing new – why are they so picky about someone rocking the boat of CANCER FUNDING …/?

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    My eldest son told me about Rife – but I already understood the concept = sound shattering a glass.

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