April 17, 2024

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Troll Philip Gluyas Posts Anti Vaccination List


Philip Gluyas Is Proud of His Disgusting AV List
Important Information For Any Individuals On The AV Hate List & Please Do Take A Copy Of The List To The Police & Local Court House. If You Have The Funds Then Please Consider Contacting A Lawyer To See What Action You May Be Able To Take Against Gluyas. The Full List Can Be Found On Philip Gluyas’s Blog, All About Anti-Vaxxers; 

In Australia, you can’t make a public list with pedophiles, but this cretin has made a public list of people who have a different view on medical choices to his own. He says he is listing us “in preparation for a direct police report should they cross the line from expressing an opinion to bullying – or do something else that warrants action.” WELL I say, HIS actions warrant police reports.

An application for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) can be made in two ways:

•by the police on your behalf (called a ‘police application’)
•by you personally at your local court (called a ‘private application’)

There is no cost for applying for an AVO.

You may make a private application for an AVO.

Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVOs) are more likely to be made as a private application.

You can make a private application if you wish to represent yourself or if the police will not make an application on your behalf.

Before you contact the Local Court about making an application for an AVO, you should consider your reasons for wanting an AVO carefully. If you make an application and you lose in court, you may be ordered to pay the defendant’s costs. For more information about costs, see Costs in Apprehended Violence Order cases.

It is an offense to make a false or misleading statement to a magistrate or registrar when applying for an APVO.

If you don’t know whether you should make an application for an AVO, you should get legal advice.

Before applying for an AVO, you should consider whether you can prove that you need an AVO.

The applicant will need to prove that:
•they, or the protected person fears that another person will be violent towards them, harass them or intimidate or stalk them (this is a subjective test, which means that it is based on what the protected person actually feels), and
•the protected person’s fear is based on reasonable grounds (this is an objective test, which means it is based on whether the court believes that a person in the protected person’s situation would feel the same as the protected person).



Cyber Bully & Lowlife Troll, Philip Gluyas Has Posted An Anti-Vaxxer List On His Hate Blog, All About Anti-Vaxxers. There Are Over 100 People In Australia Who Have Been Named On The AV List Along With Many Others, Including Folks In The US. This Disgusting Pervert Has systematically & Methodically Listed Good People In The Health freedom Movement Without Their Knowledge Or Consent. This is An Incredibly Low Act & Many Of Those Who Have Been Listed, Including, Myself Are Only Trying To Protect Our Health Freedoms & God Given Rights To Informed Consent.


Gluyas Has Listed Honest & Hardworking Individuals Who Love Their Children So Much That They Are Simply Not Prepared To Take The Risk In Vaccinating them. This Has Come About Through Rigorous & Extensive Personal research & I Myself Have Spent Nearly 20 Years Doing Just That. To Be Smeared On Some Nasty & Vindictive Hate List Like A Pedophile Is Unforgivable & Shows Very Clearly How Despicable These Troll Predators Really Are.

Here Is A Sample Of What, Gluyas Says About People In The Health Freedom Movement & I Honestly Think This Man Is A Sociopath. To Call Families, Trolls & Child neglecters Defies Belief

This is a list of social media trolls who are rabidly anti vaccine and in my opinion should be called out as child neglectors or inciting said child neglect (primarily the latter). This list comes in four parts – the first part lists the Australians who I am listing here in preparation for a direct police report should they cross the line from expressing an opinion to bullying – or do something else that warrants action. The second part are the Americans and the third part is everyone else who may cop a similar report, but it will be harder to achieve over country borders unless someone within that country is able to assist. The fourth part lists those who I haven’t located IRL yet. This page will be progressively updated. Within the parts this is in alphabetical order by first name including pages (which will also be separated).

AUSTRALIAN List Here: https://allaboutantivaxxers.wordpress.com/av-name-check/
Adam George Crabb · North Curl Curl, New South Wales* We Can See Here That Gluyas Has Listed My Name & Suburb With A Mark Next To My Name, This Means They Have My Actual Address. The Suburb Named Here Is Mine But Not The House That I Own. 

This Cowardly Troll Has The Audacity To Mention Police reports For Those Who Cross The Line, Is He Delusional, Are You Kidding Me? Personally, I Could Not Care Less & View These Serial Stalkers As A Bunch Of Gutless, Spineless Cowards Who Seem To Get Sexually Aroused By Stalking Members Of The Public. Legal Investigations Are Moving Forward With Many People On The AV List Filing AVO”S To The Police Along With Legal Action Being Built. I Am Unable To Go Into The Legal Side But Will Use All My Power, Contacts & Output To Make Sure That This Man Gets Fully Exposed For The Coward That He Is & The List Taken Down. I Do Feel Sorry For All The People Who Have Been Named On This List & The True Purpose Of It Is To Name & Shame Individuals Who Simply Choose Not To vaccinate Themselves Or Their Children.


It Is A Sick Joke To Think That Gluyas Was A PPV Candidate For The Legislative Council-Western Victoria Region. 

I came across this chap when I was browsing Antony Green’s Victorian election blog – interesting fellow it seems. He brought an action against the Victorian Human Rights & Equal Opportunity Commission back in 2000, which was dismissed by Ryan J in the Federal Court. A couple of interesting things in the decision though:

Philip Gluyas said:

The decision of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (under review, which was the decision in respect of which Mr Gluyas appealed to the Federal Court) noted:

It Has Now Become Very Clear To Many Fantastic people In The Australian Health Freedom Movement That We Are Now Dealing With Groups Of Troll Thugs Who Represent & Protect The Pharmaceutical Industry. What Are We Looking At Here? A Criminal Conspiracy & A Nasty Trolling Network That Stretches Like Cancer Across The Globe, Please read.  Internet Trolls May be Trained Government Agents According to Leaked Document To Get A Better Idea Of Whats Going On. I really Don’t Care If Gluyas Is A Lone Wolf Or What Conditions He Suffers From, This Horrid Man Has Gone Too Far & Needs To Be Fully Exposed.

It Is Very Interesting To Note How Many People In The health Freedom Movement Are Scared To Come Forward & Speak Out About The Abuse They Have Suffered. The Climate Of fear & Intimidation Has Now Given Birth To Massive Change In Australia & A Pandoras Box Has Been Opened Here, Big Time.

It’s Incredibly Sad To See How The Gutless Australian Media Have Intensionally Used A System Of Lies, Propaganda, Nonsense & fear Mongering To Shape The Minds Of The Australian Public. The Term, Anti-Vaxxer Is Now Used To Vilify & Discriminate Against People Who Won’t vaccinate & Families Are Being treated Like Criminals, Why?  For All Our Followers, Philip Gluyas, Who Is Responsible For The Nasty AV List Can Be Contacted Here: https://twitter.com/PhilipGluyas?lang=en Here: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100011353366301&fref=ts

Tell Him what You Think Of Troll Cyber Bullies & A Vaccine Justice Group Has Also Been Set Up Here For Anyone Who Finds Themselves On His Hate List. Please, Understand, This List Incites Violence Against Those On It & What The List Is really Implying To Other Pro-Vaxxer Thugs Is, Go Get Them. This Is Unacceptable Behaviour & Naming-Shaming People Just Because They Choose Not To Poison Their Children with Toxic, Untested & Potentially deadly Vaccines Is Outrageous. I View, Gluyas As A Dangerous Criminal & Believe He Should Be Treated accordingly. We Will Push As Hard As Possible To Get This Horrid List Removed From The Internet & The Full List Can Be Found Here

Please Take Some Time To Go Over These Links In Order To Catch Up With what’s Really Going On Behind The Mask. I Have Been Involved With The Health freedom Movement For A Long Time & Every Single Person I Have Met Have Been Outstanding & Open hearted Individuals.

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10 thoughts on “Troll Philip Gluyas Posts Anti Vaccination List

  1. Tell Him what You Think Of Troll Cyber Bullies & A Vaccine Justice Group Has Also Been Set Up Here (LINK isnt working for me).

  2. How is this man
    * QUALIFIED .. to speak on virology & vaccination ?
    How is this man
    * QUALIFIED .. MEDICALLY .. & / or SCIENTIFICALLY .. to speak on virology & vaccination ?

  3. This is a biased and highly inaccurate opinion piece that has been reviewed by Philip on his latest podcast. It would be in your best interests given the content identified as defamatory to delete this commentary.

    1. Thanks Wally or Where’s Wally. “given the content identified as defamatory”. You make the claim, you prove the claim. Lets see you lodge the complaint so it can be PUBLICLY taken to the highest court there is in this Australia. Otherwise go back to your sandbox where you brats can whine and cry and be the ultimate in biased rhetoric.

  4. Dearest Phil,
    I am honoured to have been included on your list. I think this must really mean that you love me.
    As a token of my good will, I would like to invite you around to my house one evening to enjoy a lovely home cooked, cruelty free vegan dinner to be enjoyed by yourself and a group of healthy, vaccine free, medical choice advocates from all corners of Australia (and maybe also Jill and Hank, provided they don’t decide to bring the flu with them).
    Our wonderful main course of tofu, marinated in cracked pepper, lime and chilli with a serving of fresh organic vegetables on the side and fluoride free triple distilled spring water will be proceeded by the Lord’s Prayer (which I hope that Hank will be leading).
    Let us then clank our glasses together in a toast to heroes such as yourself who have worked relentlessly around the clock, presumably with the purpose of unifying the wider community of vaccine choice advocates who at times have been a little divided.
    By your bringing our names all together on that fine little list of yours, you have provided people such as myself with a one stop shop for like-minded individuals within my local area. Think of it as a sort of white pages for anti-vaxxers to meet and greet, if you will.
    The little one certainly seems to be enjoying the play dates and the missus can’t stop raving about the organic free-trade coffee. I secretly think she just enjoys the regular gossip (shhh don’t tell her that).
    Thanks Phil. Continue being a champ!

    1. “triple distilled spring water” … ?
      How extraordinary !
      I had an organic coffee at CERES cafe one morning at 10.30 AM – you have to be a super hero to drink that stuff – the caffeine kicked in & at 6.30 PM I was still wired & strung out.
      Nettle – Pumpkin – Feta & Almond Quiche is nice.
      Phil is a meat & potatoes man – for sure.

  5. It sounds like this person is a severely deranged mental case. Why doesn’t Australia put him in a zoo?

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