April 20, 2024

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Pedophilia Is a Natural Sexual Orientation: Universities Push Paedophile Agenda

A disgusting TEDx Talk trying to normalize pedophilia by declaring that “pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality”.


Mirjam Heine from University of Wursburg wants you to believe that “pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation, just like heterosexuality.”

During her TEDx Talk, Mirjam said: “Generally speaking, anyone could be born a pedophile.” And “According to current research, paedophilia is an unchangeable SEXUAL ORIENTATION, just like, for example, heterosexuality.”

Universities have become the breeding ground for this ‘progressive’ push to normalise paedophilia and present paedophiles as victims of ‘heteromative’ bigotry.

La Trobe University’s Gary Dowsett asks ‘why do we need an age of consent at all?’

But according to Freedom Project: “This is the mainstreaming of sexual capacity for people of all ages.”

In the USA, University of California, Santa Barbara, has a website hosted by sociology students, which states: “children might display affection to their friends by hugging or kissing, or touching each other’s genitals, which is perfectly normal. Parents should not react in a negative way, because children are just exploring.”

Paedophiles have even rebranding themselves as ‘MAPS’ – Minor Attracted Persons and closely aligning themselves with the LGBT community.

Image Source: yournewswire.com

Wake up parents! It’s  time to stand up as a united front against the ‘progressives’ who are indoctrinating our children to believe this is normal!

Source: https://youreteachingourchildrenwhat.org/2018/07/universities-push-paedophile-agenda/

5 thoughts on “Pedophilia Is a Natural Sexual Orientation: Universities Push Paedophile Agenda

  1. Our current society is beginning to make Sodom and Gomorrah look like a bastion of morality. Will people ever wake up and stand for what’s right? I’m starting to lose faith in humanity.

  2. So …. !!

    We are going to convince the children that a being mauled & manhandled by some sexually aroused man or woman is nice.

    That putting some middle aged man penis in their mouth is yummy.
    While the piece of demented filth moans & groans with pleasure.

    Okay ..
    Yep ..
    I can see that.

    Or some 32 year old married, alcoholic, female relative who convinces her 10 year old nephew, who she has tricked into wagging school & plying him with enough alcohol that he is almost not conscious & then sucking his penis – all the while her two babies sleep in the other room – they – dosed up on Phenergan.

    And this is all okay.
    So why won’t the kids believe it !!
    And it gets worse.

    1. Urethral Stricture –

      Urethra – the duct by which urine is conveyed out of the body from the bladder , in male vertebrates also coneys semen.

      What causes the urethra to narrow ?
      A stricture restricts the flow of urine from the bladder & can cause a variety of medical problems in the urinary tract, including inflammation & infection. Scar tissue which an narrow the urethra, can be due to: … Trauma or injury to the urethra or pelvis.

      Some perverted low life adult
      Sucking the penis of a young male whose sexual organs are not yet
      Fully developed for sexual activity –
      Making it very difficult to urinate – a situation which could lead to INFECTION.
      Also making it very painful to urinate.

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