February 25, 2024

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Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW

“Sign Here” Urgent Call to Action: Block the Pandemic Treaty NOW!

The stakes have never been higher in our ongoing battle against the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has unveiled yet another draft of this alarming proposal, aimed at becoming the primary tool for managing global health crises.

They are looking to become the global health authority before “the next pandemic strikes”, and it’s up to us to stop them.

This isn’t about health; it’s about who holds the reins of power in times of crisis.

As they inch closer and closer to finalizing negotiations, we cannot afford to back down.

You have stood right with us on this issue, from the very beginning, and have shown immense dedication and commitment in all our previous campaigns.

Now, we need your support once again as we enter the final straight.

The upcoming Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting set to take place this coming 4-6 December will uncover whether there is “sufficient” global consensus to ratify the Pandemic Accord across member states.

This could be a groundbreaking moment, that could possibly clear the ground for the Treaty to be ratified in time for the set deadline of May 2024. 

The urgency to act is now, as the next Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) meeting is just a week from now. Will you sign to oppose this totalitarian power grab? Add your voice by signing our petition today. 

The latest draft includes overreaching proposals that extend far beyond simple ‘health management’. Key changes include:

  • Expansive Definition of ‘Party’ – the term now extends beyond states, potentially diluting national sovereignty.

(g) “Party” means a State or regional economic integration organization that has consented to be bound by this Agreement, in accordance with its terms, and for which this Agreement is in force; 

  • Permanent Funding Mechanism – This proposal would institutionalize financial support for the treaty’s mechanisms.

  • Centralised Health Policy Management – The WHO would gain significant authority over global health governance, overshadowing member states’ autonomy.

  • WHO Autonomy in Declaring Pandemics – The Director-General could independently declare pandemic status, impacting economies and civil liberties.

  • Combatting ‘False’ Information – Vague provisions could lead to restrictions on freedom of expression under the guise of controlling disease spread.

  • Gone is the “full respect for the dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms of persons” (see below):

  • And yes … it’s also LEGALLY BINDING now!

They have doubled down, and are doing everything possible to get this motion through by May next year.

This is why the upcoming hearing in Geneva is so crucial and will dictate how much confidence there is in the project, come the New Year.

This work is essential, if we want to halt this push. It is how we build resistance from within.

But to do so we need to be able to count on your support.

That is why I am asking you to please sign our petition ahead of the INB negotiations on 4-6 December, urging delegates to reject the amendments that are being proposed to centralise global health management.

Imagine a world where health policy is centrally dictated, and your health decisions are made by an unelected body with sweeping powers.

Well make no mistake – if the globalists get away with it, it would centralise health governance globally as legally binding.

The treaty’s provisions discussed would give the WHO the authority to declare pandemics and manage health emergencies, overriding national policies.

We have a real opportunity to close the year, one-up against our enemies, and stop this madness!

Source: https://citizengo.org/en-au/node/212347?dr=24143339::d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e&utm_source=em&utm_medium=e-mail&utm_content=em_btn&utm_campaign=EN_AU-2023-11-21-Global-OT-GCH-212347-Pandemic_Zero_Draft-Pandemic_Zero_Draft.01_AA_Launch&mkt_tok=OTA3LU9EWS0wNTEAAAGPk06fpgzNPD5HMovlVjNQQAX4Wg2M6th880DJjbSt-Us1XBRud824vNjqBcwHf_4h_f1kaaijSrlXenovtKs-xXsVelClrLLg89hQ6SWz7fSPR8L62w

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