February 25, 2024

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US, Mexican scientists predict Armageddon in California


US and Mexican scientists have made yet another warning about the danger of destructive earthquakes in Southern California.

Geologists of Mexico and UC Davis (USA) continued the study started by the USGS, the Southern California Earthquake Center and the California Geological Survey.

According to the researchers, tremors may produce the “domino effect” in the fault network in California. The effect may thus lead to much greater destruction.

A research from 2008 showed that a strong magnitude 8.0 quake in California was likely to happen. The probability of the disaster to occur in the last 30 years has increased from 4.7% to 7%.

Leading scientist at the USGS, Ned Field, said that the studies proved the presence of systemic manifestations in multiple faults in the earth’s crust, where tremors may lead to ruptures in several fault zones at once.

USGS geophysicist Morgan Page added that multi-faults could lead to a catastrophic earthquake. The scientist exemplified his point of view with El Mayor Cucapah magnitude 7.2 quake in 2010 that affected other faults networks.

Recent studies indicate that earthquakes in fault networks may cause a chain reaction, and large magnitude tremors may thus spread throughout California like a “domino effect,” provoking one catastrophic event after another in other systems at large distances. The well-known San Andreas Fault is especially dangerous at this point. An earthquake in the area of the fault may cause “Armageddon” for the entire region.



NASA warning: ‘99.9 percent chance’ of California earthquake


2 thoughts on “US, Mexican scientists predict Armageddon in California

  1. Nikola Tesla’s – Mechanical Osillator – Earthquake Machine – Every substance has a resonant frequency, which is demonstrated by the principle of sympathetic vibration & endash, the most obvious example is the wine glass shattered by the opera singer,. If this frequency is matched and amplified, any material may be literally shattered to peices.
    Including cancer cells:
    December 2001 – scientists at NASA’s AIMS Research Centre California make a discovery – in studying more than 100 earthquakes with 5.0 magnitutes or greater, they find that they are preceeded by electrical distutbances in the ionosphere, could there be a connection to HAARP or a facility like it. To say that HAARP can artifically excite the ionosphere in such a way, to cause an earthquake is alarming.
    ELF Waves – earth tomography is a process of using ELF waves at a much lower frequency – than HAARP – to discover oil.
    Earthquakes … let me count the ways it could happen.

  2. How much oil have the FAT CAT POWER BROKERS pumped out from beneath the surface of planet Earth ?
    And left EMPTY SPACE ..
    Imagine the tremendous forces that are in play .. keeping the solar system together & in synchronized motion.
    Planet Earth is no longer that solid ball that it once was .. something has got to give.
    The Bullshit that is the GLOBAL WARMING FAIRY TALE .. is to direct any & all blame & liability from the GLOBAL INDUSTRIALISTS / BANKERS / AND THEIR ILK.
    And as is their usual ploy .. blame the scum of the earth .. the common man upon who’s hard labor .. the world has turned for centuries.

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