March 3, 2024

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Vaccines Not Primary Cause of Autism


Four Reasons

Empirical Science

Ultrasound fetal hazards far outweigh vaccine hazards.

Ultrasound damage is empirically proven at low intensity, at clinical intensity, and this happens with 100% reliability. This goes beyond “risk assessment”. The question becomes not if, but why are they doing this? [ref]

Ultrasound is officially described as “harmless”. Clearly there is a heavy political component, an investment in fetal damage, which should not be surprising in the context of Machiavellian medical monopoly practice. [ref] [ref]

A few seconds of ultrasound can damage the fetus.

Autism Initiation Timeline

Autism is initiated in the womb at approximately the 20th week gestation. [ref]

This corresponds with prenatal ultrasound, not vaccines. Doctors do not advise routine vaccination at the 20th week, but they do force by intimidation, pregnant women to undergo ultrasound at the 20th week.

Thus, ultrasound fetal damage is the sine qua non for autism. There are exceptions where other forms of radiation could have damaged the fetus, such as x-rays. Vaccines are not a sine quo non.

Vaccines could be a trigger like many other environmental stressors, but more likely it is the antibiotic preservative in the vaccine, not the vaccine itself.

Two interviewees in Wakefield’s movie, Vaxxed, inadvertently describe “antibiotics” as the primary causative stressor — despite the film’s intent — to promote the concept of vaccine-caused autism.[ref] I spoke several times at length with Wakefield during the Vaxxed premiers in New York. He was “impressed” but would not allow further discussion.
Ultrasound “potentiates” antibiotics by a factor as much as 100x! This use of ultrasound is an emerging but controversial antibiotic technology, yet conspicuously not controversial when applied to a fetus.

Cuba: No Autism

Despite 100% vaccine compliance in Cuba, including the MMR, there has been virtually no autism!
Cuba could not afford to buy or maintain ultrasound machines, thus there was virtually no autism.

Lately Cuba is being donated ultrasound machines, and Cuba is suffering some rising autism rates. More recently, with trade barriers falling, DUS sales reps are meeting high level officials in Cuba, preparing major sales campaigns.

Japan: Rising Autism

The MMR vaccine was cancelled circa 1992, when Japan suspected that the MMR might be causing autism, yet autism increase more than ever before!
In 1992 Japan increased ultrasound machine allowed intensities by at least 8x-15x. Autism increased though MMR was canceled. They were following the 1991 increase by the FDA.


Vaccines are dubious products. Even vaccine manufacturers admit that vaccines are not proven safe nor effective. [ref]

Vaccines are not proven effective because the disease causation paradigms (germs) are not valid. Environmental toxicology is missing from all aspects of disease epidemics —  despite massive industrial poisoning at all disease epicenters in proportion to disease intensity. [ref]

Nevertheless, the vaccine controversy is a controlled narrative that primarily serves as a smoke screen. Because most anti-vaxers believe in the mainstream disease causation paradigms (germs), the mainstream is able to trick anti-vaxers into dramatizing germ theory and hiding greater medical horrors, such as ultrasound.

For example, the following article will keep anti-vaxers excited, as they shout how The New York Times “admits” that vaccine viruses are causing disease.

Anti-vaxers should be arguing causation in terms of toxicology, not virology.

Vaccines are secondary, one of the several subsequent environmental stressors that can trigger “autism” in the already ultrasound-damaged child.

RFK Jr., Age Of Autism, Blaxill, Wakefield, Handley, etc.

Why do these prominent anti-vaxers have it so wrong? None will answer my emails or personal in-the-face requests for dialogue. None of the autism nonprofits will answer. They avoid obvious resolution of the autism epidemic, merely herding the sheep along without causing an effective rebellion. They are compensated well as they mislead people into the virology morass.

For example,

RFK, Jr., promotes vaccine causation for autism (2/15/2017)

A lot of people say well maybe it’s the glyphosate, from the pesticides, maybe it’s PFOA from flame retardants, maybe it’s ultrasound. There’s a number of hypotheses, they all should be investigated. But none of them has the timing, or the sexual dimorphism that we see that we need to explain, when we look at these disorders [except vaccines]

RFK, Jr. conspicuously places ultrasound last, behind “flame retardants”. That’s not a mistake. He is wrong about vaccines because they do not have the timing of autism initiation (described above).

He is wrong about a unique “sexual dimorphism” for vaccines — because males and females usually respond differently to any poisoning.

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  1. There is good reason to suspect that the Denisovans had a completely different mindset to that of modern humans – one that acted almost like that of someone who would today form part of the autistic spectrum. If so, then some of their number might well have displayed what is known as savant syndrome, enabling them to advance quicker than their western counterparts, the Neanderthals. This is suggested by the fact that the Denisovans are known to have possessed two genes – ADSL and CNTNAP2 – that have been linked to autism in modern human populations.

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