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Victoria has become a corrupt & criminal police state under Labor Henchman, Daniel Andrews

Victoria has become a corrupt & criminal police state under Labor Henchman, Daniel Andrews 

Allona Lahn

I grew up in Victoria & spent the first 20 years of my life there. I have to say I’m thankful I don’t live there now… It was 20 years ago that I first heard the term, Victoria is a “police state”

Victoria is leading the way to forced coerced mass drugging it was the first state to implement the total exclusion of children to daycare and kindy IF they were not jabbed with the 13+ different diseases and adjuvants on the vaccination schedule.

Daycare’s have become the police of drugging. IF a daycare is found to have a child not up to date they are taken to court, fined, their businesses audited and scrutinised.

The Victorian health minister ignorantly stating children could handle 100,000 vaccines at once… Dangerous ignorance at it’s best… Up next No jab, no job? No jab, no school? No jab, no medical care? How far are you prepared to let this go?

Add in the erosion of natural therapies, freedom of speech, the poisoning of our planet, our air, our selves, red tape, legislation, BS and a broke government and its time for a change. Victorians please vote independent and the Health Australia Party.

“The Health Australia Party is a true centre Party committed to promoting open and transparent Government decision making, balance and honesty of information, stimulating individual freedom of choice and thought – to ensure we have a genuinely Healthy Australia”



11 thoughts on “Victoria has become a corrupt & criminal police state under Labor Henchman, Daniel Andrews

  1. I’d like to congratulate Daniel Andrews & his party in their winning the 2018 Victorian Election.
    😀 😛 😀 😛 😀 😛

    & who is going to be raked over the coals for it ??
    It is obvious that the Lib’s do not want a bar of it.

    What ?? … you ask.
    It has to be something big, what ever it is.

  3. The love affair between Andrews Labor & TRANSURBAN … how much has it cost us so far & how much more is it expected to cost & how much is the blowout ??
    Victorian Hospitals are almost at a stand still … on whose orders & WHY ??
    Is the Andrews Labor election win a case of, “you made the mess you fix it.”

  4. It seems now that Shorten and his gang of Commo/Green perverts will run Capital Hill.
    The Libs, a wasted heap of misfits, could not even start composting.
    There is nothing organic to compost.
    Following the Vic Labour win they deserve this creep, Matt Guy, who will do enough dirty deeds to keep this Vic mob in raptures, maybe even organisms.
    I must agree with the writer, Victoria, the ass’ole of the world!

  5. We do have Pauline Hanson, she could couple up with Cory Bernardi ??

    How would you feel about that union in the Office el Suprimo, isn’t ‘The Underground Bunker’ a more apt description, than Capitol Hill ?? …. it looks like a large mound over a rabbit warren, only ??

    Typo could be some kind of subliminal message / some prophetic insight maybe !!

  6. At The Next Federal Election

    * VOTE 1
    For Prime Minister Of Australia.

    * One Nation
    * Australian Conservatives
    * The Citizens Electoral Council

    (I know who these people are & have had phone contact with them also)
    ( Also HOLDEN Australia – that’s what the phone is for hey)

    * Help End Marijuana Prohibition – HEMP – Party

    I would like to vote Socialist Alliance & the like, so I visited & frequented their websites &&&&&& I found a big sign which said STRANGERS PISS OFF & indeed I was blocked — I am a potential voter WANKER or do you not need me ???
    Fuck You & I left.

    There is no real AGED CARE & DISABILITIES CARE & MENTAL HEALTH CARE in Australia – it’s all just pretend – they sign you up & stooge you along hoping you will die soon & they can move on.

    We need Law Reform of Illegal Drugs & management to minimal damage ends.

    The Australian Farmers – but also Country Towns need REPRESENTATION.
    Country Towns need to be grown up & migrants & business needs to be shunted in their direction to spread the load around a bit better.
    Our cities resemble a high rise housing commission estate.
    And not KATTER who sits on the fence smiling & only gives out a pre-election howell on his own behalf.

  7. I would love to have Independent Auditors Investigate the State of the Victorian’s Economic Viability.
    Exactly how much money has the Andrews led government spent all its time in office ??

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