March 4, 2024

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War On Love & Family: The Truth About Miley Cyrus “Dooo It!” Music Video

The video was released around 2015/16 but needs to be looked at in order to track whats being done. 

Would you consider Miley Cyrus’ new song “Dooo It!” and music video quality art? Do you think this video should be played on daytime television? Do you still own a television? In this video I discuss these questions as well as the frightening thought that celebrities, like Miley Cyrus, may be role models to our children. In this video I discuss: The Truth About Miley Cyrus “Dooo It!” Music Video – Pornography, Hypersexualization of children, and What We Must Dooo! For more videos like this one visit: Break Free From Slavery!

Note: We can clearly see that sick & degrading pornographic material has now gone mainstream & our children’s brains are the target. The war on human sexuality, love, family & spirituality has now hit a disgusting new low. It’s horrific to think that young children are watching this degenerate & completely demented material but it’s sadly the new normal.

Cyrus is nothing more than a brainwashed voodoo doll for her dark masters who not only control the porn industry but use trash music clips to sell their disgusting material. How long will it be before xxx porno is being shown on national TV stations? in schools?

What is Cyrus selling on behalf of her masters? Self-hatred & to annihilate the family unit using modern pornography as a weapon because these people HATE love.

Exposing the Attacks on Western Man

A frank discussion on the disproportionate role played by Jews in the porn industry. Whilst not all Jews are involved in encouraging and supporting pornography the West, leading Jewish authors on the subject admit that Jews have played a disproportionate role in the industry and their motivation is not simply financial. Whilst in the West we are seeing an increasing amount of sexualised material pushed upon society, in Israel family values take centre stage and by law internet pornography is blocked by internet service providers. My book, The Fall of Western Man is now available. It is available as a FREE eBook and also in hardback and paperback editions. The Official Website: FREE eBook download:… Hardback Edition… Paperback Edition:



4 thoughts on “War On Love & Family: The Truth About Miley Cyrus “Dooo It!” Music Video

  1. 1: Surely the Miley Cyrus – Dooo It! video is an add for teeth whitening – admittedly it is not a very good add.
    2: Mark Collett’s argument doe not work – sorry.
    Why not ?

    A) Psychology Today: Fathers Who Leave – How could a man leave his family for another woman? by Roy F Baumeister.
    B) Sex is not the wonderful, satisfying, act that they make out. Sex is a hit & miss affair. The odds that 2 people are interested & capable of uniting in a sexual act at the same time is rare, therefore one of them being put upon & is faking. There is something nasty about having to put out when you don’t feel like it. It was fantastic the last time – but don’t expect to ever hit that high again – it was a fluke.
    Genitalia does not always match – oops.
    Civilization was nor built on monogamy & the family unit.
    And I personally am overwhelmed with nausea every time someone sings that old song-
    Ah, The Good Old Day When We Were Wholesome & Pure & the toast never burned.

      1. i bumped into a teenage friend
        she invited me to a catch up lunch at her house
        after lunch she turned on the computer & we looked at pictures of penises
        she is a born man hunter & i am not
        horses for courses

        1. Imagine you pawn off the kids onto mum
          Tidy the house
          Purchase a nice bit of lingerie ………… @ great expense
          Something nice to drink
          Yummy food
          You run a bath
          Lite candles
          Aromatherapy oils to induce …………..
          & you hear the key in the door
          here he is
          & not at all interested
          it is probably because he has been busy all day doing the female staffers at work.
          It’s a bit of a let down – but it’s okay
          The man down the street doesn’t mind leftovers.

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