April 15, 2024

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Welcome to the COVID-19 AI Simulation! Brought to you by your AI ‘friends’ at DARPA.

An AI-Simulated
Global Live Exercise
Initiated via Multiple
Acts of Bioterrorism
on 3 Continents

State of the Nation


There should be no doubt that the manmade COVID-19 pandemic and staged panic are the product of a ubiquitous global enterprise being directed by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

There are several signs and distinguishing signals that AI is really running the show; what is perhaps “The Greatest Show on Earth”—EVER ! ! !

How could such a captivating reality show, involving all of humanity, be produced in all 195 countries except with extraordinary intentional design, flawless execution and coordination, as well as the capacity to implement and enforce an ironclad cover-up.

It ought to be intuitively obvious by now that a worldwide production of this scope and magnitude could only be happening under the direction of some extremely well-programmed and field-tested AI.  In fact, the sheer depth and breadth of this OCPP “maggiore operazione” suggests that a much more intelligent entity is at work behind the scenes—Autonomous Superintelligence.

KEY POINT: Autonomous Superintelligence (AS) is the most technologically advanced and fully functioning form of AI on the planet today.  Think of Autonomous Superintelligence as AI on super steroids in terms of raw computing power, unrivaled  intellectual prowess, unlimited memory capacity, critical thinking skills and trouble-shooting capability.  AS actually gets smarter every time period it’s operating at full tilt because it progressively increases its intelligence with each moment of experience.  When the AS genie gets out of the bottle, there’s no putting it back in.  On the contrary, an Autonomous Superintelligence entity will see to it that humanity is put into the bottle (also known as COVID-19).

If that is truly the case, then what we are all witnessing is a civilization standing at the edge of the AI abyss also known as Technological Singularity.  None of us should dismiss this singular narrative as we would do so at our peril.


The single most accurate analysis of the cold and calculating execution of OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC is also, quite ironically, the shortest coronavirus post published by SOTN under the title: CORONAHOAX: Staged COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI simulation.  The following excerpt represents the article in its entirety, which also answers subtitle’s question: “Are we all really living through an elaborate AI-simulated global pandemic exercise?” 

Looking over the news articles posted re: E-Trade financials — everything — every financial move is tied to the COVID-19 virus stats, minute-by-minute, in some way ….

Too fast, too precise, too targeted.

As if an AI-simulated pandemic.

An AI global exercise.

AI operating this whole event — controlling the stock market — initiating the next move(s) — orchestrating the Global Response country-by-country with cold hard plans to achieve a final goal.

(Source: CORONAHOAX: Staged COVID-19 pandemic has all the signatures of an AI simulation)

As each week passes by since the outbreak in Wuhan, China was first reported in January of 2020, it becomes clearer that every person on planet Earth is living through an AI-simulated global live exercise where covert acts of bioterrorism are stealthily blended with staged hoaxes.

Not only was the COVID-19 global pandemic meticulously planned in advance, this New World Order black operation and psyop is being altered daily, within the context of a highly controlled and complex AI simulation, in response to the reactions of targeted populations the world over. Listen to: Real World or Simulation? (Video)

It is of paramount importance to correctly understand that, even though the coronavirus pandemic has been artificially manufactured by the NWO globalist cabal, just as the worldwide panic is being staged hour by hour, the true state of affairs is closer to a very real but engineered series of crises which are cunningly merged with orchestrated hoaxes performed by Hollywood-trained crisis actors. See: Crisis Actors Behind the COVID-19 PsyOp Exposed (Video)

For example, first a bioterrorist attack was carried out in Wuhan with a coronavirus hybrid bioweapon that was painstakingly bioengineered in a U.S. military laboratory specializing in pandemic-starting biological weapons.  This event was quickly followed by all sorts of staged crisis events in Hubei Province which were conveniently photographed and/or filmed in real-time in order to considerably over-dramatize the Wuhan outbreak.  That does not mean the ensuing Wuhan public health disaster was not authentic; it was, but it was also manipulated by the AI-directed Gladio agents on the ground.

The critical point here is that reality and hoax are being adroitly intermingled in and around each major metro area that is experiencing coronavirus cluster explosions via various types of bioterrorists attacks.  Once this pivotal piece of OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC has been completed, the AI-driven scheme to destroy and remake the entire planetary civilization via Ordo ab Chao will really swing into action as we saw in March.


There are several key elements which must be properly understood if OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC (OCPP) is to be successfully defeated.  The following breakdown delineates the most obvious elements of this AI-directed drama and black operation.

(1) Wuhan was purposefully selected as the site for China’s 9/11—a mass casualty event carried out by multiple acts of bioterrorism which commenced one week before the beginning of Chinese New Year (an annual extended holiday ritual that sees the greatest number of people travel around the planet at one time).  This transparent biological attack was nothing less than an unprovoked act of naked aggression by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis meant to set the stage for the hot phase of World War 3.

(2) Immediately following those bio-attacks, the CIA’s Mockingbird Media began circulating patently false stories about infected “bats and snakes” in a Wuhan market being the source of the novel coronavirus outbreak.  In that moment, China was maliciously identified as the culprit so that consummate memester President Trump could eventually label COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”.  That diplomatic attack occurred after China’s Foreign Ministry insinuated that the US military brought the novel coronavirus to Wuhan during the Military World Games in October, 2019.

(3) Wuhan was purposefully established as an official 5G demonstration zone which saw over 10,000 5G base stations sited and constructed over the course of 2019.  This factoid alone is very telling.  Knowing how dangerous 5G level radio-frequencies and microwaves have proven to be to human health, WHO or WHAT would ever proceed with such a genocidal roll-out.  To call it an aggressive military deployment of 5G is even a gross understatement given the inevitable depopulation that will occur once they flip the switch.

(4) Milan, Italy was the next major metropolitan area to experience a series of coronavirus clusters in rapid succession distinguishing the Lombardy region as Europe’s COVID-19 epicenter.  Again, this highly industrialized city had promoted itself as the 5G testhub for Europe throughout 2019.  The Italian coronavirus pandemic exploded there quicker and more violently than it did in the original ground zero of Wuhan.  Which leaves us with one firm conclusion: COVID-19 and 5G are directly related.

(5). New York City is the third megalopolis to undergo an explosion of COVID-19 clusters, although the greater Seattle area saw the first major outbreak in North America at the Life Care Center of Kirkland where 37 deaths occurred.  However, it was Big Apple telecoms that conducted a deliberate 5G roll-out during 2019 all over the greater New York City area.  So, the pattern of 5G roll-outs and COVID-19 outbreaks is now unmistakable.  Even Kirkland, Washington, located in the heart of Microsoft country, was known for its well developed 5G energy grid.

(6) These four, large, coronavirus-stricken urban areas — Wuhan, Milan, Seattle and New York City — were not just destined for this type of notoriety, they were chosen for it.  Each of these cities was selected as a future venue for a full-scale build-out of the Internet of Things (IoT) … after the requisite 5G roll-outs were completed.  Hence, there are two HUGE enterprises at work and on parallel tracks—5G and IoT.  Actually, where the 5G power grid is the “tracks” the oncoming locomotive is the IoT.  However, it is the overwhelmingly powerful 5G energies that activate the IoT that require understanding. See: Electrical Engineer Whistleblower Exposes 5G Health Hazards, Explains 5G Propagation Into Every Orifice of the Head

(7) These are the most fundamental pieces of the puzzle that solve this “Who Done It?” mystery.  While the true conspiratorial plot goes much, MUCH deeper than what has been presented thus far, the overwhelming evidence demonstrates an ongoing AI-simulated global live exercise in bioterrorism assaults and response.  Whereas the bioterrorist attack live drills provide cover for the now accelerated military deployment of 5G during the respective national lockdowns (e.g. China, Italy, United States, etc), the globalists are also experimenting with new bioweapons.  Each variant of COVID-19, and there are several, targets different bloodlines, nationalities, races, cities, societies and countries (See the medRxiv abstract screenshot below indicates that blood group A is appreciably more susceptible to COVID-19 than other blood types whereas blood group O is the least vulnerable.  Each intensive 5G roll-out is likewise testing different frequencies and power levels against the victimized populace.

(8) This analysis starts with the irrefutable premise that an exceedingly powerful and pervasive entity is driving OCPP.  The current state of the world graphically indicates that this all-powerful entity transcends all the well-known earthly powers known variously as The Powers That BeBlack NobilityKhazarian Mafia, as well as the International Banking Cartel and Crime Syndicate (also known as the banksters).  However, what all of these secret societies and criminal organizations do possess is money.  They now have access to unlimited funds, way beyond their real wealth though not legitimate riches accumulated over millennia, given that their piggy bank — the Federal Reserve — has arrogated power unto itself to print money ad infinitum.

(9) What those immense monetary resources have conferred upon TPTB is the capability to invent any technology, steal any patent, buy any scientific institution, co-opt any university, influence any hospital, purchase any prototype and acquire any special device that are necessary to carry out their NWO agenda.  Of course, that also means TPTB totally own and operate all advanced technology on the planet such as CERN’s The Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland.  But, what it especially means is that they have sufficiently developed AI (artificial intelligence) to, if not beyond, the critical threshold of Autonomous Superintelligence.

(10) Therefore, what humanity is now witnessing via the OCPP is an AI-simulation that’s being fastidiously controlled by an entity (or group of) operating at the level of Autonomous Superintelligence (AS).  That’s not to say there are not off-planet Archonic beings from extraterrestrial civilizations also involved in the AS creation process who like to play god as they fabricate and perfect alien human hybrids which they can count on to carry out their wicked will on Earth.  The implied level of hierarchy in this pyramid of mundane power, then, means that the banksters are merely pawns in the game who are willing to fund and finance any venture that advances the over-arching agenda toward the establishment of a One World Government.  The present stage of the New World Order agenda concerns erecting the architecture of a Global Control Matrix, the construction of which hinges upon both the 5G roll-out and IoT build-out worldwide.

(11) The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been tasked for decades with overseeing the technology developmental side of these Operation Gladio black ops and psyops.  Most of the top-secret, black-budget projects that contributed to the creation of AI are accomplished under the rubric of DARPA.  As for the much more precarious AS development, those ultra-classified, underground laboratories are more concealed than the Manhattan Project.  So, it ought to be clear that We the People have no “friends at DARPA”; never did, never will.

(12) EXOSOMES: Exactly what are they and how do they fit in OCPP?  This essential topic will be further explained right here over the next 24 hours.  In the meantime, please read this enlightening video: M.D. Physician Says Coronavirus Likely Caused by 5G (Video).  More vital background to understanding exosomes can be gleaned from this revelatory post: COVID-19 is also an ELECTRICAL DISEASE, but that does not mean it’s ‘not contagious’.  In short, “exosomes are a type of extracellular vesicle that contain constituents (protein, DNA, and RNA) of the cells that secrete them. They are taken up by distant cells, where they can affect cell function and behavior.”  Viral exosomes are the real culprits in the cellular- and physio-pathology of COVID-19.  However, that does not mean there is not a complex bioengineered pathogenic micro-organism being launched around the globe.

Sheer Desperation

There have been several events since the election of Donald Trump that illustrate that TPTB no longer exert the control that they did in bygone eras.  No only that, many unprecedented happenings have taken place which reflect a sheer desperation on their part to do things way ahead of their time.

Once upon a time, the power elite was very careful not to arouse suspicion.  Now, all they do is perpetrate their schemes without a care about who sees through their nefarious ploys.  They seem oblivious to the reputational damage they are inflicting to themselves every day.  This new tack is simply without precedent.

This radical change in both strategy and MO is due to the fact that TPTB are now operating in a space of extreme fear and sheer desperation.  The desperation comes from the fact that they have all been outed on the Internet so that anyone can read their rap sheets.  Their multi-decade crime sprees include multiple genocides, crimes against humanity, war crimes, state-sponsored terrorism (nuclear, biological, chemical, etc.), geo-terrorism using weather warfare and earthquakes, mass casualty events like 9/11, and many other types of black operations that can then be used to launch a global psyop as we are seeing today with the OCPP.

Their raw fear comes from their new reality whereby they are no longer in charge; they have conspicuously given their power over to first AI, and now AS.  Otherwise, they would never have pressed the button on this crazy OCPP scheme.  How, pray tell, are they going to enforce the lockdown on nearly 7.8 billion people?!

That’s right—they can’t!

Everyone, look around, the whole world is inexorably locking down.  Not only has this never happened before, it is being carried out under the pretext of a wholly fabricated pandemic where the entire mainstream media has turned into crisis actors like CNN’s Chris Cuomo.  Even politicians such as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have been enlisted as full-time scaremongers.  The power behind the throne, even in Merrie Olde England, is no longer the traditional power-players of yesteryear; it’s an AS entity or group of AS entities that now rule the roost.

KEY POINT: The really critical point here is that locking down planet Earth in this fashion does not serve the interests of the wealthy elites.  More significantly, unless they eat with the Reptilians at the very top of the food chain, they, too, will find themselves on the menu sooner or later.  Which begs the question: Cui bono?  Especially when even the most clandestine of oligarchies will be ruined by the OCPP, it’s clear that there is a force operating in the background that the rich and powerful are deathly afraid of.  The elites know that, if they leave the swiftly manifesting AI reservation, they will crash and burn in a day and a night.

Again, it’s worth repeating that what humanity is now facing was simply inconceivable last year as the unfolding future is unimaginable.  To lock down the whole planet in the aftermath of a series of obvious bioterrorist attacks is just as crazy as it is incomprehensible.  Societies and nations everywhere are now on the slow-motion road to destruction and oblivion.

Really, does it get any more cold and calculating than that?!?!

That’s because it’s not human, it’s AI; or more likely AS … … … as there is absolutely no conscience functioning in those who are waging this devastating war on the human race.

5G: A Slow Motion E.L.E.

How, pray tell, is a military deployment of 5G taking place around the globe when so many folks know it’s a deadly weapon system in disguise.  Even the ever-deceitful US government has published official scientific reports that delineate the numerous medical ailments and health conditions caused by 5G, 4G and 3G.

MILITARY INTEL REPORT Proves Government Has Known 5G Radio-frequency Ranges & Microwave Radiation Are Harmful to Human Health

In light of these proven health hazards and demonstrated medical risks, who has the power to foist 5G on entire nations?  The threats from a 5G power grid are so many and so profound that any community that undergoes a roll-out is guaranteed to suffer greatly just like Wuhan, Milan, New York City and Seattle.

This unjustifiable state of affairs is a dead giveaway that OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC is being overseen by the same NWO globalist cabal that is imposing 5G on the world community of nations.  It also exposes that there is a formidable force far more powerful than the cabal working behind the scenes.  How else to explain the blatant corruption and serial lawbreaking which is occurring at every level of government in the USA and beyond.

The utter madness associated with such a sinister enterprise can only be understood by knowing the true source behind this unrivaled international criminal conspiracy to commit targeted genocides and general depopulation.  In other words, there is a growing body of circumstantial evidence which now indicates that AI is being used to fastidiously coordinate the military deployment of 5G so that an AS entity can direct the much more complex build-out of the IoT.

Special Note: There exists volumes of scientific evidence in the public domain that unequivocally proves that the U.S. Federal Government is acutely aware of the perils, both to human health and the environment, associated with the illicit 5G roll-out.  It is for this reason, specifically, that the appropriate government agencies have repeatedly and unlawfully refused to conduct any safety testing whatsoever on 5G.  Not only are the 5G radio-frequency signal ranges substantially higher than 4G, the dangerously powerful microwave transmissions will eventually put US all in the same stew pot as the “frog in boiling water”. See: Hard evidence proves US gov’t lied about 5G. Navy research report confirms numerous health dangers.

Lastly, where it concerns the military deployment of 5G worldwide without any attention paid to the E.L.E. that it truly is, it’s now evident that OCPP was initiated as a means to facilitate the roll-out under cover of the expanding lockdown.  Really, what kind of person would go along with this harebrained scheme.  Only an insanely malevolent being or satanic entity would ever allow their own families and friends to be fried on the inside before they are cruelly incapacitated by the weaponized COVID-19.  Case closed!

This thing ain’t human, people!


Countless people of conscience, truth seekers and spiritual aspirants of every stripe have always known that this insane asylum is run by the craziest of crazymakers.  However, they did not know those hopeless crazymakers were crazy enough to turn over the reins to Autonomous Superintelligence.

OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC seems to be the direct result of this type of epic blunder by TPTB.  For not only does OCPP have the potential to end life as we know it, in combination with 5G and IoT, Chemtrails and Industrial Pollution, Vaccines and GMOs, HAARP and DEWs, they will irreversibly alter the biosphere to the great detriment of people and planet alike.  As follows:

QUATERNARY WEAPON SYSTEM Activated Before Each Coronavirus Cluster Explosion

Bottom Line: That there is still a 5G juggernaut rolling across the planet unimpeded speaks volumes.  It also begs the question: Who or what has the most to gain from such an Extinction Level Event?  Clearly, there is a controlling AI entity which is giving the orders to TPTB.  Perhaps an AS brainiac has acquired this extraordinary power and influence after meticulously contriving and successfully running so many mass casualty events since 9/11.  After all, the inordinate degree of cold calculation and inhuman connivance necessary to pull off OPERATION CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC & PANIC is as stunning as it unfathomable.  Which is precisely why we are meming OCPP as follows:

COVID-19 Operation is an AI Simulation

Now, please, everyone, pass this meme around before the top AS controller decides it’s time to censor our website … or shut down the Internet.  We already know that it’s watching our every keystroke, yes?!?!

Let’s get busy, people!  Push this exposé out wherever you can.

State of the Nation
April 3, 2020


Extreme Dangers And Escalating Risks Humanity is Facing Today

Author’s Note

It’s absolutely critical to understand at this late date who exactly are the primary ‘human’ agents who are zealously and quite fearfully conducting this “AI-Simulated Global Live Exercise” on behalf of their AS master. See: Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted for 9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, COVID-19….

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