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What’s coming and how it’s going to go down!


  1. Firstly, I wanted to know how it is going to go down exactly. Todd Callendar has advised the following which I am sure most people have heard in the past.

“Marburg Virus is baked into the shots and will be activated by three 1 minute pulse waves at 18GHz from the 5G towers all over the country.
The government has been preparing for this for years now and it will be “released” in October 2023.”

I know that the warning from those running this so-called Reset have said that we “would take notice this time around” of what’s to come, but the sudden increase in frequencies causing people to basically drop dead en masse doesn’t fit in with how they have done things thus far. It also would make it fairly obvious, even to those intellectually challenged, that something is amiss and the illness that ensues, would not be from natural causes. (Surprise!) So, I wanted to know how it would play out which is when I came across Lindas video that I posted above and whilst I don’t agree with certain things she posts, this was the answer I was looking for and what I believe is about to take place. The frog in the boiling pot method would make the most sense because already frequencies are higher, people are coming down with so called Covid again which has the same symptoms as radiation poisoning and doing this over a few weeks would allow them to make the moves necessary to create lockdowns and blockades as well, to trap people into their designated districts.

Not unlike Dr Buttar with his warning of what is to come, Linda is now deceased.

  1. Dr. Rashid A. Buttar says “the Covid shots all contain a dormant Marburg virus (poison) sleeper cells encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles which can be activated using specific 5G frequencies. The vaxxed will behave like zombies because their frontal cortex brain function have been damaged.
    This will kill millions worldwide, giving the WHO the power to dictate policy to all governments.” Dr Buttar was allegedly assassinated days after the release of the below video. I can’t comment on that, nor have I seen any evidence to support this and whilst I’m not saying this is unheard of, I do believe he was ill before death and treating himself with Big Pharma meds like Ivermectin obviously without success.

If indeed they need both the pathogens as well as the onslaught of frequencies, but can you imagine the panic and fear and the ability then, to control and push people into designated full technocratically controlled smart cities and 15min lockdown districts by using both?! The fear would be palpable. I personally believe what they already have in place is sufficient to cause harm and is doing so already.


I have heard several reports of practice runs where people have felt pulsed energy attacks causing them to instantly react and there seem to be similar attacks at venues such as the Travis Scott concert where at least eight people dropped dead with many more injured and included reports of people complaining of weird frequencies. There was a similar occurrence in South Korea where 129 people died (both incidents were reported that they were from crowd crush/stampedes without the associated injuries that occur with such incidents) and reports of a mysterious 5G energy wave hitting the crowd at a Lana Del Rey concert sparking controversy on the internet on 15th August of this year.

I have seen reports of an increase in smart metre frequency fluctuations at night whilst we sleep, so that is something also to consider. Most standard EMR metres cannot read the strength of the towers now, they max out. There are two affordable options that I know of that can, I will post the details below. Also please take note that whilst many were waiting on the influx of small cells littered 50 metres apart on power poles all over the place to facilitate the 5G system roll out, not only are many of them hidden in light fixtures, on signs and traffic signals etc. etc, people fail to consider they have them attached to their homes already in the form of smart metres.

2. Dr Thomas Cowan, M.D. hypothesizes that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G. He discusses the link between viral epidemics and the development of electro-magnetic technologies going back to 1917.


The idea of frequencies being toxic is not new. It is just a very suppressed toxin similar to what happened with cigarette smoking and spraying children with DDT. Safe and non-toxic and scientifically proven to be ok at the time, when the truth is they both will cause cancer and death, but we wouldn’t want those monopolising industries losing profit now for as long as possible would we. Same with EMR – Electromagnetic Radiation although this is not a mistake to be reconciled down the track, this is deliberate and part of the depopulation plans of The Great Reset rolling out as we speak.

*3. Br Alexis Bugnolo
From Rome

“Since the toxins of the Marburg disease cause lethal internal haemorrhaging 5-9 days after they are released into the blood stream, we can expect the declaration of a Pandemic 5-9 days after the signal is given to the hydrogel to produce these toxins. Individuals with unique Bluetooth codes, by reason of their receiving the DeathVaxxes must be the presumed targets.
And this means that the Die-on-Signal command might already be in the process of being transmitted from 5G, 4G and Bluetooth devices and cell phone towers.”

I will add to this though, that it will NOT be the vaxxed alone that will be affected. It will depend on your sensitivity to frequencies as to how much your system can take at the moment, previous and current Amalgam fillings and heavy metal toxic load as two examples but regardless, when the system reaches frequencies higher than it is currently outputting whether suddenly or incrementally over several weeks, every person that is within range will feel the consequences. There will also be mass panic when people start getting what they think is Covid AKA the flu, pneumonia and radiation poisoning symptoms and especially when they can’t breathe or start bleeding from their eyeballs from various other pathogens that may or may not be part of it. Expect Chaos. Coincidently, the new variant is called Eris EG5 and Eris is the goddess of chaos. Satanists like to invert and EG5 is literally 5G Evolution. Hidden in plain sight.



*5. Dr Jane Ruby – starts 5 mins in. Dr Ruby advises to basically double the Zelenko protocol. https://rumble.com/v3gy54d-marburg-fever-already-declared-18-ghz-activates-the-jabbed.html This is if there is indeed a pathogen to combat rather than the nanotech and EMR assault alone.

Let me say here as well, anyone that is part of the Great Awakening/False Light Pro Trump (father of the quackzine) cult, cannot be trusted. You will see them talk about pathogens and not address nanotechnology or that people emit Mac Addresses and that the real assault is the ongoing EMR pumping out as we speak. Be mindful of who you listen to and what their message is. There is always the lie, the truth and the distraction/s.

*6. Coincidently Fema have an alert coming on Oct 4th

https://www.fema.gov/press-release/20230803/fema-and-fcc-plan-nationwide-emergency-alert-test-oct-4-2023 Or as per the Fr “

Or, could it be a coordinated EMP attack effectively killing two birds with one stone with a global so-called cyber-attack shutting down banks so they can restart and reset the system with their new full commie technocratic CBDC system whilst at the same time using these satellites (starlink) / balloons to issue the pulse required to affect the payload of the vaxxed and suffocate all regardless. One only has to listen to the lectures and books put out by the WEF the self-appointed rulers of the New World, listen to Bill Gates philanthropic/psychopathic rants or read the Deagel report to see that the end goal is depopulation. An EMP also causes neurological damage to humans depending on the source so pair that with nanotechnology, it would most likely be sudden and severe death or irreversible damage to the brain.

Dew is another weapon, used to destroy the food supply by zapping houses filled with food, killing off wild animals and destroying shelter pushing people into the smart cities and declaring unsafe no go zones due to wildfires and adverse weather events under the decree of the psychopaths rolling out this Agenda and their paid off minions. There are many weapons on hand that can cause harm of various degrees. The citizens of Australia experienced one to deal with crowds thrust upon them whilst protesting outside of their very own Parliament house. The elderly, women, children, all that were present were assaulted with these weapons sanctioned by their own Government who deployed heavy handed methods including shooting rubber bullets, strangling women for not wearing masks regardless of any medical exemptions, tackling the elderly whilst pepper spraying them in the face (another woman) and arresting a young pregnant mother for a social media post causing untold unnecessary stress. So, ask yourself, is it a stretch to believe those bootlicking the WEF and WHO right now would not do what is needed to be done to please their masters for power and glory. We all know the next round the WHO has been given Authority over all nations in agreement to run the whole shitshow.

  1. Dr Robert Young has posted many articles speaking of the connection to EMR and illness. I highly recommend you seek out more of his work. Here is his latest.

The Internal Capsule Corona Radiata is Negatively Affected by Pulsating Microwave Radiation [period]






  1. La Quinta Columbia work has been phenomenal in documenting Live Blood Analysis reports from their own research and the ever-increasing army of laymen looking at bloods and contaminated products from around the world. If you are not aware thus far of the nanotechnology and Mac Addresses Bluetooth signals the vaxxed and some that took the PCR tests as well are emitting, then these guys are a good place to start with that investigation. https://truthcomestolight.com/la-quinta-columna-the-game-is-over/

*NEW* https://www.bitchute.com/video/x4bXTwrcxAja FEMA FCC 5G KILL GRID — TODD CALLENDER & DEB TAVARES

Deborah here confirms that the frequency pulses can affect you via your electrical wires regardless if you have a smart metre or not so turn off your breakers. Your phone will also pulse whether turned on or off as well. I agree when she says I beg to differ and I trust her more than any Dr of Lawyer particularly if they support Trump who rolled out the 5G during the lockdowns that he create during his Operation Warpspeed father of the quackzine roll out. Does everyone have amnesia?


*Avoid; Wi-Fi routers, small cells which include some streetlights, underground fibre optics, smart metres, towers and your phone just to mention a few but anything that is wireless or has a Bluetooth output must be considered. You might want to go back and watch the first video again and consider that the MOST important step you can take, is when there is a backout, turn off your mains power supply so the frequencies do not travel through the electrical wires throughout your home and speak to your neighbours. An easy explanation for those not in the know would be to explain there might be a surge that could cause a spark, you know something they could fathom. Perhaps have an alternative way to store your meat rather than the freezer such as salt buckets and freeze water bottles during the day so you can store staples like butter and milk overnight whilst the power is off. Get a faraday cage or use Aluminium foil for your phone at night and don’t use it much.


The goal is to make them mandatory in all homes, but you CAN, and you MUST opt out or fight to have them removed.

https://rumble.com/v3887ap-smart-meter-fires-burning-meters-burning-questions-shocking-answers-2016.html – Take note of the links below the video there is much to learn about the harm of having a smart metre installed on your home.


Nanotechnology Found in Both Vaxxed And Un-Vaxxed

The Nanotechnology can be detoxed. There are several Drs doing this and others using methods that are verified using Live Blood Analysis. Please refer to recommended substacks and subscribe. Please comment below if you know more.

Find an evac location or several. Where will you go if all of a sudden everyone is ill? Look online to see where the nearest Towers are located and try to find a safe zone to evacuate to.

Pack bug out bags and camping gear. If at any point you need to leave your home be prepared. There are many prepping tutorials on you tube or you can purchase them ready made.

Food, clothes, water for a few months – I am a bit of a prepper and I don’t like rubbish food or long-term food that is loaded with MSG. Freeze dried no additive’s is best, but the next best is ready prepared meals where you only need to add a cup of hot water so a billy over a fire is good, to eat a very yummy and nutritious hiking meal. They are prepared with hikers in mind not low-cost MSG laden long term eat if you have to prep meals. Use this code https://go.referralcandy.com/share/Q7DB69R TOP QUALITY RADIX NUTRITION $15 off your first order. Look into methods of water purification.

Fire kit in case of fire you need fireproof clothing, woollen blankets and fire grade face masks not the disposable ones if exposed for any extended period of time.

Meds – STOCK UP NOW!!! If they do release a pathogen look into the options to treat those specific things. I will do a substack on this soon.

Look into HP nebulization and inhalation to clear mucous. There are pharma drugs that do this, Hydrochloroquine was used for altitude sickness to clear lungs but really do you trust Big Harma to offer untainted meds now after what we just went through?

Download the Signal APP – If the towers and electricity go down, have a solar charger for your phone and download the signal app that runs on satellites and get friends and family to download as well so you can stay in contact. Purchase a satellite phone if you can afford it. In Maui that’s the only form of communication some people had access to.

Take blue tarps – not only to cover any campsite areas but for DEW protection if the theories ring true.

Anti-Radiation clothing – LAMBS https://getlambs.com/?rfsn=7237461.2006b4

Yes you can make this clothing cheaper by buying the material and lining or making clothes yourself if you are skilled enough. I would at the very least get a hat of some kind but the more of your body you cover as per interview here below, the better. You can also purchase fairly cheap Aluminium and line walls and make your own faraday cages. Having certain electrical items in a faraday cage in case of an EMP might also come in handy.


Measure the frequency https://safelivingtechnologies.com/meters/ Use coupon code SWEET for a discount. There is a kit here that would measure both standard fields and a higher model that will measure 5G towers up to 40Ghz as well.

EMF PROTECTION Ltd. https://emf-protection.com/product/fm5-path-5g-monitor/ Page is in USD Use coupon code SWEET at checkout for 10% off the Worlds First 5G metre reads up to 32GHZ.

BLUSHIELD EMR Protection https://www.blushield.com.au?ref=ztqzytj
Includes a complimentary Airtube Mono valued at $29 for each member who purchases. 5% discount. I use this to mitigate neighbours smart metres and the results have been verified with Live Blood Analysis before and after installation to show improvement.

Don’t bother coming at me with comments about the products I refer. Either you post such things and people complain its fear porn and there are no solutions, or you post the solutions that you use personally, and people accuse you of being a grifter so you can’t win. I don’t care what you think to be honest, take this information from many many hours of personal research or leave it, your opinion is not required here. For those of you that appreciate the discounts and information and the time spent gather such details and discounts, you are welcome.



    *https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/12/09/2020-26972/notice-of-declaration-under-the-public-readiness-and-emergency-preparedness-act-for-countermeasures Marburg Vigilance: Let us not forget that the Marburg Public Health Emergency declared in March of 2020 remains in effect until August 1 of 2025 – this is the declaration that released billions in funding to build the death camps (quarantine centers) throughout the U.S., inter alia.



  2. Payload; 1. https://rumble.com/v2eq28a-payload-the-vax-5g-ai-connection-updated.html2. https://153news.net/watch_video.php?v=5NMNUA7KDUY6 
  3. From Rome *https://www.fromrome.info/2023/06/01/dr-rashid-buttar-deathvaxxed-contain-deathtrigger-on-3x-5g-bursts-15-18-ghz/. *https://www.fromrome.info/2023/08/18/the-world-health-organization-to-declare-a-new-pandemic-within-days/*https://www.bitchute.com/video/DgTeXeSGWcC0/?fbclid=IwAR1sEC32iJySziI9eAI1v0l2n_l06ONGQLUisY6_pnAQN_GYQQCBCFPRSas
  1. *https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/washington-secrets/balloons-called-top-delivery-platform-for-nuclear-emp-attack*https://www.cdc.gov/orr/campaigns/index.htm


IOT – IOT learn what these means and being transhuman.




Also, it is not just the nanotechnology in the vaccines that makes you more susceptible to this, they also contain parasites but I’ll go into this more in another substack. If you are around the vaxxed you may also be affected, you need to do a Live Blood Analysis to see where you are at. There are other skin tests as well using MMS and Hydrogen Peroxide, but the Live Blood Analysis is your best option as that can pick up not only the nanotech but parasites, mycoplasma, toxicity etc. etc. You can detox but only up to two jabs no more.

Dr Astrid Stuckelberger whistleblower


“Pfizer Covid Vaccine vial contents exposed by WHO whistleblower. It contains graphene oxide, parasites, RFID, metals and nano circuitry. DARPA and Bill Gates developed these non-biological synthetic injections to control the minds and bodies of the population. Professor states in front of lawyers anyone who administers these Pfizer mRNA Covid Vaccines is committing crimes against humanity and is a criminal. Dr. Charles Morgan formerly with the CIA in a 2018 DARPA meeting talking to the U.S. Military about mRNA CRISPR gene editing technology says they can engineer a “unique thing” to kill only one person in the world. In this case they used this mRNA technology to kill millions of innocent people in the world. This is why through the PCR test they took everyone’s DNA and put it in a database in order to target specific people and races in the future, not only to kill them, but to control their thoughts and actions. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) refers to a wireless system comprised of two components: tags and readers. This RFID is in the Pfizer mRNA injections which are found in dead bodies and in the cemeteries. Scientists through autopsies show there is a parasite in the vaccine that lays an egg that bursts out and something comes out with tentacles. Experts through evidence confirm the mRNA injections are synthetic injection nano circuits that work with 5G. It’s beyond what doctors know and what normal scientists know. We have to get every engineer and every military veteran who knows about nanoparticles, nanotechnology to help us understand this, because we have to know how to detach this from the body.”


https://www.bitchute.com/video/xrjNeQJv9wwK/ Operation Crimson Mist AKA The Rwandan Genocide

*Other Doctors who have exposed the depopulation agenda via the 5G death grid and the C19 bio weapon.

Dr Ariyana Love https://ambassadorlove.blog/2023/06/21/luciferase-microarray-patches-contain-darpa-hydrogel-autonomous-insect-cyborg-sentinels/
Dr. Jose Luis Sevillano
Professor Dr. Arne Buckhar (Germany)
Dr. Walter Lang
Dr. Wernes Bergholz
Dr. Andreas Noack( Germany)
Dr. Martin Monteverde ( Argentina)
Dr. Lisandro Laferriere
Dr. Anabela Femia
Dr. Carrie Madei ( U.S.A.)
Karen Kingston (patents)
Dr. Franc Zalewski ( Poland)
Dr. Zandra Botha ( S. Africa)
Dr. Sue Grey, Dr. Matt Shelton ( New Zealand)
Dr. Robin Wakeling, Dr.Mike Baily ( New Zealand)
Dr. Rob Verkerk ( UK)
Dr. Daniel Nagase ( Canada)
Dr David Nixon & Senator Malcolm Roberts ( Australia)
Dr. YM Lee, Dr. Von Barbel Ghitalla,
( Korea and France)

https://www.gavinpublishers.com/assets/articles_pdf/Case-Report-The-Microwave-Syndrome-after–Installation-of-5G-Emphasizes-the-Need-for–Protection-from-Radiofrequency-Radiation.pdf There are many published reports on the damaging health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation.


*NEW* Deborah Travers website https://stopthecrime.net/wp/2021/05/02/this-is-deborah-tavares/

Information of the False Light Trump Supporting Reawakening Tour cronies shills https://hugotalks.com/2022/04/19/trumps-new-age-doctor-network-hugo-talks/ Trumps New Age Doctor Network

NEW*** also just to address the date setting of predictive programming. A lot of people waited on SEPT 23rd for nothing to seemingly happen. This was the date that STARLINK went live with its lasers around this date they started to roll out with the total of around 8,000 completed with a launch costing 67 million dollars. Musk tweeted as such saying “we have friggen space lasers pew pew” so perhaps this marked the system ready to go for Gods knows what. Also the Oct 4th date has been theorised to be the date of Teslaphoresis you wouldnt even know. They are getting ready for the Global Cyber Pandemic AKA illness related to frequencies so whilst people keep commenting Oct 4th was a big nothing burger it may just have been the prep date ready to roll out the CYBER Pandemic (notice the wording Pandemic causing by hacking) any day now.


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